30 Pictures That Are As Much Terrifying As They Are Fascinating

The one funny thing about learning new things is that they aren't always going to be pretty. There are plenty of things in this world that are super fascinating, even if they happen to be horrific at the same time.

At least these pictures might teach you something. Or, they could be cool to look at. You'll just have to get past the abject horror they may confront you with.

"18th Century, The oldest surviving diving suit."

I'm convinced that anything that's come out of the 18th century is made out of actual nightmares. Did people back then look at things like these and not run away screaming? Because I would totally be screaming. Especially if I saw this come out of the water...yeah, not thanks.

"Woman holding her diseased heart after a successful transplant."

A heart transplant is a scary thing in itself, so it's really nice to see when they happen successfully. But being able to hold your own heart after the fact must be really uncomfortable. Like, that was inside a person's body at one point, and now it has no function.

"Memorizing your keys in typing class in the 1960’s."

I guess that's one way to get people to memorize key strokes. Especially way back when they didn't have computers with backspace buttons.

...Too bad this looks like some kind of cult. The instructor is even wearing a robe, which is both random and freaky. And the photo is in black and white, which always ups the creep factor.

"Today I found an unexploded WWII bomb."

Apparently, a bunch of places in Europe still have undetonated bombs and artillery forgotten in hidden places, and they're still finding them nearly 80 years after WWII ended. This one was found somewhere in Southern Italy, and I can't say I'm surprised. Still, it's got to be pretty scary to just...find one laying around.

"This silhouette cast by a chair in my living room."

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night to find something staring at you, only to realize it's just a shape made out of clothes on your chair or something? It happens to me pretty much all the time, and it's just unpleasant.

But it is kind of cool to think about how different shapes can make different shadows.

"My dog wants something."

Is...is this person's dog okay? This looks like the part of a horror movie where the main character goes into the room they absolutely shouldn't go into. At least it's just a dog, though.

At least the dog doesn't have red eyes from the camera flash. That would be objectively a lot worse.

"This elevator I was in yesterday."

If I ever enter a building and the elevators look like this, I'll be taking the stairs. This elevator looks like the kind you'd go into and never come out of. But weirdly enough, I can't bring myself to look away.

"Cleaning out the in-laws attic and found this abomination."

I don't like vintage dolls, and this is the exact reason why. They're creepy enough when they're intact, but this one has a broken face, which makes it even creepier. I'm also pretty convinced that all old dolls are haunted, so I wouldn't be going near that thing if my life depended on it.

"This is what the first Mickey Mouse use to look like (Disney Land)."

Imagine taking your kid to a theme park and making them stand next to people wearing these costumes. Like, imagine actually doing that and thinking it was a fun vacation memory. I bet you can't, unless you and your family went to a horror-themed park.

I'm so glad Mickey Mouse doesn't look like this anymore.

"Creepy balloon."

You're home alone and you hear a noise. You leave your room, walk down the hall, only to find a lone balloon at the end. Only... you don't know how it got there.

That's the exact vibe this hallway and Hello Kitty balloon is giving me. It's funny, because the balloon isn't even scary. It's the atmosphere mostly.

"This lava that looks like bodies."

I still think that lava looks like burned marshmallows. But this stuff does have parts that are a bit more people shaped. It's reassuring to know that there aren't actual people in there, and that's just a really cool shot of a volcano.

Right? Tell me I'm right.

"Statue in algae filled pond."

Imagine finding this at night and having no idea it's a statue. That would probably be the most terrifying experience ever. Funny enough, it's a really nice statue, all things considered.

But man, the sheer amount of algae in that pond is kind of stressing me out.

"Spotted in an estate sale listing."

Looks mostly normal. You know, apart from the random cadaver bust on the table. I'm going to assume that this is just a sculpture, and no real people were harmed in the making of it. Hopefully.

Jokes aside, since this is at an estate sale, I wonder how much it's going for.

"Mantis on keyboard."

Some people keep praying mantises as pets and that's just weird to me. Bugs are weird, and big bugs are even creepier.

I swear, if I ever lived with someone who had a praying mantis pet, I'd probably forget at one point and freak out when it walked across my keyboard.

"Found a doll’s head while diving in an Adirondack lake. Left it in the freezer to surprise the next visitors to our timeshare!"

