30 Pics Showing Things I Really Hope Were An Accident

Do you ever do something without really thinking it through, only to realize you really messed it up? Well, I'm pretty sure these pictures show people doing exactly that.

But you know what? As long as you own up to your mistakes, you can probably grow from them. Though, some of these seem juuust careless enough that the people who did them probably didn't even notice.

"Found this uncut screw in my package of screws."

Talk about a manufacturing error. That screw is completely useless. You couldn't even, like, use it as a nail or anything!

I'm pretty sure manufacturing companies have quality control for these kinds of things? But I guess even the most well-oiled machine can make a mistake every now and then.

"Spain has the preservation game on lock. My olives are good for another 999 years."

Yeah... I'm pretty sure those olives aren't actually best before November 3020. In fact, I'd probably be wary of them now. There's a good chance that was supposed to say 2020, so they could already be expired. Just make sure they don't smell funky when you open them, and you'll be fine.

"This ball with the Earth printed on it is missing Europe."

Europe is... a pretty big chunk of land to just leave off a ball that's supposed to have the world on it. I'm sure this was probably just one super careless mistake, and whoever printed this doesn't, like, have a grudge against the entire European continent or anything.

"This bagel that’s in the shape of a triangle."

At least this mistake doesn't make the bagel any less enjoyable. Or at least, I don't think it would. It's just a bagel, after all. A strangely shaped one, but a bagel nonetheless.

I don't know about you, but all of this bagel talk is really making me hungry.

"Melted popsicle on a picnic bench."

Oh man. I just know someone out there is kicking themselves for this. There's no way anyone would leave an ice cream bar on a bench like this on purpose. So somewhere out there, a kid (or adult) is crying.

I hope somebody cleans that up before it starts to attract bugs.

"This van that was parked at my work this morning."

Oh yeah, nothing weird about that. You know, apart from the unnecessary mound of ladders on the van's roof. Seriously, who needs this many ladders?

And why are they all stacked like that? I don't care how secure those bungee cords are, I would not want to be driving behind that van. It's like one accident waiting to happen.

"This Dollar Tree and its low-cost sign replacement."

I don't know why, but I feel like someone messed up big. I wonder what happened to the regular letters to begin with. Did they break? Get stolen? Is Dollar Tree rebranding? Either way, that tiny sign just isn't going to cut it. Even if the outline of the original sign is still there.

"The mountain of chicken my local gas station has at 6:30 in the morning."

I can't see any reason why a gas station would need this much fried chicken at 6:30 in the morning. This looks more like lunch or dinner, not the world's earliest breakfast. There's no way that's all going to stay warm before it gets sold either.

Then again, who buys chicken from the gas station?

"The logo for the juice shop is very similar to the tornado shelter logo right next to it."

Because that's not confusing at all. It makes you wonder if the two signs were put together like this on purpose. Before you stop by the shelter to ride out a potentially disastrous tornado, why not stop to get some juice? Yup, makes total sense.

"The microwave in my room in El Paso, TX is....French?"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but a place like El Paso, Texas, which borders the Spanish-speaking country of Mexico, doesn't have French as its official language. So how this microwave got all the way down there is a real mystery.

Well, if you ever felt the need to learn French, this is one way to practice.

"I think I figured out why this shirt was $10..."

Ah, fast fashion at its finest. The quality of the fabric and construction usually isn't good, which is why you pay next to nothing for these clothes.

You'd almost be better off making a shirt like this yourself. At least that way, if you make a mistake, you can just own it.

"The cowardly lion has seen some things…"

Yeah, I think someone messed up real bad on this statue. Everything about it is so wrong.

The mane and arms (legs?) are horribly painted and ugly enough on their own. But that face. It's kind of gross, with those beady eyes and that weird nose. You kind of have to try to make something this bad.


A few spaces and an understanding of title case would've gone a long way on this otherwise quite nice sign. While graduation season is over, this atrocity is eternal. It's going to haunt my nightmares.

Even if there weren't any spaces, they could've at least capitalized the right letters. Not a random F.

"This selection of play food items where the labels don’t match the items."

