14+ Funny Pics Taken The Moment It All Went Wrong

I know we shouldn't laugh at other people's misfortunes, but there's a reason Germans have a word specifically to describe the act. It's a universal feeling.

Of course, if you recoil at imagining the aftermath of these sorts of disasters, then you may want to look away.

Dogs are cute and athletic, but not always the best at spacial awareness.


If this pooch is anything like my one dog, it shook it off and went right back to playing.

If it's anything like my other dog, then it got mad at the tree and expected me to do something about it.

The exploding water balloon looks like a giant fuzzy caterpillar on his head.

Imgur | hunnibud

Which would probably result in the same expression on his face, to be fair.

This swan is about to mess some stuff up.

Reddit | Onicss

If you've never come in contact with an actual swan, you may think that they're dainty, elegant birds, but they are second only to Canada Geese in terms of being jerks.

If one comes into your place, you're going to have to just get the hell out until the experts come to catch it.

This is why I don't play sports.


I can blame my lack of coordination on my life-long vision problems, but whatever my excuse, I'd be just like this kid. Missing the kick and falling flat on my butt.

Maybe this isn't really a disaster about to happen.

Reddit | nateofficial

Maybe the duck enjoys an occasional water slide or it plans to fly away before it hits the bottom.

Or maybe it's realized the futility of fighting and is contemplating its own existence.

Isn't science fun, kids?!


While I doubt a Mentos/Diet Coke explosion has enough force to do actual damage, that kid is going to be feeling that for a while afterwards.

This kid knows exactly what just went wrong.

Reddit | TheDuckPortal

I like to think that he's looking at an adult just out of frame, ready to swoop in to grab him.

Toddlers and bunk beds don't mix, people.

Please don't swing hammers around in a group setting.

Reddit | Raqua

My guess is that the guy didn't intend for the hammer to leave his hand, but that's what happened.

Is posing with a traffic cone on your head high art?

Reddit | catspermonmyplate

No, but that doesn't mean to deserve a "friend" sneaking up behind you when you can't see them.

According to the guy in the cone, the "friend" kicked him in the back of the knee.

Adults have bad enough coordination. Don't expect kids to be any better.


This feels like a pic where the parent was trying to take a shot of their child catching the bouncing ball, but made the mistake of getting their attention.

Which promptly made them forget about the ball coming toward them.

I really hope that's at least the deep end.


People are dumb around pools. When my parents bought a house with a pool, it took one pool party with teenagers to prompt my dad to remove the diving board.

Because of things like this.

"The exact moment before my mom found out why all her laundry still was wet," explained Redditor Calonius.

Reddit | Calonius

I'd be so mad! Like, the neighbor probably didn't realize there was laundry drying, but their sprinkler shouldn't have been placed so close to the hedge in the first place.

Man, security at cricket matches is really serious.

Reddit | Skyknight1987

I guess if you're going to try to run out onto the pitch for a selfie with a player, you should expect security to be quick.

The lady's friends don't even seem to have noticed yet.


They're just chatting away, not realizing that half a breath later, their friend is going to fall right back into the water.