15+ Things That Aren't Inspiring Much Confidence

Isn't it satisfying to feel a well-made piece of furniture or to use a thoroughly engineered product? Well, that isn't what we're talking about today.

In fact, we're talking about the polar opposite of that satisfying feeling. The stuff in this list might work for now but that doesn't make any of it reassuring.

That'll hold.

Reddit | Jaxien99

This guy hung up a guitar using a phone charger and some thumbtacks. It shows ingenuity but not much foresight.

Seems safe.

Reddit | khutsosamson

I know nothing about the mechanics of towing a trailer, let alone a full camper. I do know that this doesn't look right, though.

Amateur scaffolding.

Reddit | jonnyhoots

This is one of those pics where everything is fine, but looks poised to fall completely apart at a moment's notice.

At least there are instructions.

Ominously, the sign doesn't indicate whether the elevator will move to the next floor or move into a horrifying freefall to the bottom of the shaft.


Reddit | agnonamis

If this guy is very careful with his balance as he comes down the ladder, there's a chance he'll live to see tomorrow.

Never had a use for them.

Reddit | MemeEndevour

I appreciate the heads-up notice on this trailer but the driver might want to, y'know, try having functional lights next time.

Bucket buddies.

Reddit | john_sharkey

I'll admit this looks kind of fun.. So long as these guys hang on tight, they might even be okay.

Good enough.

Reddit | realsomo

This quick pavement fix totally looks good, and totally looks like it won't turn into an ankle-breaking hazard.

Taped up.

Reddit | RoninRobot

There's nothing like using adhesive tape in an area that ensures it'll constantly be getting wet. Yes, this faucet looks like it's built to last.

Strapped back together.

Reddit | Coffee-fox

This building has been fixed the same way I fixed a cardboard box that was breaking at the seams: poorly.

Pimp my ride.

Reddit | OGKebabEater

I can accept the two weird handles but I'm really not feeling confident about using a kitchen chair as the driver's seat.

Do a barrel roll.

Reddit | DraxNet

I don't know what caused this massive vehicle to flip over but I'm willing to bet that righting it is a serious job.


Reddit | rbm78bln

Doing this kind of thing is totally safe, so long as you're not the person who draws the short straw and actually has to climb the thing.

Don't press the button.

Reddit | RikkertNelis

Putting a padlock on the emergency shutdown button seems like an idea that might go sideways pretty quickly.

Time to unload.

Reddit | Meth0de

I know those wooden pallets are handy, but they probably shouldn't be used this way. Hopefully they're not unloading anything too heavy.

Tony Hawk's Pro Shelf Stocker.

Reddit | bitchitits

This guy is not only using a wheeled cart to elevate himself, he's pulling himself along the shelves. Not gonna lie, it's almost cool.

Fire safety check.

Reddit | SafetyDojo

I know that fire extinguishers just sit there for months on end, but they do need to be replaced eventually.

That's creative.

Reddit | elscotto80

We've seen some interesting ladder setups here but having a big forklift prop up a little forklift is truly fascinating.

It'll be fine.

Reddit | Ollie-S

No big deal, that's just an unexploded shell from World War II that's been sitting by the side of this French road for a week now.

Hop on.

Reddit | KotAufmBrot

I don't see any real reason that you can't transport vehicles and logs on the same truck, I suppose.

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