Here Are 30 Fascinating Pictures People Posted For The World To See

The world is full of fascinating (albeit random) things. From people, to nature, to stuff uncovered from years and decades ago, there are so many cool little things to see.

I don't know about you, but I'm so grateful for the people who take time out of their lives to take pictures of fascinating things and post them online. They provide us with just enough entertainment to get through another work day.

"Yesterday my grandma gave me two Starbucks gift cards... from 1998."

I don't think I've ever seen a gift certificate quite like these ones. They're so cute! And it's really cool to see the old Starbucks/coffee shop designs printed on them. I wonder if they're still any good. Then again, they are from 1998, so probably not.

"Zorse, cross between a zebra and a horse."

When I first saw this, I thought it was a deepfake or some kind of Photoshopped image. But believe it or not, a zorse is a real animal.

They're the result of breeding a zebra with a horse, and they can look pretty different depending on what breeds are used.

"At BIC’s headquarters in Connecticut, they have decorations around the building inspired by/made from the BIC Cristal."

I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of obsessed with that pen chandelier. Like, it looks like a very office appropriate piece of lighting. But it would be such a fun thing to put up in your dining room, too (okay, it probably wouldn't look that good, but let a girl dream!).

"This squirrel just chilling on my deck rail."

This is a pretty common thing for squirrels to do. No, they aren't planking (ugh... remember planking?). They're keeping themselves cool. It's likely that OP caught this squirrel on a hot day, which makes sense now that it's summertime. Still, it's kind of funny when you catch them in the act.

"Overstuffed ketchup packet."

This ketchup packet is giving me so much anxiety. If I ever found one like that in my fast food order, I'd probably try to throw it away or something. I wouldn't want to risk opening it, only to get ketchup all over myself. But at least it makes for a cool photo.

"This weed growing in this shovel handle."

Imagine the odds of that. The seeds for that little plant just so happened to end up in the handle of the shovel. It's kind of cute, though.

Apparently, that plant is called a wood sorrel, and it's actually edible. I wonder if OP is going to try it.

"I was eating lunch from a paper bag on a park bench and then this berry fell out of a tree and landed perfectly on the edge of the bag, impaling itself and staying stuck in place."

This is, like, one of those once in a lifetime occurrences. The odds of this berry falling at the exact angle and speed to be able to impale itself on the edge of a paper bag is probably infinitesimal.

I'm so glad we have photographic evidence that this did, in fact, happen at least once in the world.

"Wife snapped a photo last night of these clouds that look like a sleeping bear."

If you look closely at the image, you can kind of make out a head on the left side, and the body in the middle and towards the right. A lot of commenters see the bear, but some also see a lion or dog. What do you see?

"Got my vaccine, my tattoo got stabbed in the eye and needs an eyepatch."

Having a tattoo in the exact spot where you'd get injections isn't really that big of a deal. That is, unless your tattoo has a face like this one here. It looks like Vault Boy approves, even though he's got a patch over his eye.

"I play a game to see how close to my garbage can I can park."

This photo is satisfying and stress-inducing at the same time. I've definitely had close calls parking in the driveway, but nothing like this. I don't think I'd ever be able to park to anything that close without just fully toppling it over. This is, like, true art.

"We have a handful of cicadas in the yard... O.o"

You may have already noticed the loud buzzing of the cicadas this year. They're a subterranean insect species that comes out once ever 17 years, and 2021 just so happens to be the 17th year since they've been out in these kinds of numbers.

As cool as the phenomenon is, seeing that many of them on a tree like that is uncomfortable.

"Watched the solar eclipse this morning in Ontario, Canada!"

Okay, am I the only one who missed out on the solar eclipse this month? I didn't even know it was happening until it had already passed! On the plus side, a lot of other people got to see it, and there are so many beautiful photos online. Like this one!

"This giant moth like creature at my work place this morning."

Moths are usually kind of creepy, but this one is actually cute. They're called luna moths, and they only live for around a week. They live just long enough to lay eggs, and that's it. Kind of a sad story for such a beautiful insect.

"My pencil broke perfectly."

Did you ever used to try and break your pencils like this as a kid (you know, out of boredom or whatever)? It seemed like an impossible task back in the day, but apparently it is possible. I never would've thought the perfect broken pencil could really exist until now.

"These tiny tree stairs someone made in a park near my home (The Netherlands)."

Either somebody built stairs for their toys, needed this setup for some kind of tiny photoshoot, or little elves live in that tree and needed a way to get into it. As much as I want to believe, the latter probably isn't the right answer.

