20 Great Pics That Just Get Better With Some Backstory

Some pictures can only really be experienced through bits of backstory. Even if the picture captures the kind of energy the story is trying to show, you really won't get the full experience unless you know what's going on.

That's why I'm so glad these pictures came with backstories. There's really only one way to enjoy things like this, even if it means doing a bit of reading.

"One of many grassy train station/tracks in Europe. This on [*sic*] is in Germany, Hannover."

I, for one, think that every train station should have as much nature around it as possible. There's no reason for the spaces to look so barren and industrial. It really does a good job of beautifying the space.

"Piece of a desk with 61 years of student graffiti."

If you've ever been to school (which I can't imagine you haven't), then you may have contributed to the countless vandalized desks all over the country.

You never really think about the history behind all those words and phrases, though. It represents generations of students' lives.

"This 40 year old napkin from defunct Eastern Airlines, that found its way to a sleepy Chilean seaside town."

I'm pretty impressed by the way this napkin from several decades ago managed to stay in such good shape (and end up in an entirely different continent). On the plus side, it's a really cool napkin. Hopefully it doesn't get used.

"Lightning hit a tree in my backyard the other day. Look how the electricity moved through the old metal hammock chain, leaving the bark behind it completely undamaged."

Sometimes I wish I'd paid more attention in science class so that I could really understand how things like this work. On the plus side, though, you don't need to have a PhD in physics to get that it's super cool.

"A bird hit my friend’s office window and left this beautiful mark (flew off fine btw)."

It must've sucked being that bird at that moment, but it left us with a pretty cool gift. And yes, knowing that the bird (probably) didn't fly away with any lasting injuries makes the picture so much more enjoyable. It's, like, guilt free.

"Vendor we order headsets from packs the envelopes full of Tootsie Rolls."

I don't know if this is genius or just strange. Honestly, that would probably depend on your personal thoughts on Tootsie Rolls.

Still, it's nice that these vendors were so thoughtful and included a little gift alongside the products they sent.

"This is not a sunrise or sunset, but the light of 9 Merlin engines generating 1.3million pounds of thrust energy."

Is it just me, or have there been a bunch of rocket launches this year? Maybe they're just reporting on them more often or something. Either way, they always leave the coolest sights in the sky, so we really can't be angry.

"Intermittent shade from this lamp post allows these flowers to survive."

Nature is so cool. If a plant has the absolute perfect conditions, it'll just grow the way it wants to. It's amazing how the shade from a post gave these flowers so much life. All in all, so incredibly fascinating.

"Neighbors heard we were sick. I hear a knock on the side door and walk outside and see this!!"

I honestly wonder how many of us have neighbors who would do things like this for us. This is what being neighborly is all about, in my opinion. Coming together to help people in need, and supporting them too. So heartwarming!

"I was the first person to check out this book since 1996."

I wonder what has to happen to a book for it to stay on a shelf for 25 years without being checked out once in that time. It almost feels as impactful as a book that's been checked out countless times. They'd both have their own histories.

"Forest that I visited had coins from all over the world hammered into fallen trees."

You really have to wonder who did this. Was it one person who had a bunch of coins and wanted to make their mark? Or was it multiple people from around the world who came together to leave part of their culture? Either way, it's super cool.

"This Christmas tree farm has Newfies that will cart your tree to your car for you."

Sure, it may not be the time to think about Christmas trees just yet, but that doesn't mean we can't marvel at these good dogs doing a good job! Not only are they super cute doggies, but they're being incredibly helpful.

"After 3 days of work and almost 20,000 snapshots processed, I'm proud to finally show my most detailed picture of a first quarter Moon!"

This picture is cool enough on its own, but knowing how much time and effort it took to get this perfect shot makes it so much more impressive! And honestly, who wouldn't love staring at a picture of the moon when it's this nice?

"A rare view of the Statue of Liberty from the balcony on its torch. The exit there has been closed since 1916."

This is, like, a once in a lifetime view. It's too bad people aren't able to go up to this part of the Statue of Liberty and see this anymore. But that's the good think about photos; they show us so many things we wouldn't otherwise be able to see.

"'Thank you :)' was written on this hotel notepad by the prior people staying in this room."

What I love the most about this is the fact that we know that whoever last stayed in this room probably went above and beyond to make the hotel staff feel valued. It's such a heartwarming feeling, knowing that people out there still care a lot.

"A box of vintage sewing patterns I purchased for $40. A local university offered them up for auction. I found some stationary suggesting they were once owned by the now closed Home Economics Dept."

That's a lot of patterns for $40. And they're all so cool and vintage. I bet if anyone made clothes from these patterns, they'd look as fashionable today as they would've when they first came out!

"My golden brings me this old rug every time I come home to wish me a warm welcome."

Please, this is too cute! I may have actually started melting a bit. I can't imagine how exciting it must be to come home to this every single day. This is for sure a prime example of a good dog.

"My grandpa in front of the plane he flew in World War II. He is 97 now."

I wonder how it must feel to be face to face with something you used, now sitting in a museum as part of history. There aren't too many people left on the planet who know this feeling. And we have to respect every one of them!

"Enjoying a beautiful hike after finding out that there is no more stage 4 colon cancer in my body!!!"

While we may not be able to know exactly what this feels like, you can't deny the fact that this picture is full of an unbelievable amount of positive energy! I seriously can't help by smile after reading that backstory.

"I install so much flooring that it gave me a bald spot on my knee."

I think the best way to look at this is that it's the result of a lot of hard work. And honestly, that has my respect.

It's pretty strange how our bodies react to different stressors, though. Floor installation must be tough on the knees!

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