20 Weird Ideas That We Never Want To Try

We all get things wrong from time to time, and sometimes we can get things wrong even when we're not entirely sure what the thing was that we were actually trying to do.

So, with this somewhat vague yet potentially comical idea in mind, here are 20 people who got it wrong, regardless of what "it" is!

"Glasses made with penis bones from raccoons."

If you're also alarmed at the fact that racoons have such things as "penis bones" then you're not alone.

"Meat rat!"

I just can't look at this. I don't know what it is about it, but this thing is knocking me sick.

"Accordion Arms!"

Is His arms look more like what happens when someone gets squished in Tom And Jerry.

Brave Or Stupid?

I have never seen a man look so genuinely miffed that people are staring at him before! I wonder why they're staring?

"Are You Pissed?"

I cannot imagine that dancing could ever be used to sober someone up, otherwise nightclubs would not have any drunk people in them? Unless they mean "pissed" as in "angry"?

Odd Design Choice...

"Aren't the bars supposed to stop people breaking in through our window?"

"Yeah! Don't they look great!?"

"You exhaust me, Dave."

"This cake..."

I cannot work out what the inspiration is here, but someone suggested, "Seems to be a Harry Potter x Pokémon crossover featuring Ron Weasley and Pikachu."

"When you gotta drop the kids off at soccer at 6 but be part of Vultron at 7."

I would absolutely love to see this thing try to get over a single speed-bump!

"A tribute to the Tokyo Olympics made of asian cicada husks, performing in various Olympic events."

I would absolutely watch the Cicada Olympics if it was televised! I mean, who wouldn't?

"Spam turkey!"

Nope, I don't like that. I don't know what has to go wrong in your life to end up doing this, but I hope you get help.

It's Condiment Cow!!!

"Squeeze it..."

"I cannot emphasise to you how much I don't want to squeeze it, Dave."

"Squeeze the Condiment Cow otherwise you won't get any sauce!"

"I...I'd rather not have sauce I think."

"My friend found this in the park and set it in resin."

I think that someone may need to check in with this guy's friend to make sure that they are okay.

The Proper Way To Pour Milk!

If you or someone you know pours your milk like this then please consider seeing your local therapist.

"Mac N Cocoa with Hot Cheese."

I like how even the cat on that mug looks like it is looking at the person who made this and saying, "Are you really gonna consume this?"

"These nails..."

If you want to show off a tongue piercing so badly then why not just...get your tongue pierced?

"This looks delicious..."

Someone did suggest that they should deep-fry it, but I don't think that even doing that would save this.

"I made a candle out of a block of butter."

"You can keep pouring out the melted butter and putting it on your toast, that's actually a kind of good idea if you don't have electricity on or something and want some hot butter," someone pointed out.

"Meat-ghetti and spag-balls."

They spent so long thinking about whether they could make it, that they didn't pause to consider whether they should!

"Ultrasound Manicures."

"What is that on your nails, some kind of Eldritch Horror?"

"No, it's my baby."


That's Not Meant To Be Cheese...

As it turns out, the person who posted this explained, "New Johnnie Walker statue at Clynelish distillery. Looks like melted cheese, meant to represent the waxy character of the Whisky. We've started calling him nacho man."