20 Tiny Details That Are Kind Of Cool Despite Their Size

For some things out there, the devil really is in the details. There are things you may not notice on certain objects unless you're looking really closely, which isn't always easy to do.

Thankfully, with these pictures, the details are pretty clear. You don't need a magnifying glass to see every little thing. And of course, they're all pretty cool too.

"This chipped M&M from the bag looks a little like Kermit the Frog."

I think the funny thing about this M&M is the way it looks specifically like Kermit the Frog, and not just any old frog. I guess it's the eyes. They're very Kermit-shaped, and not just some generic frog shape.

"My dog shampoo was not tested on animals."

Animal testing on human products is kind of pointless and cruel. But how do you know something is safe for animals if it hasn't been tested on them? This little detail on this dog shampoo package is pretty confusing, not gonna lie.

"Hasmonean bronze prutah - the coins likely used in the widow's offering mentioned in Mark 12:42. These were the lowest denomination of coin in circulation at the time in Judea."

These little coins are so awesome! The way all that detail is still on them, despite them being thousands of years old, is really something else.

"A bee photobombed my Snapchat!"

What looks like it could be a normal selfie ended up being a lot more interesting. This bee is in, like, the perfect spot. It kind of ended up being the focal point of the picture too. How did it know to be there at that moment?

"Dinosaur footprints at Arches National Park."

Dinosaur footprints are anything but tiny, but they're still a really cool detail that you could potentially miss. It's so cool how many artifacts there are of the creatures that used to roam this planet long before we got here. And so well preserved, too!

"The plastic of this pencil went soft and waxy being in contact with an eraser for a few months."

I'm not really sure why or how this happened, but it's pretty cool. It's one of those super tiny details that you probably wouldn't notice unless it was your pencit, though. So it's cool that we got a picture of it.

"The way my math exam is 'stapled.'"

I seriously love staple-less staples. They're the future. And they couldn't be any cooler. After all, using them means not having to risk stabbing yourself with a staple.

You might miss it if you aren't looking, which is why pictures like this are always appreciated.

"My drink lid didn’t have any labels."

I don't know about you, but I actually would have never realized this drink lid is missing labels if it wasn't pointed out. But now that I see it, it's so strange. But like anything else, it's super interesting to say the least.

"Found this plant growing in a car."

I have a feeling this car hasn't been used for a while. Because it takes some time before a seed starts sprouting like this. So either this car has been parked for a while, or the owner just doesn't care about all the dirt on it.

"This acorn that looks like a little hedgehog."

Okay, that's actually uncanny. Are we sure this acorn looks like this naturally, and it wasn't planted there by someone who carved it? Because to me, it looks too much like a hedgehog for it not to be intentional. Then again, anything is possible.

"This tree spike was melted in a forest fire, and then the tree became part of the front desk at my work."

The cool thing about solid wood furniture is that it always has so much character. Different pieces of wood come from trees that have lived such different lives, and you get all sorts of strange imperfections in there. Metal bits may not be super common, but it happens.

"My Twix with no caramel."

This is actually really upsetting. After all, the caramel is kind of the best part of a Twix bar. You'd probably notice that it's missing, though. I know I would.

I guess things like this happen from time to time. But it can be pretty noticeable when something you expect to be there is nowhere in sight.

"Found a naturally made raisin in my bunch of grapes today."

I mean, raisins are nothing but dried grapes. And while they have no place in baked goods, that doesn't mean you still won't find them in unexpected places.

Like, are you ever expecting to find a raisin among your grapes? Probably not.

"A spooky imprint was left on my dirty sink."

I guess that's as good a sign as any that this sink needs to be cleaned. And maybe the sponge/scrubber too, since it looks like that's what left the imprint. It probably won't take much to get that sink sparkling, either.

"Mini leaves growing on a big leaf."

Something tells me this is probably some kind of fungus and not a plant growing on a plant. Then again, it's nature, and the most random things happen in nature, like, all the time.

Still, what a cool and sort of cute little detail.

"How this linguine arrived in the package."

How often do you get to see a curly pasta? Or should I say, a straight pasta that has a curl in it. Because that's so cool. I guess it got misshapen while it was still in manufacturing? In any case, it's truly a sight to see.

"Teeny tiny crab in my drink."

You have to look really closely at the bottom of this cup, but it's there. A super teeny tiny crab, just chilling at the bottom, minding its own business. Who knows how it got there? But now that it's there, how's it gonna get out?

"Found a spider carrying an egg sac on my walk yesterday."

Apologies if spiders make you squeamish, but you have to admit that this is pretty interesting. Like, how often do you see a spider carrying an egg sac?

Hopefully, though, it doesn't make its way inside anyone's house. That would be a nightmare.

"Bee in the garage rolling my wife's hair into a neat ball."

I wonder what happened for this bee to start rolling hair into a ball. Because you know it probably isn't on its back by choice. If only there was a way to move a bee without risking it deciding to sting you, because it kind of looks like it needs help.

"Car with a funny license plate."

I always envy people with funny vanity plates. Like sure, it would make people pay a bit more attention to you, but they can be so funny.

I don't know why, but I find this particular licence plate to be really funny. Like, hilarious.

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