20 Creepy Pics That Have Us Shaking In Our Boots

There's truly no bad time to be spooked. Even if we're left shaking in our boots or hiding under the covers of our beds, it's still pretty fun. Right?

Well, you probably wouldn't be looking at this list of creepy things if you didn't like to get creeped out every now and again. But don't blame me if you find it hard to sleep tonight.

"The Teletubbies were 10 feet tall."

I don't know about you, but the Teletubbies kind of creeped me out when I was little. There's something about them that's just not quite right. Maybe because they were actually 10 feet tall. Or it could be that creepy expression on their faces.

"My baby doll head planter. The Venus fly trap was a nice touch."

At least this person is aware that they made something nightmare-inducing. And yet, the Venus fly trap was a nice touch; it really adds to the whole this-thing-is-going-to-kill-you horror movie vibe it has going for it.

Would I want this in my house, though... No.

"My creepy hallway at night."

There's nothing like a super surreal hallway to keep you up at night. This one looks like the kind you'd be chased down in a horror movie, which is both neat and off-putting. Would I want to be there? No, but I can still appreciate the atmosphere.

"This abandoned vault."

It's not so much the fact that it's a vault. It's the fact that it's abandoned. Things automatically get so much creepier once they've been abandoned.

And I mean, the fact that it's pitch black inside there really doesn't help it in any case...

Oh yeah, this is definitely ending up in my nightmares tonight.

Mannequins are creepy enough on their own without having to look like this. Those incredibly wide mouths are so unnatural, even by mannequin standards. I'm definitely going to see these faces in my nightmares for at least the next week.

"Just wanted to look at some seafood..."

I'm not really sure what to make of this caged crab. Is it supposed to be happy that it's stuck in that cage? Is it smiling because of some other, more sinister reason? Either way, it's kind of making me super uncomfortable.

"Rejuvenique Electric Beauty Mask from 1999."

I wonder how well this thing actually works. Like, is it worth looking like a '90s slasher villain? I mean, it's over 2 decades old, so I'm sure the same results could be achieved today using better technology. And less creepy technology.

"The Hill Babieş ~ Located in Northern Michigan."

Yeah, if I happened to drive by this... display at any point in my life, I'd be unnerved for days, convinced that some doll's curse is now out to get me.

What's even the point of this whole thing? Other than to creep people out, of course.

"A strange monster tree with a dangerous look."

Don't you just love when trees make strange shapes? In this case, it looks a bit like some kind of monstrous hammerhead shark. I'm glad this is just a picture, because I wouldn't want to be anywhere near this thing.

"Took a photo of the elementary school hallway while visiting the school campus with my school’s marching band."

I'm not sure what it is about this hallway that's so unsettling. It could be the fact that it's so bright. Too bright if you ask me. And all those white walls and floor tiles are making it look even brighter. Glad it isn't my school, that's for sure.

"Nightmare fuel, thy name is Grandpa!"

I mean, the baby has the right idea. Even though they're probably too young to actually register why this grandpa's clown makeup is so creepy.

Man, the clown face, the crying kid, even the lighting... it's all so incredibly creepy!

"This thing my mother made for Halloween. She calls it Eleanor."

I hate everything about Eleanor, and yet that's exactly why I kind of love her. She's, like, the perfect Halloween decoration. Gross, spooky, and oddly realistic. Man, I think I want an Eleanor for my own front porch this Halloween.

"This totally not unsettling shot of my local park this morning!"

Leave it to mother nature to set the scene. There's really no natural phenomenon quite as creepy as fog. Fires, darkness, and rainstorms all come close, but fog is something else. You never know what could be hiding in there...

"Whatever the hell is happening in this Catholic church I walked by at midnight in rural Nova Scotia, Canada."

I don't know what's going on in this church, but it can't be good. For some reason, vampires are coming to mind...

This super cursed tea set.

As creepy as these hands are, I'm a little bit impressed. For starters, the set is surprisingly well made. But I'm also impressed by how they can all stay up without falling over. I wouldn't want these in my home, but I can still appreciate them.

This hairless cat stuck in a shower stall.

First of all, what is that cat even doing in a shower stall? That seems awful, consider pretty much ever cat hates water in general.

But man, this picture looks really cursed. I'd almost be tempted not to let it out (don't worry, I still would).

"Took this on my mom's birthday. At the time my hands were shaky since it was cold and it came out like this…"

This is actually a really cool (accidental) photo effect. Sure, it looks like a bunch of glowing tentacles are reaching into the sky. But that's part of the charm.

The person in the picture also ended up taking on this sort of ghostly appearance...

"Burned out car on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere."

The fact that it was found at night makes it even worse. Like, what happened to this car? If someone set it on fire on purpose, why? You know what, maybe it's better if we don't know the details.

"Clown Motel? No thanks."

Imagine staying in a whole clown-themed motel. Like, there can't actually be a market for this kind of thing. I don't even think clowns would want to stay here.

In fact, I can't see how anyone wouldn't think clowns are creepy. Just in general.

"I found this faceless Woody on the windowsill at the spooky lakeside cabin I am working in."

Man, Woody sure has seen better days. I'm sure this isn't a sign of sinister things to come, even if it is a little cursed-looking. I am choosing to believe that this is the case.