20 Handy People Who Go All Out

Being able to make a quick fix here and there when things go wrong is an incredible skill. However, there are some people who apply this "quick fix" logic to much larger tasks.

And so, from people who made the most questionable limousines to individuals who found new ways to cook pizza, here are 20 handy people who go all out!

"Somebody built a DIY limo just for their own sake..."

Just because you can do something does not always mean that you should do it!

"He Don't Need No Stinking Pickup Truck!"

He could have at least put some little red flags on the end of them just so people definitely see those planks of wood.

"When you're too lazy to paddle."

He is still technically using a paddle, so I suppose that you could sort of still argue that this is "paddling"?

"Moving Day."

I genuinely think that I would rather walk than drive this scooter with these people hanging off the back.

"I don't know how I feel about this."

Christ in a hot tub, how much space do these people need when going on holiday?!

"There, you can use the light switch now."

"Should we cut away the wall or move the lightswitch?"

"Is that really a question?"

"You're right, hand me that hammer."

"The worst part, the umbrella is also broke."

Maybe they need to get another umbrella to put over this broken umbrella then!?

"I upgraded my 14 inch laptop to a 17 inch!"

Sure, it is a bigger screen but I'd like to see them try and take it somewhere without being able to fold it together.

"Forbidden Jenga."

I am sure that there will be someone to tell me how this is actually very safe, but I just prefer a little more cement in my bridge construction. I'm old fashioned like that.

"Couldn't find my boxcutter but could find a blade and lots of Blu-Tack."

I cannot overstate how much you should not try this at home. By Christ, this is impressively dangerous.

"Yeah, that's probably not gonna work."

It is pretty damn tidy work, it is just a shame that it will definitely not function as it is supposed to.

The Spam Flask And The Spam Shotglass...

If you've been wishing that your spirits has a distinct aftertaste of Spam, then try this helpful hack!

"Here's the key for my jeep..."

I suppose that you will have a much slimmer chance of losing your keys now at least!

"Security in my building is hanging on by a binder clip."

Actually, it is help up by TWO binder clips, so you know that it is completely secure!

"I made a sheath for a single pepperoni."

You never know when you may need an emergency slice of pepperoni, and thanks to this you need never be without one!

"Nail gun on a stick."

"Just don't drop it."

"Don't worry, the odds of that happening again are slim to none."

"You said that the first and second time."

"All y'all doing yard work like scrubs. Here's the real way!"

I suppose that is a cheap, quick, and easy way to get the HOA off your back as well about having dead plants in your yard.

Crimes Against Pizza...

Although, I would rather do this than struggle through a burnt pizza base, so the jury is still out.

"What happens when a roofer's travel trailer's roof leaks."

It doesn't look like it has moved for a long time...and it doesn't look like it is about to any time soon!

"I work at a nature preserve. A lawnmower launched a rock that shattered the greenhouse's glass door. So I mounted it on a plaque."

It is good to immortalise memories that we think will be important, events such as the birth of a child, a graduation, or a rock smashing your glass door.

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