20 Ingenious Ideas That Were Better Than Your Morning Meeting Being Cancelled

The world can throw all sorts of weird challenges at you as you float through your daily routine. So, it is often up to a handful of genius, and sometimes lazy, people to try and make the world an easier place.

With this in mind, from people who revolutionised ranking your friends to individuals who replanted magic trees, here are 20 ingenious ideas that were better than your morning meeting being cancelled.

"Why fix something that works perfectly?"

While some people claimed that this was surely just a temporary fix, the person who posted this explained that it had been like this for months. This must be one of those "temporary" fixes that redefines the word "temporary."

"That my fellow Delawareans is a mailbox exhaust tip… I first thought he had backed over a mailbox but it's actually bolted on."

Yep, this was found in Delaware. Also, one person did respond by writing, "That's my neighbor's brother! His friend did it as a joke when he went to get it fixed, but he liked it so he kept it."

A Great Way To Keep Your Wine Chilled!

"Use frozen grapes to keep wine chilled instead of ice so it doesn't get watered down. Plus, they are delicious to eat right out of the glass!" explained this stone cold genius.

"Why not try making your own biodegradable confetti from leaves..."

That is actually a pretty cute idea. Also, if you are at a party of someone you really hate, then you can always make your confetti out of poison ivy leaves.

"I've wanted to try this for the past 30 years. It works exactly like I'd hoped it would."

Christ, I need to try this. I do not even know what food item I would pray in soy sauce first though?

That Is One Way To Fix The Downspout...

This is some pretty ingenious work right here. If there has ever been a person who believes in working smarter instead of harder, then it is the guy who rigged this up.

How To Capture That Luxurious Background Aesthetic.

That cat looks like it is absolutely fed up of this woman's nonsense. I think that it is one photo away from packing its bags and leaving for a life on the streets.

"If you stain a shirt, you can simply outline the stain with a sharpie and give it a name. This will make it seem like you visit islands."

And even after having already spilt cold brew on himself, he is choosing to drink red wine. I kind of admire the audacity of it.

"'Two beers and a puppy' (Works Well With Others, Ross McCammon)."

I am worried by how many people I know that are failing this test, and I don't think that I would pass this test either. I wouldn't want to drink two beers with another me, Christ.

An Idea For If You Have Got A Job Interview Coming Up?

Although, there were also a few people who said that they had tried this and it had killed the interview. So, I suppose, just use your best judgement based on the situation?

"Kinder Surprise spoon, just so you know."

I always forget to have a coin for these damn trolleys. However, fortunately for me, I always carry around a Kinder spoon with me at all times. I knew it would pay off eventually!

"Portable USB power bank."

You could have left me with all the requisite parts to assemble this in a room for an eternity and I would never have come up with this solution to charging my phone. Impressive beyond belief.

"Trash Can Broke. Buy A New One? Never."

Where would they have thrown this trash can away to? It's not like there are just bigger trash cans out there to take all the broken smaller trash cans in the world! This isn't a fantasy world!

"If it works, it's ok."

Who knew that a toy truck could be so useful when trying to make a level surface on a building's roof? Although, someone did note that this looks like a Home Alone trap, which is bang on the money.

"My sister just pulled this out to stop the big spoon from falling into the bowl."


Look, this is absolutely incredible and I cannot believe that I have never thought of this before, but the real question that just a bowl of Sprite and cucumbers?

"Local music shop using a hi-hat pedal as a hand sanitizer dispenser."

This is just a sign of the timings. Get it? It was sort of a play on "sign of the times" but it was "timings" because this was a part of a drum kit? Is that even a joke? Christ alive.

"Laminate your uno cards for a waterproof uno experience!"

I did not realise that there were so many people who wanted to play Uno in the hot tub. Although, I suppose that the relaxing nature of a hot tub counteracts the fury brought about by playing Uno.

"Instead of buying a new air freshener, add a few drops of essential oil to the old one. Cheaper, lasts longer, and you can customize!"

This seems like one of those ideas that I would plan to do, only to eventually be far too lazy and just buy a new air freshener.

"A menu holder out the front of my local Chinese restaurant."

Clearly this establishment is not too concerned with the aesthetic that they are giving off. As long as the food tastes pretty damn good, that is all that matters I suppose?

"How to silence the kitchen smoke alarm when you're not tall."

If you cannot be bothered to assemble this contraption, then do what everyone else does: "Usually I just stand under it and angrily wave my oven mitt." Good to know that other people adopt this technique.