"I went into the office for the first time since March 2020 and found the kiwi I left in my desk."

Hopefully, that kiwi has rotted past the point of smelling putrid. The last thing I would want after leaving my office space for over a year is to come back to a foul-smelling room. The kiwi looks kind of cool, though. It's like it got mummified or something.

"Fully oxidized copper pipe next to a non oxidized copper pipe."

In case you didn't know, copper goes green when it oxidizes. I don't think I've ever seen a copper pipe with that much green on it, though. The left side looks perfectly normal, while the right side looks like something out of a zombie apocalypse movie.

"I (17M) have abnormally long arms 5’9 with a 6’6 wingspan."

There are a bunch of averages when it comes to human proportions. Average height, weight, features. But having a wingspan that's so much longer than your actual height is not average. It means you have long arms, like this guy here. I bet he can probably reach the top shelf really easily.

"Someone buried an old TV in our backyard at some point."

Who knows why people do things. Who knows why anyone would bury their television in their yard for someone else to dig up years later. Why would anyone do that? Were they trying to hide something? Cover something up? Did they just really, really hate that television? We'll probably never know.

"This Mildly Photogenic Gray Tree Frog."

There's no doubt about it; this frog is working it for the camera. The color-changing gray treefrog can be found in the eastern United States and southeastern Canada. Apparently, much of this gray treefrog's day is spent taking somewhat seductive photos. Perhaps mating season is on the horizon, and its Tinder profile needs updating!

"My coffee looks like Jupiter."

Now that's a cosmic brew. Some would say it's out of this world. Okay, bad joke. But seriously, this looks uncannily like a picture of Jupiter. It even has a mark resembling Jupiter's Great Red Spot (Although this one isn't red). Fun fact, The Great Red Spot is caused by the largest anticyclonic storm in the Solar System.

"A Plane Crash I Hiked to in North Carolina."

There it is, the plane D.B. Cooper hijacked! Where's all the money? Did he make it out? Okay, so the plane the infamous hijacker was on was actually flying between Oregon and Washington, and the plane itself was a Boeing 727. So what mysteries does this hidden plane wreck hold? Hopefully, everyone was able to parachute to safety!

"This puddle looks like a dolphin."

A perfect example of not only being at the right place at the right time but also having an active imagination while you're there. This puddle goes one step further than being shaped like a dolphin. The nighttime lighting from the streetlamps adds to the overall effect.

"A cat just randomly decided to lay on my shoes. I do not know this cat."

Well, this cat clearly knows you. Or would like to, anyway. What looks like a friendly neighbourhood orange tabby cat has found the purrrfect place for a nap. Sorry about that human, but if you could not move for the next 2-3 hours, that would be lovely.

"My peach pit broke open today. I've never seen a peach seed before."

Did you know that the seed inside a peach is closely related to the almond family. But don't eat it like an almond, as peach seeds contain a compound called amygdalin, which breaks down into poisonous hydrogen cyanide. Don't worry, though; you'll be okay if you accidentally eat a seed or two.

"Found a newspaper from 1998 and a phone from the same era left alone on a bench."

A newspaper with Michael Jordan at the 1998 NBA finals beside a Motorola Profile 300e from 1996 found on a park bench? There's only one explanation, a time-traveller from the 90s was catching up on the sports section! Anyone else thinking about Back to the Future Part II right now?

"Yo these vines in my neighborhood look like an elephant."

This is actually so cool. You can actually make out the shapes of the ears, legs, and trunk. And judging by the fact that it's a tree on the side of a random road, it probably wasn't intentionally cut to look like that. Hopefully it can stay like that for a while.

"My house got struck by lightning and my wall exploded."

Seeing lighting or hearing thunder is a pretty common occurrence. But do we ever really think about what happens to the things that lightning hits? Sure, this isn't an incredible amount of damage, but it's enough to make one think!

"This strawberry is eight strawberries."

Check out this super strawberry that has morphed into eight strawberries! One commenter really nailed this one by stating, "This makes me so uncomfortable." Being as this looks to be eight-fruit-in-one, I wonder if it has eight times the manganese, potassium, and antioxidant power?

"This vending machine failure."

With a world filled with innumerable vending machines, doesn't it surprise you that we don't see things like this more often? I mean, vending machines are everywhere! I guess it's pretty impressive that they're built well enough not to come crashing down like this more often. Do you think someone just got lucky, paid for one drink, and got all the drinks instead?