Doll heads are creepy in general, but when they've been left abandoned in a lake, they end up looking even creepier. I'm pretty sure if I found something like this in any body of water, I would never swim again.

The fact that this person left the head in the freezer for the next person to find. Equal parts rude and hilarious.

"Scary green man in the woods!"

On one hand, you can't help but appreciate the artistry behind this large humanoid statue. But on the other hand, this is one creepy find. I don't know why anyone would build such a large statue (just look at how it compares to the size of the trees behind it), and I really don't want to know.

"Came across this lovely family on my way home. They’re apparently mannequins for a billiard/dart place."

Am I the only one who finds mannequins kind of terrifying? They look so humanoid, yet nothing like humans at the same time. They don't move, but they look like they could at any second.

It almost feels like if you took your eyes off this scene for a second, the position of the pool balls would change or something.

"Migration over Rome."

At first glance, it looks like the sky is falling down. Like the universe suddenly decided that rain is black now. But the fact that it's actually a mass bird migration doesn't actually make things any better.

That's...a lot of birds, and I can only imagine the trail of poop they're about to leave behind.

"Hiking through Appalachian Trail in May."

The funny thing about springtime is how wet everything seems to be. And all that moisture turns into fog and mist, which makes hauntingly beautiful scenes like this on. Nature is pretty amazing, but I couldn't imagine being in a forest like this alone. Nope, not a chance.

"Terrifying 'Smokey the Bear' stuffed animal."

Is...is the toy supposed to look like this. If it's actually supposed to be Smokey the Bear, then the manufacturer didn't do a very good job. Instead of looking like the mascot who wants us to help prevent wildfires, it looks like a pure nightmare.

"Creepy mirror."

This mirror may not be very big, but it's so intricate, well crafted, opulent...

...So why is it so creepy? Is it the fact that the art style is a little strange? Or the coloration? I can't put my finger on it, but something about this is really off.

"This tooth lighter gives me the creeps."

On one hand, it's kind of cool! It's like a little piece of art. But on the other hand... those teeth are looking a little too realistic if you ask me. It's possible that those are all someone's baby teeth or something, but that just makes things a whole lot worse.

"Downed power line causes fractal burn."

As cool as this looks, it's also a pretty great reminder of how dangerous electrical currents can be. I would not have wanted to be around that power line after it fell, because that just sounds like a recipe for disaster. It's definitely creeping me out.

"This bigfin squid or Magnapinna can grow tentacles up to 7 meters in length. It is found many kilometres under the ocean surface and only around 10 have every been sighted."

Why are sea creatures so big and weird!? What benefit do they have in looking this terrifying? You know, other than keeping humans away from them.

Things like these really make you wonder what other odd and terrifying creatures live under the ocean's surface.

"Saint Helena, one of the longest straight staircases in the world."

I always tell myself I don't have a fear of heights. But when I see things like this, I start to doubt myself a little. As cool as this staircase is, I couldn't imagine spending a lot of time on it. I wonder what would be worse, climbing up, or climbing down.

"Image of diver generated by processing the sonar signals of a dolphin. Basically, a liquid holograph."

Do you think dolphins think this is a normal image? If that's all they know, then probably. But I have to wonder if this kind of thing would freak them out, too. They do have eyes and know what people really look like, after all. Though, I guess they aren't really "seeing" this anyway.

"Well, I know where I'm not going."

As freaky as that is, I just know my curiosity would get the better of me and I would have to check it out. I probably wouldn't come back out, though.

It's me. I'm the person in the horror movie that keeps stupidly going through the door.

"Fun Fact: Pelicans can pull their spines out of their mouths."

Wouldn't it be easier to just have a neck, instead of pushing your entire spine out of your mouth when you yawn. Then again, who am I to question evolution.

Pelicans are cool birds. They're also weird. Not to mention, pretty terrifying.

"A house in the middle of nowhere with something strange in the window."

I bet you anything that someone put that up there on purpose. That house looks pretty old and creepy on its own, and the addition of the mannequin staring out the window transforms it into something even creepier. I can't lie, though, it's kind of cool.

"The inside of this animatronic versus the outside."

Animatronics, man. They just aren't natural. They always either look like monsters, or just a little too close to actual humans. You can't convince me that they won't try to take over the world at some point.