Rejection Stories May Be Awkward, But Gosh, They're Also Hilarious

Going on a first or second date can be pretty nerve-wracking. It's hard to put yourself out there in today's world of social media and the dating scene. So many people have such unrealistic or high expectations that many of us just cannot meet.

So, we get rejected. Or, we sometimes do the rejecting. But, overall, rejection stories are ones to share with the world.

He definitely messed up. Big time.

Unsplash | Jonathan J. Castellon

"So I met this guy online and he was 5'2". I was excited! I'd never really known any guys even close to my height.

He spent the entire date whining about how women don't like short guys. Despite being with a woman who was super stoked about being out with a short guy," one Reddit user said.

She's not into breakfast.

Unsplash | John Baker

One Reddit user said that she rejected a guy she was seeing because he sent her too many photos of his eggs benedict breakfast in the morning.

Maybe she's just not a breakfast person and doesn't want to be involved in all that sauce.

Lost in translation.

Unsplash | Tristan Pineda

"Back in college, I was backpacking through Sweden with a friend. He was quite enthralled with Swedish women and constantly trying to hit on them. One day, he asked one: 'Excuse me, do you speak English?' and she answered 'not today' and kept walking," another shared.

That one's even got me.

Unsplash | Jarritos Mexican Soda

One Reddit user said that she was hanging out with a guy for a while and he started paying for all of her meals whenever they were eating out together.

So, she asked him if they were dating. And, he basically said, "I wouldn't call it that."

I'm also confused, girl!

The Mean Girls way out.

"Met this girl at a pub crawl I was doing with a few people I knew. They were trying to set me up with her and her with me. I got her number and organised to watch films back at mine the next day," one guy said.

By the 10-minute mark of the movie, she began having a "caughing fit" and let. He never heard from her again.

Find someone funnier.

Unsplash | Felix Mooneeram

One guy said that he took a girl on a date to see "Superbad" in theaters. He wasn't sure what to expect, but in the beginning, they do talk a lot about sex and erections. He thought the movie was funny, but she didn't really laugh.

He said it didn't last much longer.

She rejected her own crush!

One girl said that a guy she was crushing on was dropping hints that he had "met a girl" he thought was great. The way he described her, it sounded just like herself, but she didn't want to make a fool of the situation if she was wrong. So, she said, "aww she sounds cute!"

Turns out, she rejected the guy who was hinting it WAS her.

He didn't beat around the bush at all here.

Unsplash | Compare Fibre

"At 17, I was studying for the entrance exams in college, then another girl took a liking to me. She comes and says "when am I gonna see you again?". I thought for a moment and blurted "never". I wasn't very savvy at that time," one guy said. Ouch.

Bananas matter, too.

Unsplash | Mike Dorner

Another Reddit user shared that he rejected a girl because she ate her bananas sideways.

She would peel the banana and eat it horizontally down the sides of it. Not from top to bottom, like everyone else. I guess bananas are a deal-breaker for him.

He ruined poetry for her.

Unsplash | Sarah Mae

"I wrote a very romantic poem to my first crush in 7th grade and put it in his locker. His friends found it first, and proceeded to quote lines from my poem to me for two years. I have not written a poem since," one person said.

Ouch, the humiliation.

One girl said in 6th grade she had the most massive crush on her best friend, but she was very chubby and asked a "popular" girl for advice. The girl told her to ask him out in front of everyone, knowing she would be shot down.

The kid said "his mom wouldn't let him date" yet. But, a week later, he started dating the girl's best friend.

He used her for her cookies!

Unsplash | The Creative Exchange

"When I was a freshman in high school, our winter formal was a girls-ask-guys kind of dance. I decided to bake, like, 30 cookies for this junior that I liked and write, “formal?” in pink icing as a way of asking him.

He said yes, took the cookies, and told me no the next day. Fourteen-year-old me was HEARTBROKEN," one girl said.

The whole "Dead Poet's Society" vibe.

Unsplash | Ivan Aleksic

"In 1st grade, this one boy stood up on his desk in front of the whole class and pronounced his love for me. He got in trouble, and I was berated by the other kids for not liking him back. We stayed friends throughout school though," one person wrote.

Maybe he doesn't like Shakespeare.

Unsplash | Pawel Czerwinski

"Freshman year of high school, I mailed a boy I had a crush on a letter littered with references to Romeo and Juliet on Valentine’s Day. It was so eloquent and lovely, and I wrote him Shakespearean sonnets to match (though he never read them). He said no," one person said.

S'not going to work out.

Unsplash | Chermiti Mohamed

One person said they rejected a girl because she hugged him one time and a huge booger from her nose got stuck to their shirt.

He hasn't forgotten it and he said he never will. Gross!