30 Pics The Internet Fell In Love With Recently

As much as the world can kind of suck at times, there are always amazing things going on. If we're lucky (and we usually are), people find awesome and adorable moments to share with the online world.

Unsurprisingly, these are the kinds of pictures that the internet loves . Even if you're having the worst day ever, you can't help but crack a smile when looking at this list.

"The way the shadow of my LEGOs are casted on the couch in the evening."

I think anyone who has enough LEGOs to make what looks like a city skyline is pretty cool. The shadow that these LEGO buildings make remind me of a miniature Halloween village, mostly because of the orange coloring, though.

It must be pretty awesome to see every evening.

"This museum has swatches on the wall with the name of the paint colour used."

Have you ever looked at a room and wondered what the paint color it has is called because it's so nice? Just me? Well.

I'm glad someone somewhere decided that the paint colors were important. They can make a room! Let people know what color you used in case they want to use it too!

"I made a tissue box holder that looks like a crate of records."

Everything about this works so well, even down to the milk crate. I think anyone who actually collects old records may shed a few tears at first, before realizing that no record was harmed in the making of this tissue box.

And it's art that's functional! What's not to love?

"This eggplant in my mother's garden really lends perspective on why they're named that."

At one point in time, eggplants actually looked like eggs. Some of those varieties still exist today, but the more common form is the purple, kind of oblong vegetable we're used to.

I wonder what it was like when the first person discovered eggplants. I bet they thought they were actual eggs. That's kind of funny when you think about it.

"Bushes of pineapples."

The way pineapples grow is actually so funny to me. They just kind of, stick out of an otherwise pretty plain plant. They have no reason to look like this, and yet here they are.

I could never work at a pineapple farm. I'd be too busy laughing at how ridiculous the plants look.

"I make drawings using the letters and numbers from old / unwanted typewriters and here’s another drawing since the last one went crazy on Reddit!"

You've got to be a pretty talented artist to figure out how to make drawings out of typewriter strokes. It kind of makes me want to find a typewriter and try it out for myself, but I know for a fact that I'd mess it up within the first five seconds.

"My dog decided to sniff my sheets and left a perfectly nose shaped mark behind."

I'll never understand why dogs, animals with incredible senses of smell, have to stick their nose in things while they smell them. They're always getting their wet noses on everything. But at least this perfect nose imprint is a great reminder of how adorable and curious our dogs are.

"I saw this Mario Kart themed RV at Dairy Queen."

Who doesn't love Mario Kart? Apparently, the owner of this RV loves it a lot more than the rest of us, because they've dressed their vehicle to look like Mario and friends racing along Rainbow Road. I hope nobody falls off!

"I found this stick and it looks like a katana in the shadows."

The way shadows work always amaze me. You just need something to be in the same general shape as something else, and suddenly, the shadow is really cool.

Like this regular stick, whose shadow looks more like a katana. Looks like the perfect opportunity to show off your skills.

"100th Birthday Telegram From the Queen."

Since it's pretty uncommon for the average person to live to 100, I wonder if the Queen writes these herself? Or like, types them herself I guess. She's probably too busy, but maybe that's her actual signature, and not a printed copy of it.

"Driveway ribbon has a succulent garden in it."

This is such a great way to add greenery to a driveway. All the plants look so pretty, and probably provide homes for all sorts of tiny animals. Hopefully, the people who live there are good enough drivers that they won't accidentally run over the plants.

"Miniature traffic playground in Copenhagen where kids learn to bike in traffic."

You know what? Learning to ride a bike for the first time is really scary. Having a space to learn where you don't have to worry about cars is a great idea. Plus, it'll help kids get used to traffic lights and signs and stuff. Adorable, and useful!

"A hummingbird chilled on my phone today."

Man, the person who took this photo must be the luckiest person alive. Hummingbirds are so hard to capture on camera because as soon as you make a sound, they fly off. But this one just hung out on this person's phone! I'm honestly so jealous.

"This music CD has fake pizza stains on the case to go along with it's pizza theme."

This is a cute (though kind of gross) idea! It really helps bring the whole theme of the CD together. And knowing that those aren't actual pizza grease stains makes it a little bit better.

Since everyone loves pizza, I'm not surprised at all by how popular this image got online.

