30 Fascinating Pictures That Make You Think A Little

There's never a shortage of interesting photos that make their rounds on the internet. While some are sure to make your belly jiggle, others leave you with more questions than there are answers.

The latter is certainly true for these intriguing images found on Reddit that had us rubbing our chins in curiosity. And if you're ready to do the same, simply scroll down and experience the amazing puzzlement for yourself.

"'Starry Night' by Van Gogh rendered as an artwork with fur." — anthonyhui

Starry Night? More like "Furry Night" as Redditor Kn0tnatural suggests the artwork be named in the comments under the post.

And what a clever name that would have been for this impressive rendition of such an esteemed painting. Seriously, we have no idea how someone could be so talented that they turned pieces of fur into a masterpiece.

"Alexander the Great, based on his busts and ancient accounts of him." — hominoid_in_NGC4594

On the subject of impressive renditions, take a look at what one artist believes was the likely appearance of the ancient king of Macedonia when he was alive and ruling.

Digital artist and photographer Bas Uterwijk is widely known for his computer-generated images that often provide a glimpse into what notable figures once looked like.

Much like Alexander the Great, we can't help but wonder what other prominent figures described only in stories or depicted in stone would look like today.

"Photographed in 1974, freshly excavated 2000 year old Terracotta warriors still showing the original color scheme before rapid deterioration." — Dlatrex

"I had no idea they ever had color," writes user jlevy1126, in reference to the terracotta statues discovered in the 1970s that were built to guard the tomb of China's first Emporer, Qin Shi Huang.

"This is just as shocking to me as when I learned that the Easter Island heads had buried bodies!" the user continued.

Yeah, we're just as stunned by both these revelations. And they certainly make us wonder about all the other artifacts dating back to thousands of years just waiting to be unearthed across the globe.

"Cosmoderus femoralis is a type of armored cricket found in Cameroon." — gunslayerjj

We'd certainly hate to accidentally step on one of these crickets armed with defensive spikes.

Its sharp, dangerous body seems to have such a disconnect from its cute little face that Redditors described as quite 'dapper.'

"It’s the round face and fancy mustache," says user EmperorAnimus. "He looks like [the] monopoly man, this is a meme waiting to happen!"

We sure look forward to perusing through all the inevitable memes.

"Zoom in to see my reflection." — future_beach_bum

Here's another creepy crawler that, unlike the armored cricket, you've likely already come into contact with at some point or another.

Although, you may not have been close enough to such a furry spider to get a good glimpse into its multiple set of eyes as this Redditor did.

In doing so, the user was able to capture his reflection in the little fella's eyes which makes us curious as to how tiny insects really view us from their perspective.

Are they just as terrified of us as we are of them? We'll likely never know.

"The edge of paper by an electron microscope. And it usually looks so smooth in our eyes, doesn't it?" — Aquidoguy7000

"Well it is just pulp mashed together, that makes sense," writes Redditor Karma122194 under the post. "It is a cool close-up!"

We wish we could be this calm about the shocking discovery as this user is, but we're honestly a little too stunned to be composed. It's so hard to believe the edge of a sheet of paper is actually this jagged. No wonder a paper cut hurts so much. Sheesh!

"Florence Fang, owner of the 'Flintstone house' in California just countersued the city for trying to make her take down her dinosaurs and won 125,000." — tandyman234

"Ok, but did she use the money to buy more dinosaurs? Because, really, how could she not?" asks Redditor XSmeh, and they do make a compelling point.

According to CNN, the lawsuit which called the whimsical home a "public nuisance" was filed by the town of Hillsborough, California. The basis of the claim was that Fang's collection of garden dinosaurs and Flinstones characters violate landscaping codes.

The Chinese businesswoman who bought the multimillion-dollar dwelling in 2017, then countersued the town for what she believes is racial discrimination.

A settlement was eventually reached, which resulted in Fang being rewarded the significant sum of money that we — much like the above Redditor — hope she uses towards purchasing more dinosaurs.

"Workers standing next to the chain used for the Titanic's anchor, circa 1910." — jacklsd

Those chains are absolutely massive, but the sheer size of them certainly makes sense for such a large boat as the Titanic.

However, the sizeable chains weren't what caught the eyes of Redditors who stumbled across the post. Instead, many users were fascinating by the small worker on the far left who appears to be just a child.

