Oddly Adorable Crochet Uterus Planter Is Perfect For Anytime Of The Month

Before you object and argue that you don't need a planter that looks like a uterus, consider this: The uterus has an angry face.

Doesn't that just speak to you? Anyone with a uterus knows how damn annoying that thing can be, so why not turn it into something funny?

This is seriously the idea gift for anyone who works in reproductive health.

Or any health at all, for that matter! These angry little uteruses can be made with different facial expressions, but the angry one is by far my favorite of the bunch. It just speaks to me.

The designer actually had a hilarious gifting idea.

They suggested gifting this as a post-hysterectomy present, which is possibly the funniest, darkest thing I've ever heard.

Why not have a little fun with something so serious? Life is short, get a uterus planter for your uterus-less friends.

Let's get into the details.

Each holder can accommodate a six-inch pot. It's about eight inches wide and 12 inches long, and can be made with a happy face, angry face, or no face at all. I'd go for a face, though.

You can get it on Etsy.

Designed and created by TheSaltyStitchery on Etsy, this attitude-filled plant holder is available for $50.

What do you think? Would you buy one, and what face would you put on it?