20 Funny Pics People Took To Prove Cats Are Chaotic Evil

Any cat owner will tell you that cats are not only beautiful, luxurious creatures, but also shapeshifting, derpy goblins. This duality comes naturally to cats.

They also seem to have a significant capacity for evil. It's a good thing they're on our side...for the most part.

"A threatening aura."

Reddit | TheMightyWill

Black cats are often seen as bad luck or evil. Maybe that's true and maybe it isn't, but I'm certain about the fact that this evil often comes with a side of true idiocy. Case in point: this cat.

"Meet Winston."

Reddit | mycatsagirl

It's nice to meet you, Winston, but I'm more than a little bit unnerved by this pose. Is it a stretch? Are you trying some kind of intimidation tactic? In any event, I'm not sure how to respond.

"At the vet's office."

Reddit | STEMnet

Any port in a storm, or any carrier in a vet's office, is better than seeing the vet. I have no doubt that either cat would sell the other one out if it meant they got to avoid the vet.

"Got the lockdown COVID crazies."

Reddit | MintyMat

Sometimes, a cat is so sweet and restful that you can't help but give them a pet or a scritch. Other times, you do this at your own risk. I wouldn't get anywhere close to this maelstrom.

"He SQUEEZE to try and steal food."

Reddit | Sultry_Penguin

If you have one of those cats that doesn't really like human food, consider yourself lucky. You can see the alternative right here. May as well surrender that sandwich now, because that cat looks pretty determined.

"He is laying on his back on top of the cabinets with his eyes wide open, just staring at the ceiling."

Reddit | soccer-law

It's pretty normal to experience an existential crisis from time to time, and this apparently extends into the feline world as well.

"Almost didn't see her."

Reddit | notjust1wolf

Cats are really good at being stealthy, and also really good at thinking they're being stealthy when you can totally see them. I guess this example falls at about the midpoint between these two characteristics.

"My cats aren't too sure about the new apartment."

Reddit | Daktic

I love how a dog can enter a new space and immediately make themselves at home, while it throws cats into this angsty panic that can last for days. Just get out and explore, guys.

"Squeezed but comfy."

Reddit | abaganoush

I can barely get a good night's sleep in my big, comfy bed, but cats can get a rest in wherever they want. I don't even understand how the cat got into this position to begin with.

"Does anyone else’s cat sit like this or are yours normal?"

Reddit | yungkrueger

The calm expression, coupled with the incredibly weird posture, unnerves me greatly. I think this cat's expression says, "You're probably wondering why I called you in here today."

"The way my cat sleeps."

Reddit | Interkrmn

Here we go again with cats sleeping in impossible positions. Like, if a human slept like this, they'd never get over the blood rush to their head when they woke up and regained their equilibrium.

"My cat Luna doesn't loaf properly. Instead she does... whatever this is."

Reddit | lunababy247

All cats can form a loaf. Not all loaves are the same. I've never seen a cat loaf quite like Luna here, but I can respect her individuality.

"I saved this little squirrel but my cat wasn’t very pleased…"

Reddit | lucifersam73

If you're friendly with other animals, especially other animals that a cat might like to eat, it's a safe bet that your cat is going to be extremely angry when they find out.

I wanted a cat, but I got whatever this is instead."

Reddit | [user]

If this photo was taken in the middle of the cat grooming its belly, it isn't that weird. But if this cat actually sits like this normally, I think something is deeply wrong.

"Wednesday is not good at pictures."

Reddit | woolvillan

When you have multiple cats, sometimes all it takes is one photo to suss out which one is the derp. In this case, I think the answer is pretty clear. Just chill out, Wednesday.

"My cat got stuck in the wall on Christmas day."

Reddit | therealIndigocat

Having your cat get stuck inside a wall with no easy way to retrieve them is almost like the opposite of a Christmas miracle. Hopefully they got out, but that hole looks pretty small.

"No caption needed."

Reddit | emiceel

I'm not sure if this is a planned move, with the chonker seeking out the best possible vantage point, or an example of a cat going a little bit too far with no clear exit strategy.

"Cat napping in a model village."

Reddit | haIf_sour

The whole point of a model village like this is to create a depiction of reality that's shrunken down, but still believable. This cat clearly doesn't care about the illusion, or maybe they've always wanted to be a giant.

"My cat got stuck today."

Reddit | shuji18

I love this, because the cat clearly kept climbing and climbing, knowing it wouldn't be easy to get down, but didn't stop. They sure can be intrepid little idiots.

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"Google made a panorama of my cat stealing my husband's pants out of his closet."

It isn't often that the security cameras in your living room capture the heist of the century, but that's exactly what happened here. Nice job stitching the panorama together, Google.

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