"It was quite common for kids to be sent down the mines as they could fit into the small mining shafts during that period in time," user 0neSaltyB0i explains, and we're nonetheless still confounded.

"A toucan’s beak can remain unchanged years after death." — [Explicit]

If you were searching for a slightly creepy fact to learn today, this picture should suffice a cross of your to-do list.

We're certainly crossing it off ours because we had no idea beaks could be so naturally well preserved. But as one Redditor explains, this preservation is largely due in part to keratin, which is innately found in the structure of beaks.

"Air Conditioned Luxury Lawn Mower - 1950s." — bobbythegoose

"It’s this kind of ridiculous ingenuity that makes me love the '50s. If there was a niche for something someone was trying to invent it," Redditor Jbseven7 writes under the post.

We certainly agree with their mention of 'ridiculous ingenuity' of the era as it's almost hard to believe this lawnmower even existed.

Its futuristic appearance makes the contraption seem as though it were pulled out of an episode of The Jetsons.

But as the Redditor explained, this inventive creativity was common to the 1950s where culture was fixated on what the future would look like.

"The Bowden Spacelander Bike." — bobbythegoose

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that this curvy bicycle hit the mass market during the retrofuturism era of the 1950s running up until the late 1970s.

Its bubbly design is very on-brand with the futuristic theme of the time period — just compare it to the bubble-like lawnmower above.

"Vietnamese mossy frog, appearing as moss among green plants, almost impossible to see." — DavidRolands

"Evolution at its finest," writes Redditor HeadAdhesiveness2 in the comments. Indeed it is!

It's incredible to get such a close-up glimpse of this little guy. The bumpy patches and colorful patterns on its skin are truly part of nature's strange, yet functional beauty.

"This baby dove's eyes lit up like fiber optic cable when the sun hits its head." — Bird_Herder

"Proof they are government drones," argues Redditor CleanDance.

The user makes a pretty convincing case that birds are indeed spies implemented by president Reagan in 1986 as the viral TikTok by novice filmmaker Kendrick Smith suggests.

This is a pretty clear indication that birds do, in fact, work for the bourgeoisie.

"A daisy with a mutation." — Vector_Ove

Redditor diskootdatkoot says, "Mutations are beautiful, nature's bingo card." I can't help but agree with that statement.

Mutations in flowers like this aren't uncommon, it happens because of a process called fasciation, which is a genetic mutation in which multiple flowers can grow on a single stem.

The mutation can have different effects, too, which don't always look as noticeable as the one pictured here.

"A frozen pond in Switzerland." — pylonzip

A comment by Dakara93 on Reddit reads, "That was broken and froze again." That explanation actually makes a lot of sense.

So is that the case? Unsurprisingly, this is actually pretty hard to research. But the photo doesn't look altered in any way, so it's got to be legit.

Either way, we probably wouldn't want to try walking on that ice, no matter how pretty it is.

"Port Jackson Shark Eggs." — umberto_pagano

Confused about how these spiral, cone-shaped objects could possibly be shark eggs? So were we, until we read a comment by fellow Redditor LCCyncity who explained that some sharks do, in fact, lay eggs.

"Generally if the sharks give live births the sharks are more developed," the user said. "Other sharks lay eggs where the offspring are generally more vulnerable."

But it's actually this peculiar, jagged shape that helps keep the eggs safe before they hatch as a mother shark can lodge the spirals into a rock or crevice to ensure their security.

How fascinating!

"Stones from Madagascar." — pacerecon

These gorgeous stones are from Madagascar, but don't get confused. They don't look like this naturally; this is how they'd appear after being cut and polished.

"The stone is natural but they’re mostly cut artificially," Redditor stopannoyingwithname writes.

From the looks of them, they're ocean jasper, a beautiful stone that can take on many different colors and patterns.

"A Roman street and pedestrian crossing in Pompeii." — SonOfQuora

In case you didn't know, Ancient Rome had roads, too. Of course, theirs weren't built to support traffic the way ours are, but it would've been a pretty similar concept.

Redditor EmuVerges commented, "Average roads in the Roman empire were design for 2 horses to cross each other." This crosswalk looks like it was probably designed to work around a carriage, or something like that.

"Some spiders decorate their own web." — RoyalratMafia

That's really creepy. But it's fascinating at the same time. Reddit user RoyalratMafia goes on to explain that "These designs are called stabilimentum scientifically. Some decorate with their silk and some with egg sacs."

