Crocs For Dogs Exist And They're The Cutest Little Shoes We Ever Did See

Crocs don't have the best reputation, but for many people they're comfy and come in a fun assortment of colors.

Now Crocs has gone to the next level with a new line of adorable footwear made specifically for some small-footed dogs, which means we can finally match our furry best friends!

We're wagging our tails with joy over this development.

These shoes are adorable.

Available in blue, green, yellow, and pink, these mini Crocs were made exclusively for little paws.

These Crocs may only be suitable for small dogs, but they leave a big impression.

These Crocs are perfect for a doggie photoshoot.

The fancy footwear is a great way to make some fun memories with our favorite furry friends.

Whether it's a color coordinated Croc dog party or simply wearing your matching Crocs with with your puppers, it's about to be a one colorful occasion.

It might become a new chew toy.

We can hardly be too offended if dogs enjoy these Crocs beyond making a new fashion statement.

After all, dogs do love to chew on basically everything. At least this way it's a treat for everyone.

They're even TikTok famous now.

It's no surprise to see that these playful Crocs have made their way onto TikTok and we're sure glad that they did. We can't wait for more of these videos to flood our TikTok feeds.

If you're interested in picking up a pair for your pup, check them out on Amazon. As of right now, they appear to be out of stock, but keep your eye on the listing to make sure you snag your dog a pair once they're available again!

Let us know in the comments what you think of these Crocs for dogs and if you plan on picking them up for your doggie.

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