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19 People Shared The Oddest Facts About Their Family’s History

You never what secrets linger down your family line until you look.

Like the girl who discovered her mom used to date Brad Pitt! Or this person who found a photo album filled with celebrities all next to the same woman.

Reddit users were encouraged to do the same: share odd facts about their family's history. These facts are pretty interesting!

Their grandma catered their own funeral.

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This Twitter user shared that their late grandma's freezer was full of cakes and pies at the time of her death.

So their mother and aunt defrosted them and served them at the funeral reception. Better than going to waste, right?

Their family was banished from Wales.

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"My great uncle traced our family back 14 generations. We tried to take over in Wales, failed and were then banished." - u/deleted. Maybe enough time has passed by now...

Their grandfather had an affair with their grandmother's sister.

"He got her pregnant and when the little boy turned 7, he went to live with my grandparents...and they raised him as their own. The pain my grandmother must have felt is insane. I didn't learn this until this year at 36." - u/London82

Their great uncle disappeared after Vietnam.

Since he accidentally killed his best friend with a gun, he was never the same after that.

Wrecked with guilt over this, he faked his death and moved to Mexico after the war to start a new life.

Their wife is directly related to Marco Polo.

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"Her family has deep deep roots in Italy and Sicily. Her Mother’s side of the family almost all have the last name Polo, including her own mother." - u/KamaCosby

Their grandma dated Bill Clinton.

"My grandmother dated Bill Clinton in high school, he had a pretty major crush on her. She broke up with him because he was in the band." - u/Breezeshooter42

Their great-grandma was Munich's first female taxi driver.

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This Twitter user has a cool tale of female empowerment within their family.

Since female drivers were once so rare, the license form had to be amended to female endings since they only had masculine grammatical endings.

Their ancestor lied about his age to join the Union Army in the American Civil War in 1861.

"He fought in most of its bloodiest battles: Antietam, Shiloh, and Gettysburg to name a few. He survived all of those to come home to the family farm at the end of the war, where he promptly died of a fever he had picked up in camp." - u/captainthomas

The month of July is cursed to their family.

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"You're either born or die this month, or both.... Born, both maternal grandmother parents, me, my sister, and 5 cousins I can think of off the top of my head...Both my grandparents, a cousin, and my dad all passed away in July." - u/Itiswhatitistoo

Their sixth great-grandfather helped found Pennsylvania.

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His name is John Harris and Harrisburg PA is named after him! This Twitter user's great-uncle was also the first person to bring seeing-eye dogs to America!

Their dad has five other children.

"We recently found out that I have at least 5 half siblings because my parents decided it would be nice (and financially beneficial) for my dad to make some donations around the time I was born." - u/BananaMantis

Their great-grandfather came over on a boat from Germany with a pet monkey.

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"No one knows how or where he got it. He would often perform on the piano with it perched on his shoulder. One day it took a piss on him, in front of an audience, while he was playing Bach." - u/SuperBreakfast

Their great-grandparents helped found San Diego.

This was Bryant and Medora Howard. They also started a tree planting craze and created what is now known as Balboa Park. Back then, they planted 15k trees and put in water lines.

Their grandmother is a psychopath.

"Her current husband has been living in fear for decades and a few years ago a great aunt found a box full of audio tapes where he was trying to document what he thought were his final days." - u/secrettunnelsecret

Their 10th great-grandmother was in the Salem witch trials.

"I recently learned that my 10th great grandmother was Margaret Stevenson, one of the people accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials. She was the last person ever hanged in Salem." - u/jellybellyhelly

Their ancestor has the longest beard in history.

This man was Hans Nilson Langseth.

In addition to this impressive feat, he was the one responsible for bringing his family line from Norway to America.

They're related to Scottish royalty.

"Apparently I am fairly closely related to what’s left of the Scottish Royalty. My grandparents on my dads side still get Christmas cards from them even though we’re Americans." - u/sarar3sistance

Their great-grandma survived the Armenian genocide by walking from Turkey to Lebanon.

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"She was the only one of 8 siblings to survive. She was 21 and she became friends with an 18 year old who was orphaned. They lived together until they died in their 90s." - u/PonyPuffertons

Their distant cousin invented the Etch-A-Sketch.

So cool! This Twitter user also said that he funded a complete genealogy of their family tree with his own money. Then, he sent a book to each of the thousands of living relatives listed in it.

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