30 Times Life Pushed People Over While Life's Friend Was Crouched Down Behind Them

Ah life, what a rollercoaster of emotion it is! Sometimes life likes to pop out from behind a door and poke you in the eye before it runs off giggling, and there's nothing you can do about it.

So, from people who woke up to a weird world of red arrows to individuals who had to deal with the worst coworkers of all time, here are 30 times life pushed people over while life's friend was crouched down behind them.

There's Bad Luck, And Then There Is This...

This is some Final Destination nonsense. It is as though the world was willing for that car to be destroyed, no matter what timeline you are in this car will always be hit by this plane.

"Saw this at the dog park..."

"Christ, it's been such a stressful day. You know what, I think that I'll go for a little walk around the park to destress, nothing bad ever happens there."

"Absolutely, it's not like you're gonna get attacked by a pack of feral otters or anything!"

"Ha! Can you imagine?"

"Your name shall contain a capital letter, a special character, and should not be easily pronounceable."

There are many companies who get reprimanded for being prejudiced against groups of individuals, but I have never seen a company be reprimanded for being prejudiced agains Jeffreys before!

"Favourites have been established pretty damn quickly."

That is a pretty clear cut example of favoritism. I love that they managed to find a good use for this person's room though at the very least. It's so brutal, I love it.

"Catching the same fish a month and a half later."

This poor fish must just be thinking, "Are God damn kidding me? It's this goober again!?" This fish really needs to start wising up and stop falling for this guy's tricks!

"Why do hotel rooms insist on making me watch my partner bathe? I'm just glad I'm not sharing the room with a friend or parent…"

Another person went on to add the caveat, "Or coworker on a business trip. Yes this happened to a friend." I am sure that HR would have something to say about that.

"Sorry, not sorry Pheidippides..."

Now that I think about it, that is a pretty big middle finger up to that first guy. If anything though, this has made me want to do a marathon for the first time in my life!

"I found a four-leaf clover and then twist my finger... Lucky me!"

I am trying to think of ways that this could actually be lucky for you. Maybe the world just doesn't want you to be flipping people off any more?

"My friend dropped her phone into the meerkat enclosure in Amsterdam Zoo."

Soon enough the meerkats will be able to use this to call the other meerkat enclosures in other zoos. Well, ether that or they'll just get addicted to Candy Crush.

"This happened 5 km away from home, but I have no idea how it happened..."

I am actually pretty impressed that they managed to get it up there if I am honest. This looks more like something out of GTA than real life.

"Found this clown mannequin half a mile deep into a drainage pipe tied like this to a grate."

I would not fancy taking my eyes off that thing, just in case it moved when I was not looking directly at it.

"I'll just go see why the solar panel battery isn't holding a charge..."

It looks as though the guy that they have got to take a look at it is a real snake, you want to be careful around him!

"I think my city ordered their cones off of"

These look like the sorts of cones you would use to make out a rollerblading track. Maybe these guys are just planning out their rollerblading route for when they finish work?

"Uhm... I was leaving school and I saw this beauty."

I cannot work out whether those straps are meant to be holding the stuff on top down, or the bumper pressed up against the car? Either way, this is a work of art.

"I think that I parked my Jeep incorrectly..."

Again, this is pretty impressive. I thought that you were meant to be able to park a Jeep pretty much anywhere. This Jeep was no match for this guy's lack of skill though.

"Our office stays mostly empty these days, but I popped in today and made some coffee. After it brewed I lifted the pump lever I found this."

I bet that the spiders who wove these webs were pretty damn buzzed by the time they were finished!

The Curse Of The Red Arrows...

The person who posted this explained: "I moved in with my dad a little over a month ago. He asked me to clean my hair from the bathroom sink. I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about. This evening I came home to this."

"Ride got stuck at six flags today."

I have been stuck on a rollercoaster a few times before, I am like the angel of death for rollercoasters apparently. However, it never gets any less terrifying when you're stuck on one.

"Blood all over a light switch in a one-way entry room. Happy I wear gloves with my job."

This is just horrific. This person went on to write that they work in "VW manufacturing. Going to go with hand injury."

Then Why Even Invite Her In The First Place?

As annoying as this is, I think that I would take this as a sign that I never had to attend any of their Zoom meetings ever again. Try and find the silver linings!

"Someone stole my bicycle seat and nothing else."

That must have been one hell of a nice bike seat for someone to have decided to only steal the seat! They went on to write: "It doesn't show in the picture, but there were many more bicycles there. Also, my front wheel is held on with easy-remove tabs so they could've stolen it too, but didn't. Just... why."

"The 1st day in ages where I could sleep in & every high school band in town parades right outside my house."

Wow, and I thought that being woken up by the bin-men could be annoying. Getting woken up by a series of marching bands would be unbearable!

Being Stood Up Thanks To Facebook...

"Was invited on my first date since the corona pandemic (European time). As soon as we began discussing date details, Facebook services crashed and now I'm reading a book alone in a bar," wrote this unfortunate person.

"The drive up ATM decided to crash right when I put my debit card in, preventing me from retrieving it. I was pretty late to work."

"Sorry I'm late Boss, the ATM swallowed my card."

"Dave, this is the fourteenth time this week, stop using that damn machine! I know you're doing it on purpose now!"

Ruining Cookies In The Simplest Of Ways!

This tortured baker explained: "I made some bomb-ass cookies today and then wondered what the 'film' was over them. Upon closer inspection realized I forgot to take off the PLASTIC wrap that was covering them before I mindlessly popped them into the oven."

"Literally got my internet cut off last Sunday at 9 PM."

I think that this person might need to look into how they might have pissed off their neighbors! It's a pretty intense way to try and get back at someone though!

"I lost my phone on a festival, a few hours later I found it burning next to the campfire."

This person is bringing new meaning to the phrase, "Burner phone." I like my phones to be cooked a little less really, they're always better when they are rare.

"This is how my morning started. Wtf."

Maybe this is just the spider's way of calling shotgun. It seems a shame to ruin all of their hard work, but they aren't exactly going to catch any flies in there anyway!

"Hey McDonald's, it would be nice for those of us that ask for NO ICE to get a full drink!"

This has been annoying me for years, so I am glad to see that there are other people out there who have been driven mad by this very basic mistake!

"Who didn't replace the bags in the diaper bin?"

The poor person who has to clean this out will be likely crushed under an avalanche of dirty diapers, which could be the single worst way to die. How did they not smell it earlier?!

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