"My Mom cut open this watermelon for the fourth and was surprised with a heart!"

I've seen cube-shaped watermelons, but never heart-shaped ones. I guess this watermelon is technically shaped normally, but the inside has a heart, which is nothing short of adorable. You almost can't eat it at this point. It's like a work of art. Or it will be until it starts to go bad.

"My apartment complex rented out 200 goats to eat away at the overgrown path and riverbed behind our buildings!"

That's a lot of goats. Like, a lot of goats. Though, I guess this is a pretty sustainable way to trim down on overgrowth. You get a clean, usable path, and the goats get dinner. Now that's a win-win situation.

Also, who doesn't love goats?

"For as long as I know my mom would use scissors to cut the top off popcorn bags so you didn’t need a bowl."

Why have I never thought about doing this? This would save a lot on dishes! The only thing to remember is to let the bag cool down a bit before you take it to the couch with you. Popcorn bags fresh out of the microwave are super hot, and you can get burned if you aren't careful.

"I made an Eevee pancake!"

Eeevee is one popular Pokemon. But look at how cute it is! I can't be surprised by its popularity.

I also love that trend of people making pancakes in different shapes and characters. This probably took a lot of practice to do. It would almost be a shame to eat it.

"This mini campsite night light I made for my son."

This is so cute! I'm sure this person's son appreciated all the hard work that went into this little tiny campsite. It must be fun to be able to use this as the backdrop for different toys and games.

It always warms my heart to see the things parents will do for their kids.

"Sunscreen dispenser at the beach."

How considerate of this beach to allow people to grab sunscreen if they need it. I know I've forgotten to bring sunscreen with me more than once, so this would be incredibly helpful. It must be annoying to refill it at the end of every day, though.

"High quality close-up picture of my cats nose."

I think it's safe to say we all love cats. They're so cute! And they have cute little noses. I've never seen one up close like this before, though. But thankfully, the nose is still cute.

"These restaurant kids meal crayons with flat edges to prevent rolling off the table."

Finally, some useful crayons. Even as an adult, I still like to color with crayons from time to time (it's fun, okay?). But they always roll off the table, which is the most annoying thing in the world.

We need all crayons to be shaped like triangles, and we need it ASAP.

"This place used to be a Mexican restaurant called Tacos, but when they sold, the new owner didn’t want to buy a whole new sign, so they named the new business coasT."

I guess that's one way to reuse an old sign. It's definitely better than throwing all the letters away. Too bad the "T" is so much bigger than the other letters, so it looks a little uneven on one end. Though, they could just chalk that up to a stylistic choice.

"First night home with baby: Help me."

Ah, the first night home with your newborn baby. It's both exciting and stressful (at least, I imagine it would be).

You can already tell that this guy is stressed out. Hopefully it'll get easier with time, but this picture really shows how tough parenthood can be.

"My dad got custom 80th birthday M&Ms from a friend."

Who do you need to talk to in order to get custom M&Ms? Because that would be such a fun gift to give. Especially if the person you're gifting them to loves M&Ms. I really hope that this man had a good 80th birthday.

"I have a wild house lizard that regularly visits me and demands food."

I know small lizards like this one are pretty harmless, but it would freak me out if one kept coming to my house. At least it looks like the lizard and the person who posted this picture are friends, since they leave food out for the lizard. Okay, maybe it is kind of cute.

"This island is a cake."

To be honest, I probably wouldn't have guessed this is a cake. It looks like a diorama, sure, but it almost doesn't look edible. That's a good thing, though; it means that the illusion is really convincing.

"My tomato had a heart inside."

Because who doesn't love a fruit with a surprise heart inside of it? This is a surefire way to brighten anyone's day, because it's just so cute and wholesome!

Seriously, though, how do fruits and vegetables keep having heart shapes inside of them?

"This ice cream cone was perfectly swirled."

Now that's what I call satisfying. Soft serve ice cream already has such a nice texture to it. But if you can get a cone that's perfectly and evenly swirled, then you've pretty much won for the day.

"My local library has cake pans available to check out!"

Did libraries always have this? I haven't been to my local library in a few years, so I wouldn't really know.

But this is so cool! Instead of buying pans you may only use once a year, you can just rent them out from the library. It would save you a lot of money and space.