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A Father's Instagram Page Has Gone Viral For Showing What His Kids Are Really Like

We love it when parents get real. 'Cause let's be honest, raising little monsters ones isn't easy.

There are good days and bad days, and some really, really bad ones. But do people showcase that? Nope, they keep things light on fluffy on the 'gram.

Well, everyone except one dad. He's gone viral for showing what his kids are really like: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Meet Simon Hooper.

He's a father of four who goes by the name "Father of Daughters" on Instagram.

As the only male in his female-dominated home, he shares what parenthood is really like.

It's a good thing his last name is Hooper since he certainly jumps through hoops in his daily life to make them happy!

He's even written a book called *Dadlife: Family Tales from Instagram's Father of Daughters.*

In it, he delves into what it's like to be "outnumbered" by women in his own home.

“This is the story of my journey into parenthood, from being a 24-year-old man-child with no idea of what being a dad involved, to where I find myself today," he wrote.

His wife is Clemmie Hooper, who goes under the Instagram account @mother_of_daughters.

These parents certainly have their hands full. But let's be honest: as the only male, Simon has it worse!

Scroll down to see some of his crazy adventures while navigating the crazy, wild, wonderful world of parenting!

The time he answered questions about sex-ed.

Every parent dreads the day his son or daughter learns about the birds and the bees in school. Why? Because it ultimately leads to invasive questions, as Simon shared.

"My personal favourites - 'do you wear a condom daddy?' Me - "Yes". Then why do you have so many children? Touchè," he wrote.

The time his girls embarrassed him in public.

Simon got more than he asked for when he took his kids to the pool and had to change in a confined setting.

"My girls decided to very loudly state as I undressed - 'look, look - it's daddy's willy!' This was closely followed by laughter from them, several others kids 1 cubicle over & a passing adult who couldn't contain themselves."

The time he let his girls give him a makeover.

When you live with five females, it was only a matter of time before they did a makeover on him!

In his post, he shared that "less is more" didn't apply and that "glitter (otherwise known as the Satan's STD as you can't get rid of the sodding stuff) sets up home in your hair for the foreseeable future."

The time he slept super uncomfortably.

Any man knows that sleeping next to a woman isn't easy. Our bodies run hot and our hair goes everywhere.

Simon got a taste of that with his two daughters when he found himself in bed Friday night with two snoring girls, drool down his cheek, and a dead arm.

The time he was the opposite of an A+ teacher.

Parents certainly had their hands full during COVID-19. With schools shut down around the world, parents had to be the ones to help their kids.

"You would have thought after 18 months of this, I'd be better at it but here I am - whacking on numberblocks whilst running to a conference call. As you can tell, Delilah is just thrilled about it all," he shared.

The time he felt "Lego pain."

Nope, he didn't step on one of them. That comes later, we're sure!

Instead, his daughter gave up on the project, making it so he now has to try to put everything together by himself. That, or attempt to clean it up.

The time he was in charge of bathtime.

After getting through it, he discovered nine standard unwritten rules that parents must follow.

This includes, "You absolutely must make towers out of soapy hair & time how long it stays in position 3). If you're given a bubble beard, you MUST pretend to father Christmas complete with voice, even if it's June."

The time he was just trying to work.

Although parenting can seem like a full-time job, Simon also works! Or, at least he tries to.

He shared the time his daughter interrupted his conference call by asking, "Daddy what do you work at?"

"The conference call erupted into stifled laughter as I cursed my inability to hit 'mute' in a timely fashion," he wrote.

For more, check out Simon on Instagram!