30 Good Ideas That Come From A Wholesome Place

A good idea is awesome. A good idea that's also got a wholesome element to it is even better.

It's not like everything in this list is going to change the world. But each idea makes life a little easier, or a little more interesting, or a little more beautiful.

Let's dig in to these wholesome good ideas.

"The securing notch on my egg carton lid looks like the chicken's wing."

Reddit | cuppaclouds

It's a small thing, but I appreciate thematically-appropriate attention to detail like this. I'd love to see the moment this idea was hatched.

"For as long as I know my mom would use scissors to cut the top off popcorn bags so you didn’t need a bowl."

Reddit | HotshotS197

Movie night is just that much easier when you forego the bowl for a ready-to-eat "bowl" of popcorn such as this.

"This place used to be a Mexican restaurant called Tacos, but when they sold, the new owner didn’t want to buy a whole new sign, so they named the new business coasT."

Reddit | Stumpy907

You have to admire the ingenuity here. "Coast" is a decent name for a restaurant (even if the "T" is bigger), and they found a way to upcycle the old sign.

"I saw this Mario Kart-themed RV at Dairy Queen."

Reddit | hbiber

This looks like the perfect rig to tool around in, whether you're moving down the interstate or cruising on Rainbow Road.

"This island is a cake."

Reddit | nguoiphanxu

This cake is so beautiful, it would almost be a shame to eat it. Also, what's the water texture made of?

"This dump trailer has built in restrooms for the working crew."

Reddit | Homelesscat96

Work crews do their job at a variety of sites, often in areas that are far from proper restroom facilities. This solves that issue.

"This museum has swatches on the wall with the name of the paint colour used."

Reddit | BillionPenny

Museums are all about providing context and info for the things you're viewing. At this museum, that principle even extends to the paint on the walls.

"A table made for cyclists to dine-in while riding their bike."

Reddit | trash-tycoon

I think I'd want to stop cycling for a few moments to enjoy my meal, but I still appreciate this concept.

"Driveway ribbon has a succulent garden in it."

Reddit | SQ347

Considering no tires will tread on the very middle section of the driveway, I can't think of a better way to repurpose the area.

"One hundredth birthday telegram from the Queen."

Reddit | enigmarigmarole

Living a century is quite an accomplishment, so it's cool to see Queen Elizabeth II (who's approaching the centenarian mark herself) recognize it.

"I made a tissue box holder that looks like a crate of records."

This box of tissues isn't going to change the world, but it's a fun change of pace from the ordinary.

"These restaurant crayons with flat edges to prevent rolling off the table."

Reddit | chickensorcerer2

Round crayons can roll off tables, making for dangerous floors and cranky kids. These square crayons are an elegantly simple solution.

"This mini campsite night light I made for my son."

Reddit | Buy_The-Ticket

For a kid who's afraid of the dark, I can't think of a more comforting sight to train your eyes on at night.

"My wife is creating props for my little girl's fourth birthday party. She loves Mario."

Reddit | dat0327

I love how well these homemade party decorations turned out. I'm sure it'll be a memorable birthday for this Mario-loving toddler.

"Luxury background."

Reddit | Certain_Dig_8253

If you want a luxurious, furry background, look no further than your luxurious, furry cat, assuming you have one.

"Carlos pushed his beloved dying dog Monty up Pen y Fan in a wheelbarrow for 'one last adventure'."

Reddit | ohnoh18

I don't know about you, but I think I have something in my eye that's causing me to tear up a bit.

"How my dad lays out my anxiety medication to cheer me up."

Reddit | pan_kayke

This is such a sweet, fun way for a parent to encourage their kid to take their medications.

"Miniature traffic playground in Copenhagen where kids learn to bike in traffic."

It's tough to negotiate traffic as a cyclist. In Denmark, they start the training early with awesome playground areas like this.

"These tables at my college campus use solar panels as shade, which in turn provide power for the charging ports on the table."

Well that's just an elegant design right there, making use of the solar panel for shade, while using the power it generates to charge your devices. I wish every patio out there could make use of this.

"Parking lines go up the wall so you can properly park your car."

Parking lots are the worst, so every little thing that can be done to de-stress the situation is welcome. Can't imagine how much this little tweak helps reduce dents and dings, too.

"My local library has cake pans available to check out!"

Reddit | Museumgirl82

Libraries are a fantastic resource for so much more than just books, and this baking area is just one example.

"The public toilet I just used had free sanitary products on the wall."

Free period products just feel like a no-brainer. If they aren't actually everywhere yet, they really ought to be. It's such a simple way to provide relief for someone in an awkward situation.

"My wife had her x-ray taken by a Giraffe!"

Medical equipment can be pretty scary for kids, so painting an X-ray machine or an MRI or something like that is an easy way to soften things up. Seems like grown-ups can appreciate it as well!

"The doggy daycare I sent my pup to issues out report cards."

If I was sending my precious pooch off to doggy daycare, I would also want to know if she was enjoying a good run and play, meeting new friends, and rocking the ball pit.

"This elevator has giant buttons you can operate with your feet"

I wonder if this elevator has the traditional hand-touch panel as well? Either way, though, it's nice to see someone is making strides to reduce germ transfer from high-touch areas.

"In Wroclaw, Poland each cathedral and even the rivers have a tactile model nearby for blind people to see them too."

Going to such lengths for the sake of accessibility almost brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it? And, as a bonus, this little model is pretty interesting for even a sighted person to explore.

"Harvey's (Canada) gives grow your own plants instead of a toy in their kids meals."

Okay, I admit that the kid in me definitely would have preferred a toy in my kid's meal. But the grown-up me sure appreciates the attempt to get kids into growing things and developing their green thumbs rather than just handing out more plastic junk.

"Here Lies Can’t, a headstone my grandpa had made to keep his kids from saying they can’t do something."

Reddit | standardcracker

It's appropriate that a grandfather put this up, because this is a total grandfatherly joke that's been taken to the extreme.

"These bathrooms are labeled with sit and/or stand"

This is a simple solution to make bathrooms as inclusive as possible without being 100% obvious about it. It's hard to get confused here!

"My bag has a list of ways to reuse it."

Again, every little way to reduce plastic in the world is welcome. One bag less out there because you've re-used it might not seem like much, but it all adds up. So, it's nice to see this company handing out some free ideas.

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