13 Pics That Prove Old Homes Are Always Hiding Secrets

If you live in an old home, you know how bizarre your house can be.

Old newspapers in the walls, hidden stairwells, bricked-in wells — those are just a few of the odd things homeowners have found in their decades-old homes. If you're into seeing the weird, beautiful things people inexplicably covered up, then you are in the right place.

I would be SO HAPPY to find this under my floors.

"After pulling up two layers of vinyl flooring using a razor scraper and lots of soaking, I've discovered the original hex mosaic tile in the bathroom of our 1929 home."

It's GORGEOUS! I would LOVE to find this, tbh. That hex tile is timeless.

You couldn't pay me to go down those steps.

"I am the guy with the 1857 Stone house near Gettysburg PA..... went up in the attic, pulled up some boards and found a hidden staircase that leads nowhere.... lol."

Sure..."nowhere." We all know there's another hidden room under that floor, right?

This pastel wallpaper is kind of a mood.

"This is from my kitchen backsplash. There was a mix of drywall as well as plaster and lath that was forming the backsplash wall. This wallpaper was on that wall and it was all tiled over in the '70s or '80s."

I would frame a piece of that wallpaper!

So, uh, what's on that tile?

"My family recently took out our fireplace and found the original tiles ( we think it's early 1900s) and we're trying to figure out the definite time period and maybe the name of the style of tiles (if there is one)."

Turns out, the illustration is a lily pad!

Ah, the convenience of the modern telephone.

"Found a 1917 telephone directory buried in the crawl space of our 1903 home."

How funny is that advertisement? It sounds like how they used to advertise the internet back in the '90s. Some things never change.

Well, that's ominous.

"Found this locked alligator briefcase hidden at back of closet in 1933 home - what is it?"

One user commented: "Hmm this is how Jumanji starts." Which is entirely correct.

It's a backgammon or mahjong game, for the record!

Is this the old-timey equivalent of an instruction manual?

"Found a hammer catalog from 1909 in the walls of my 1913 craftsman. [...] I’ve also found random playing cards, a Lincoln log, miscellaneous pills, and a small gift box from an old Seattle department store which I can’t remember the name. And spiders."

Pass on the spiders.

Why do people hide their fireplaces?

"Only took a few days after closing on our 1879 row home for us to find a brick fireplace hidden behind drywall!"

I do not understand hiding one! Why not leave it as it is, even if it's just for show? It's so cool!

This is one hell of a ceiling!

At some point, all of that awesome tin was covered by a drop ceiling and drywalled over. Thankfully, the new owners thought to search for hidden gems in their new (old) house and found a total treasure trove! I bet that's going to look amazing when it's properly restored.

I'm getting "Phantom of the Opera" vibes from this.

"Masquerade ball ticket from 1889 found behind a faux fireplace."

Damn, they used to drink for free at clubs? Those days sure are long passed, huh? A masquerade ball sounds like SO MUCH FUN.

Here for the dog AND the find, to be honest.

"Found a nice little detail on my stairs. 1899 home. I took it off because it was slightly crooked and stuck out weirdly (like the little block on the base that I also removed)."

I think it's beautiful!


"We just found out we had a 25-feet-deep well located under the deck while renovating... creepy!"

There is nothing about a well that doesn't terrify me. I've seen The Ring. And Annabelle: Creation. And The Haunting of Bly Manor. Those things are HAUNTED. HARD PASS.

This one blew my mind.

"Renovating the flooring on my 1800 era home, and found a newspaper advert from Titanic."

THE Titanic, can you believe it? I would frame this immediately, even if it's ripped. Who cares?