13 Designs That Bring Creativity And Practicality Together

I can't tell you how much I appreciate good design. But what makes me even happier is when that idea also has great functionality. Then my heart really sings.

It takes a well-thought-out concept to bring both of these to light. And that always seems to make my day. So if you're like me, I bet you're going to love these examples here.

1. This House

Who says you should live in a boring house? When you can lay your head in this acoustic one, huh? Oh my goodness. I don't think I've ever seen anything as interesting as this. I bet it has great acoustics too, ha, ha!

2. This Ruler

I don't know about you, but I sometimes have a hard time picking up a ruler. So somebody was clever enough to address this issue and made a ruler with raised edges. Isn't that so cool or what?

3. These Bike Racks

Why is it that the coolest things always seem to be in the U.K? These newly installed bike racks are giving me all the good feels, hee-hee. Not only do they look so fun, but they are, of course, very useful.

4. This Handy Cup Helper

Who can't have their milk without dunking in some Oreos? I hear you loud and clear, ha, ha! So I bet you would love this cup that comes with a holder for those yummy cookies, no?

5. This Plant Feeder

Who remembers to spritz their plant babies in winter to give them more moisture and humidity? Oh, yes, you must do that. That's why I love this two-in-one plant feeder and spritzer here. I need one of those ASAP.

6. This Plant Rescue

Speaking of plants, how would you feel if you saw this plant IV bag in your doctor's office? Isn't that such a clever concept, huh? Oh my goodness. It's so fitting, ha, ha! I want that for my house.

7. This Chair

Is that a chair or a butterfly? Oh wait, it's both. Not only do these chairs work just like regular ones, but when you put them together, they form a beautiful butterfly. Oh my! I love that idea.

8. This Stair Runner

You absolutely need to be careful when coming down the stairs when they're bare, no? So a stair runner is always a good idea. But why get just a regular one when you can have something as cool as this, huh?

9. This Astronomical Clock

I think I've told you that I absolutely love clocks. I find them so fascinating. So I would be thrilled to see this giant astronomical one if I ever decide to visit Prague. Wow, what a stunner, huh?

10. These Traffic Lights

Who says traffic lights have to look boring? Well, they're not when you live in Sagami, Japan. Over there, instead of plain ones, they use Astro Boy. Wow! At least you can look at something fun when you're stuck waiting for your light.

11. This Bench

Solar power is so amazing. Isn't it? So why don't we utilize it more, huh? For example, a bench like this that lets you charge up your phone should be pretty much everywhere, no? I really dig this concept.

12. This Bread Packaging

Oh my goodness. What's going on here. Is that a six-pack of bread buns I see here? Ha, ha! I love how clever this company is to package it like this. What do you think? Are you as amused as I am?

13. This Bathroom

I'm not sure where you can actually find this, but this is one cool-looking bathroom. Isn't it? Let me ask you: If you could would you create something like this in your home? Hmm, I might consider it.

What did I tell you?

When you combine good design and functionality, the world around you definitely benefits. So let's hope we will see more cool designs like these everywhere. Do you agree with me on that one? Are you a sucker for creative and practical design, too?