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15 Awkward Teenage Phases I Now Realize We All Went Through

Growing up is filled with highs and lows. As much as we might want to forget and think otherwise, absolutely every single one of us knows what it's like to go through the "awkward" phase.

Some kids became obsessed with emo music, others aspired to be supernatural beings. So let's get nostalgic and take a look at these 15 awkward teenage phases that we can all relate to.

Here's my card. Call me.

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"I had business cards made (waaay before vistaprint) that had my name, number and title of Knight in Shining Armor. I would hand these out, with a smile, to any person that I found attractive, in or out of school." - Reddit u/insideouthoodie

Taking a love of Arnold Schwarzenegger to an entirely new level.

When Anishinaapunk was around 12-13-years-old, they went through a heavy Conan the Barbarien phase. It got so bad that they used to answer questions with either "aye" or "nay."

I wonder how long that lasted?

It's not just a phase, it's a lifestyle.

"Dressed up in a suit to see Baby Spice at MuchMusic (Toronto) and gave her flowers - Blew up a pic of me handing them to her and put it on my wall. Complete obsession. This was ages 16-19 and I'm a dude." - Reddit u/GreenEyedBandit

For your information, real life doesn't need any narration.

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Reddit user Kighla recalls a time when they used to narrate everything around them as it was happening. For whatever reason, they thought that it made them sound dark and cool.

I'm holding out for a hero.

"Imagining myself as a marvel superhero and having fantasies about my secret identity being revealed during a fight in front of the whole school, so everyone would be shocked and amazed at how wrong they were about me." - Reddit u/icerope1199

I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner...

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Most people can appreciate a good hotdog, but Reddit user Werberin was in a league of their own. They used to wear a hotdog t-shirt to school every single day, from 1st grade all the way up until freshman year.

Nobody likes an angsty writer.

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"The "misunderstood writer" phase. I wrote daily blogs on Myspace that were basically just cryptic, stream-of-conscious drivel. My friends ate that [expletive] up, and I was so, so, so full of myself." - Reddit u/kindarcan

Bark at the moon.

Back when deansprite was in the 9th grade, he was convinced that he was a werewolf. He even managed to convince a group of students, as well as a student guidance counselor. into joining a "pack."

The counselor was later fired for participating in magic rituals with students.

Those brows are something else.

"I decided it was a fantastic idea to shave my eyebrows a finger-width thick in 7th grade. My parents only recently told me they called them “Hitler brows” behind my back. Here’s a picture for proof/explanation. God help me." - Reddit u/leafydew

When you're too cool for your own good.

TakeoGaming used to wear sunglasses all the time, both indoors and outside — even at night. According to their post, there are still some incredibly embarrassing thanksgiving dinner photos floating around the family photo album.

Cue the Corey Hart!

One love.

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"I (believed I) was a rastafari[sic]. Context; scandinavian, white, skinny kid. Had Dreads, talked alot[sic] about how cool weed was, listened only to bob marley[sic] and smoked earl grey out of bongs made from plastic bottles." - Reddit u/Protese

I don't think you have the makings of a Varsity athlete.

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When Redditor PhillipLlerenas was in the 9th grade, they used to wear a matching tracksuit to school every day. At first, they thought it looked cool. Later on, they discovered that they really looked like a character from a Russian gangster movie.

Honey rules everything around me.

"I started a rap crew based on Winnie the Pooh. I was Pooh Daddy, my friend was the Notorious T.I.G. and another friend was Big O. We were writing a song called 'Honey Rhymes with Money'. The name of this group? Pooh Tang Clan." - Reddit u/Nach0Man_RandySavage

I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.

Reddit user deckpumps_n_deldos said that when she was young, she used to wear her hair flopped over one eye to make herself look like Jessica Rabbit. She goes on to clarify that it 100% did not work.

When puberty hits you halfway.

"My beard started growing only on one side, and I refused to shave it," wrote Reddit user MrAngryBeards.

The saddest thing about this is his half-beard is still probably thicker than my full beard.

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