"They may be used as camouflage or to make the spider appear larger. A stop sign to other predators. No one is certain their exact evolutionary purpose [though]."

As scary as spiders can be, that's such an incredible phenomenon.

"Tom Brown, retired engineer, has saved around 1,200 types of apples from extinction over 25 years." — Thomist84

You most likely won't find every apple variety in stores. So this kind of work definitely doesn't go unnoticed.

Redditor dragonflyAGK states, "I have never seen my favorite apple for sale at a grocery store, Hudson’s Golden Gem. The only way some of these obscure, but delicious apple varieties continue to exists is through backyard gardeners and small orchardists."

Hopefully, people like Tom Brown will keep this work up so that all of these apples can be enjoyed for years to come.

"Huiini - 2 Bedroom Shipping Container House, Mexico." — TX908

Shipping container houses are amazing to look at, and seem to be growing in popularity, too. This entire scene almost looks to good to be real.

They aren't without their share of problems, though. Redditor skeletomania reminds us that, "Shipping containers traps [sic] heat like an oven. It looks cool in the picture, but I wouldn't want one." We're guessing it would have to be air conditioned or insulated.

"This 69 foot tall 5500 ton Sand Castle is the largest in the world." — Jedi_Lucky

This beautiful sand structure is so large and intricate, it almost doesn't feel real. But don't worry, it's an actual sand castle that someone built.

To be more specific, it was built by Wilfred Stijger in Denmark. As of July 2021, it holds the Guinness World Record for being the tallest sandcastle in the world, beating the previous record set in Germany by just short of 10 feet.

And the commenters are going wild for this sand castle, many of which are responding with a simple, "nice."

"'Rani', A 20 inch Tall Cow from Bangladesh Becomes the Smallest Cow in the World." — Xshameex

Rani is a Bhutanese cow that's been gaining popularity in Bangladesh recently. People from all over the country are flocking to catch a glimpse at this adorable, 23-month-old cow.

But being that small may not be healthy for the poor creature. Redditor DumpMyBlues fears that "it's probably gonna have a much shorter life than average."

"Reindeer eyes turn blue in winter, which makes them see better in the dark due to the scattering of light on the retina." — samir391

"The summer eyes reflect 95% of the light out of the eye, whereas winter eyes only 40%," samir391 continues. Since light intensity changes dramatically from summer to winter, especially closer to the North Pole, this makes sense.

Of course, everyone in the comments has nothing but jokes for this reindeer revelation. "I hear their noses turn red too," writes Redditor bagabond89.

"These two trees are like hugging each other..." — Narendra_17

"Couple of treehuggers if ya ask me," says Redditor tapthatash under the peculiar post.

And they're certainly not wrong. These trees are indeed hugging each other, and quite tightly at that.

"A tree stripped of its entire bark due to a lightning strike." — Maahee_2

Wondering what those hugging trees from above would look like without their bark? Well...here's the answer.

As the original poster explained, lighting hit the lone tree peeling its bark right off to reveal its smooth center.

"I really need to touch that for some reason," writes Redditor deckers-3321 under the post.

And, honestly, that makes two of us!

"A tattoo of a wasp created from a single continuous line." — anthonyhui

Well...not exactly.

As one Redditor points out, "there is not enough ink in the tattoo machine to make a continuous line. More like 30 lines connected."

In this sense, the tattoo may not have been created as one endless line. But its 'single-line' design is nonetheless still impressive!

"This is not a real photo…it’s from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020." — E13C

Blown away by the fact that this image is not actually a real photo taken from a plane but is in fact a still from a PC game? Yeah, so are we.

However, the post clearly reached its intended audience of internet users who play the game, and therefore, weren't as shocked by this revelation as we were.

"My PC fan sounded like a plane," writes one user, referring to their experience with the simulator.

"It's for more immersion," replies another, who makes a valid point.

"Golden sandals with toe caps from ancient Egypt." — sinpew

We all knew ancient Egyptians were dripping in gold, but we didn't realize they were living this lavishing. Gold toe caps are a whole new level of luxury, one that some Redditors want to see resurged in modern fashion.

"Can we please retro the toe caps already?" asks user gimme_the_light. "Been waiting like 3000 years for those to make a comeback."

"The underside of a sawfish." — gunslayerjj

And...that's enough internet for today.

We've seen a lot of interesting pictures but this surely tops the list of odd photos that make us wonder how nature can produce such beautiful, yet horrifying creatures.