20 Times The Fix Was Worse Than The Problem It Was Meant To Solve

When the time calls for it, we can all become handy people. Some are much better at it than others, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

Or, sometimes, you choose to settle for less. This list features people whose fixes ended up worse than the original problem it was trying to solve.

"Feast your eyes… My Brother’s gaming chair."

There's something about this only being one pillow instead of two cushions that leaves me reeling. The clear force with which it was tapped is so incredibly funny too. Why does your brother seem so mad at his chair?

"Why is there two signs."

The same reason that anything at all happens in this crazy world of ours, to sow chaos and confusion into as many minds possible You can't keep going straight here, you have to make a turn. Which one is right? Who knows, but choose quickly!

"[This] nurse themed sticker pack with a temp of 98.6 C(209 F)."

This pack is meant to look very cutesy and sweet but also features the temperature reading of a patient who surely did not survive long after getting they checked that thermometer.

"My dumbass solution to the problem of high-hanging fruit."

This is an incredible result. Of all the tall items you had on hand, your best choice was a tiki torch? You just had a tiki torch laying around? Did you just whip it against the branches like some sort of sad piƱata?

"All positions!"

And they mean all positions, including a sign planner to stop things like this from ever happening again.

Whoever overcomplicated this needs to take a step back and realize they bit off a little more than they could chew.

"My sunglasses broke while working on a roof two days ago. So far, so good."

No. No, I don't think so. This doesn't even come close to qualifying as 'so good'. So far, sure, but not so good.

Don't subject yourself to this. Just get a new pair, treat yourself, or get them fixed if you wish to cherish them longer.

"Never too young to start rednecking."

If that survives more than, say, 100 presses, I'll be impressed, and that's being generous. Paper isn't the sturdiest of materials and since you'll be pushing downwards, I imagine it won't take long for you to punch right through it.

"DIY bumper I found."

Oh, this is one of those new eco-friendly biodegradable bumpers. If it ever breaks, just chuck it like a javelin into the nearest tree line and it'll break down over time! It's really great to see the automotive industry making strides like this.

"Homemade kayak rack."

You know what? This one isn't too bad. This could be a lot worse. It's a simple, sturdy enough structure that does its job and isn't an assault upon my eyes to look at. They get a pass.

"Lost my cork screw..."

Hey, we've all been there, and this is probably one of the better solutions I've ever seen to this problem, though it apparently doesn't always work.

One comment said, "I did this and it pulled a big chunk of cork out of the middle and that was it. [..] Poured wine through the hole."

"Blew the speakers out in my 81 c30, [I] had a spare speaker laying around. Problem solved, [I] have sound again."

I'm at a true loss for words here. You have sound again, but do you deserve it? Is it worth it? There comes a time where it's better to let things go, you know. Do you think you've reached that point or is there still some denial left in you?

"My door handle broke off today."

I can't really talk too much smack about this because if my door handle ever broke I would be at a total loss. My only comment is that this looks like it has some jabbing potential. Wrap some fabric scraps around it and it'll be perfect.

"This Emergency Location Code… Might as well give them your lat/long."

By the time you read this out to the operator, the person who needed help could crawl back to the trail's entrance and just yell at passing cars instead.

"A boomerang to prevent a very small dog from slipping through a gap in the fence at the dogpark."

Just as long as your dog isn't the type to chase its own tail, this is a great solution. Too much circular velocity and he could take off into the sky like a helicopter at any moment.

"When you don’t have a Ceiling Fan."

Just because you put a fan on your ceiling does not a ceiling fan make. What it does make is not only an abomination but also a frightening safety hazard. I really, really hope there's not a bed under there!

"Are these flamingo eggs? Why use flamingos if they're chicken eggs?"

Flamingos... to sell chicken eggs? They put flamingos on the chicken egg packaging? Why? Are they tropical flavored? Can we even eat flamingo eggs? Do they taste like chicken eggs? Who approved this marketing strategy? I have so many questions.

"This unsittable seashell chair."

The furniture one chooses can definitely play a part in how a room feels, and can be pieces of art or decoration in their own right, but they should still be functional. Is that an unreasonable request? That furniture be functional?

"What do you think of this strategy for solving multiple roof leaks?"

A little questionable, but better than making people dodge multiple buckets scattered across the floor. It's actually becoming more impressive the longer I look at it, but maybe that's some form of Stockholm syndrome kicking in.

"The 8th floor is more like the third floor, since they start counting the basement floors as normal floors, but they don't tell you that before you ask a guard."

There are too many images out there of elevator buttons that look severely and upsettingly wrong. I need to know how this happens. Who looks at this and thinks it makes sense? Did they just not have the proper buttons handy and didn't want to wait?

"Let's just say.. the guy I bought the backhoe from was.. an interesting dude."

It's a direct solution that's securely fastened and probably works fine, it's just also a little silly. So, yeah, 'interesting' really is the best way to put it.