Something about the quality of play kitchen toys always really gets me. That plastic is just so weirdly textured, and doesn't feel like much of anything.

But that pales in comparison to the nonsensical labels on these ones. Why does the mayo look like mustard? And the sugar looks like ketchup? And the juice looks like vinegar? Just makes no sense.

"Got a new rental, last tenants weren’t the safest."

I had a boarder renting my extra bedroom who never emptied the lint trap. It didn't matter how much I reminded her that I would prefer that my house not be burned down by her laziness, she never learned.

Thankfully, she's gone making some other poor person's dryer a fire hazard now.

"Made in Finland."

There seems to be some debate in the comments under this post about whether this is a major screw-up or actually clever design.

While some people just can't handle the weird armrests, others noted that it would allow people with mobility aids to more easily slide onto the open end of the bench.

"This is fine. This fine."

What came first: the pathways or the garden bed?

Because that answer will inform who gets fired for this landscaping travesty. I mean...maybe the person didn't get fired in real life, but I want to pretend. It makes me feel better looking at this.

"How many ways can you get a map wrong?"

This map really tried. Tried and failed, that is. You have the U.S in northern Canada, Spain in Italy, Iran in Oman, Turkey in Pakistan, Malaysia in India, China in Mongolia, Mongolia in Russia, and Fiji in Papua New Guinea (yes, I looked at a map for some of these).

At least Vietnam, Japan, and Australia are right.

"Colored pens don’t line up with packaging."


If I was the graphic designer who made that packaging, I'd be upset every time I saw the product in stores.

That, or someone opened this package in the store and mixed them all up...which is also infuriating.

"Imagine needing this reminder."

The worst part about team sports as a kid were the parents.

Well, the second-worst part. The first was the couple of years my parents attempted to find any sport I might be interested in besides "marathon reading."

"Raw hotdog under a wiper, cause why not."

I can only assume that this wasn't placed there by accident. But a part of me still really hopes that someone just, I dunno, left their raw hotdog underneath a windshield wiper by accident. There's literally no explanation for this that would make even a bit of sense.

"I tried to separate my puddings…"

Part of the point of Snack Pack pudding is that you don't need to dirty a bowl to enjoy a tasty snack.

But this might be the one exception, since eating that pudding is going to be messy now.

"How did they mess it up that bad?"

It's like they accidentally moved the stencil and instead of fixing it, just did a big ol' shruggy emoji and painted it anyway.

It would actually be less annoying if the other lines weren't so nicely spaced.

"So close yet so far."

Did all those balls end up on the roof from that child's window or did they come from elsewhere and the child is simply wistful?

"My fortune cookie now promotes gambling."

Now, I'm not totally against the idea of a fortune cookie company or restaurant making a bit of extra cash by selling ad space on fortune cookie slips, but this seems like a step too far.

"Appy Birt-Day."

Whoever chose the colors for this design chose wrong. The red used for the H's is way too close to the pink color of the background, so you can't actually see any of them unless you look really closely. The result is a very incomplete wrapping paper.

"My son bought 4 cereals, same brand, different sizes and he eats from all of them without finishing one first…"

I thought that this pic was going to be paired with a rant about prices staying the same while you get less cereal, but no. This is just a very strange grocery habit.

They're not even closed properly, so that's a lot of stale Honey Nut Cheerios.

"This neighbor built a fence through their neighbors boat ramp after finding out they owned a corner of the property."

Why do I have a feeling that this one isn't actually an accident? The person who owns part of the property that the ramp on probably hates their neighbor and their boat, and probably wanted to mess with them. Just because they can. And hey, if they own the land, no one can stop it.

"This misspelled Nissan Frontier."

So close. So, so close. That I just needed to be on the other side of the T, and everything would've been fine. But no. Whoever printed the letters on the truck just had to make a mistake that actually added a syllable to the word "frontier." This is why we can't have nice things.

"So… how do I pay?"

Talk about a confusing sign. It almost feels like a test. It says you can only pay with cash, so you should use cash. But it also says credit cards are accepted, so... pay with a card? If you try to use your credit card, do you get kicked out?