20 Impactful Images That Left Me Stunned And Thinking

There's always so much going on in the world. Someone discovers something new, or an environmental disaster or tragedy occurs. Most things that happen leave us thinking about the world around us.

These pictures offer a lot of perspective. There are so many things going on in the world that we don't know about, and so many more we'll never know about. It's actually amazing when you think about it.

"A rare 100-pound fish washed up on shore hundreds of miles from its home. The exotic moonfish is native to open ocean waters between California and Hawaii, but found its way to Sunset Beach, Oregon."

That's the kind of fish you find when you're snorkeling while on vacation somewhere hot. So for it to have come from Hawaii makes perfect sense. But, what's it doing all the way out in Oregon?

That seems just a little too far north for a tropical fish.

"Fingerprints 9 years after lawn mower incident."

Ah, lawnmowers. They can be very dangerous if you aren't careful. While it looks like this person is still in pretty good shape after their lawnmower incident nearly a decade ago, this just goes to show you how hazardous they can be.

It's so weird how something so normal can cause so much bodily harm.

"My dad dug up his old 1989 Compaq LTE Elite 4/75CX."

Now that's an old laptop. This may sound weird, but I didn't even know laptops existed in the '80s.

It's so big and bulky, but the screen is so small! Meanwhile, the laptop I'm currently writing on weighs less than 5 pounds and has a touchscreen! We've come so far.

"Fantastic sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin called 'Politicians discussing global warming.'"

This is an art piece that really makes you think. It makes you wonder how much action we could've been taking in the time that people have been talking about the action we should be taking. Confusing? Yes.

Though, this piece of art is pretty straightforward in its messaging.

"Dirty lock gate looks like a painting."

If that caption didn't exist, I would've thought that this mural really was some kind of art piece. It looks like a field, or even a swamp, with all the green and brown hues.

But the fact that it's dirt and possibly algae is...well, it's gross. That's what it is.

"Took a picture of some rainbow buildings while in a taxi, didn't notice the perfectly timed rainbow bus driving next to us until after!"

Talk about timing! As if finding some pretty rainbow buildings wasn't enough, there also just so happens to be a pretty rainbow bus too! And of course, the bus crosses paths with the buildings.

I think we should put rainbows on more buildings. These look so tasteful, while still remaining colorful.

"A submerged mosaic in Saint Francis’s Basilica in Ravenna, complete with fish!"

Oh how the times change. At one point, people were probably walking along the mosaic floors in this basilica, but now it's a home for a bunch of fish.

It really makes you think about how, someday, the buildings we frequent and live in will probably be nothing more than ruins for some future society to discover.

"Gas station after heavy rain."

That reflection is, like, absolutely perfect. It's so clear, you almost can't tell it's a reflection! (You know, except for the fact that it's all upside down). Do you think the ground around this gas station is super clean, or is it the fact that this picture was taken at night? Because, wow.

"My mehndi artist was so talented I wanted to share her incredible design & work!"

Given how intricate every single line and pattern is, it must've taken a long time for the artist to do this. And my goodness, that hard work really paid off. It's always really nice to see the beautiful artwork made by talented artists around the world.

A creeping plant falling off a building.

I guess some plants shouldn't go on walls? Because it looks like this plant got a little too big, and just fell off.

It doesn't look like a vine, which would just wrap around the building and be done with it. It looks almost like someone put rolls of sod on the walls and hoped it would stay up. And it didn't.

"An Owl In The Round I Carved."

I don't even want to think about how much time this would've taken. And, how do people know how to make things like this? I know that's kind of a silly question, but this kind of art makes no sense to me.

But still, I can appreciate the beauty and wonder it holds.

"Laser cut wall art I completed this week. Three feet x two feet, 6 layers of 1/8” Baltic birch wood."

Again, what amazing artwork! There are so many different kinds of art that use so many different kinds of media, that it's so hard to keep track of. Sometimes, I feel like you hear about people using really random methods, but the results they get are so worth it.

"Interior of a prison cell looks like a hotel room (Storstrøm Prison, Denmark)."

In some places around the world, prison is treated more as a rehabilitation place than confinement. For some crimes, I couldn't see that being good. But for other crimes, it could definitely help people get that second chance that they may deserve.

Some mistakes are worth punishing people for the rest of their lives (but others aren't).

"This light fixture that's in my kitchen has all the zodiac symbols..."

I just think this one is really neat. The zodiac symbols are all so pretty and unique in their own way. I swear, astrology has been becoming really popular lately, so I bet a lot of people would fall in love with this fixture.

The gold is a nice touch, too.

"The first ever 3D-printed steel bridge has opened in Amsterdam, the Netherlands."

"It was created by robotic arms using welding torches to deposit the structure of the bridge layer by layer, and is made of 4500 kilograms of stainless steel."

How cool is this? 3D printing has a lot of potential to help out with construction and infrastructure, so seeing a whole bridge made from 3D printed material is beyond cool!

I'm not gonna lie, though, I'd probably be a bit scared to walk across it at first.

"Marble front row seats at the Ancient Greek theater of Oropos."

I guess people from every era in history loved to be entertained. It's kind of funny; you always hear about the wars our ancestors around the world waged, but you don't always hear about their entertainment (even though that information also exists!).

It's funny to think that they were just like us, living their lives and doing some of the same things we do today.

"Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. 1934."

Every major monument had to be built at some point. The same goes for bridges, including the famous ones, like the golden gate bridge.

And it was built in the '30s! For some reason, I always thought this bridge just, like, always existed. It really makes you think, huh.

"First time witnessing a rainbow cloud in that form!"

I swear, everything in nature is just so magical. Even clouds. When the sunlight hits a cloud juuust right, you get something super cool, like this rainbow cloud.

I wish I knew more about how clouds worked so I could understand what it takes to make this happen. But at least it's nice to look at.

"Went to a local antique shop with my friends and found a training letter from Ford Motor Company from 1939 for 8 bucks. Best thing I coulda grabbed."

Speaking of the '30s, here's another interesting relic from our past. I couldn't help but read this letter in an old-timey radio voice, just because it felt right.

I'm so curious, now. I wonder what happened to this guy. I bet he has descendants somewhere in the country.

"The cling film over my bowl of proving pizza dough formed an airtight seal."

I so did not know that dough could do this. But since yeast rises, and it has to expand somewhere, then it kind of makes sense? If there was a lot of air trapped in there, then maybe?

I hope the plastic wrap doesn't break or anything. That stuff's still got to rise!