20 People Who At Least Know Their Strengths

It is very important to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses as you progress through life. That isn't necessarily so that you can improve on your weaknesses, more so that you can simply avoid them! Why make life harder for yourself than you need to?

Anyway, from people who advertised their food with unnerving honesty to individuals who didn't care about their physical welfare, here are 20 people who at least know their strengths!

"Those quirky 'hipster' sort of bars serving dinner on a chopping board is one thing, but this is just ridiculous. I am lost for words..."

I have never been more confused by a plate of food in my life. The...the plate was right there, why did they feel the need to put it into a glass? It's not a sundae!

"At least he's honest, and safe."

The thing that amazed most people about this photo was that this is a cyclist who is actually stopped at a set of traffic lights! I have never seen such a miraculous sight before. A cyclist actually abiding by the rules of the road, you'll never see the like of this again!

"Orem High School (OHS) decided to go with 'hOs' for their new cheerleading sweaters."

Unfortunate abbreviations on school uniforms are more common than you may think, with one other person adding: "I went to Perkins Middle School and the 7th grade cheerleaders didn't dig the PMS on the front of their uniforms."

"Naming your pets honestly..."

Trip Hazard does look awfully adorable though. I am sure that other names she considered were, "Captain Poops-A-Lot," "Bernard, The Destroyer Of Odd Socks," and, "Hair Everywhere." Any of those names would be applicable to most of the pets that I have ever had.

"Customer installed their own headlight."

I wonder how much this person is charging for one of these new headlights? I love the rustic aesthetic, although they might prove a little troublesome when it comes to...well, when it comes to actually lighting up the road.

"My wife does planks around the house and I come home to this absolute unit of a son."

"Might want to be careful. It's all laughing now but if he keeps it up, 5 years down the track you try to put him in the corner he'll put you through a wall," wrote one worried individual.

"Got tired of losing nerf wars…"

"When I was a kid, I found out that the threads on the Super Soaker 50 tank were the same as the garden hose in my parents' backyard, and you could just screw the hose onto the Super Soaker and turn on the tap and have infinite ammo and ridiculous pressure, no pumping required," explained one similarly deranged person.

"My son might be slacker, but he also might be a genius."

I hope that this kid got extra marks for this answer. Although, what if he has already built said robot and this was written by it? I've rumbled you kid!

"Genius hotel marketing..."

Sometimes you only have one card to play, and you have to play it. I bet they must have had to take this sign down in early-to-mid 2020, as otherwise they will have had people breaking down the door.

"At least they're telling the truth!"

Is being a trash person a pre-requisite of applying for a job here? Wow, I never thought that me being a trash human being would actually be a benefit for anything! Hooray for being trash!

"It's possible that geography isn't this student's strength."

I hated geography at school, more so than any other subject. Although, I don't think that I managed to make a mistake quite on the scale of this error. Well, I hope that I didn't...

"My dad, master welder of 15 years, sent this to me."

That is one hell of a claw-grab machine where you can win master welders! The ones that I have played on only have stuffed toys and old school troll dolls!

"Makeshift dump truck?"

Jesus, what on Earth is going on in this picture? That car surely cannot be allowed to be on the road like that! I know that some people like to have a big bath in their washroom but this is too far.

"Restaurants are getting honest..."

One thing is for sure, they aren't going to be sued for their food any time soon. That is unless the food they are serving is massively below "okay" standard, which would be something pretty damn special.

"There has to be a better way."

This picture is...a lot! I cannot claim to know the true extent of the danger that this guy is in, but I am assuming that it is an incredible amount of danger. But, you do you!

Buff Furbys?

I don't know why anyone would ever want to make such a terrifying cookie, but I cannot knock the craftsmanship of it. Furbys were terrifying enough on their own, but now that they are super strong they're even more scary!

"Finally a restaurant good enough for me!"

At least people who eat here will not be able to complain about anything! There is a lot to be said for lowering the expectations of your customers, then everything they experience is a bonus!

"Cut a pool noodle in half to make a comfortable armrest for the truck. From Australia."

Is there anything that a pool noodle cannot be used for? Well, they probably aren't very good for peeling potatoes, but they still have a lot of other uses.

"Somebody modified the 'reverse' button at work. Honestly I think it's more useful now."

There were a lot of people who claimed that they would have broken this button already by pressing it too frequently. I can only assume this button drops a piano on someone who has wronged you?

"How my brother does the dishes and watches YouTube at the same time...his phone is not waterproof."

That is a man who likes to live dangerously, needlessly so! There are countless ways that he could prop up his phone that aren't this precarious!

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