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16+ Things That Become Hilarious Once You Finally Notice Them

There was something equal parts fun and frustrating about those Where's Waldo books we used to look through as children. Each page was filled with colorful, dramatic scenes that were often fun to look at before we even tried to find Waldo, but things got harder once we did.

But while some of the things going on could be worth a chuckle, Waldo usually wasn't doing anything all that funny. Sure, it was nice to get a friendly wave from him, but that was usually all we could expect.

In more recent years, however, certain pockets of the internet have become familiar with a similar game.

In a way, it's harder because you have to know what you're even looking for when you see it, but you'll soon see that the results can be a lot more amusing.

At first, nothing about this scene seems unusual, but one of those trees isn't quite like the others.

Reddit | theloudestshoutout

As you look closer, you might see that not only is one of them somehow growing out of the sidewalk, but it actually isn't a tree at all!

Instead, it's the Tree Man. He's a local legend around Los Angeles and both he and his realistic tree costume can often be seen hanging around Venice Beach.

If we look closely at the keyboard, it's not a big surprise that someone would get frustrated enough with this computer to smash it.

Reddit | memesbruh03

After all, it takes one ridiculous change in muscle memory to recall that "sexwtf69" is now a part of your home row when you're used to QWERTY keyboards.

Also, what is a "vaginu?"

There's a curious little fella in this photo, but it's doing a pretty good job of hiding itself.

Reddit | RoyalTonic

If you're having trouble finding it, I'll give you a hint: It's pretty unusual for purses to have eyes.

This seems like a very charming and friendly dalmatian, but its spots tell a different story.

Reddit | Beowulf2_8b23

I can understand if it doesn't feel like being pet, but telling me "F U" is a little uncalled for.

I don't know, it seems like this pet dental stick is promising a lot more than it can deliver.

Reddit | skedar46

I would also really want to make sure we discuss the terms its makers have in mind before they "guarantee" me anything.

Because in context, that's a hard no from me.

I suppose I can see how this person thought putting their dog in the background would help boost their chances of selling their couch.

Reddit | hswish87

Still, it would probably have been a good idea to check on what it's actually doing back there before clicking the picture.

You don't want to give people the subliminal suggestion you're selling them a crappy product, after all.

Once you spend enough time driving behind someone, it gets a lot easier to notice their car's more...eccentric decorations.

Reddit | Awful_hs

That said, I kind of love how small the decal is. It's almost like they want to tell the world about this special preference, but they're still a little nervous about it.


Apparently, the uploader was looking for their friend after waking up in the middle of the night and found this.

Reddit | ubun09

Considering how keen this friend looked to ambush them, it's hard not to suspect them of waking the uploader up in the first place.

What's your game, cabinet friend?

This is probably just because of the environment, but it was surprisingly hard to realize what's so special about this photo at first.

Reddit | themuffinmann82

I can totally imagine walking out of the this yard and being blissfully unaware that a mystery sheep was staring at me the entire time.

It's to the right of that little garden in the center if you still can't find it.

Whether you can "see it" or not, I'm just hoping the uploader did before it was too late.

Reddit | dammitadalie

After all, finding out that a spot on your rug is weirdly lumpy is one thing. Finding out that it's lumpy and angry doesn't sound like anybody's idea of a good time.

Unless the custodian was throwing our balls back to us, there usually wasn't much reason to look at the school's roof during recess.

Reddit | Teniath

And really, if this kid's doing the T-pose to assert their dominance over us, I guess we can still only win by not noticing them.

Or is it the complete opposite? I don't how this power move actually works.

It blends in decently well with the hydrant, but if you see the label, I wouldn't take its advice if I were you.

Reddit | angoraphobia

And in case you're finding it hard to make out, it says, "For rectal use only."

I know it's a serious accusation, but I have the sneaking suspicion that whoever posted that might not be a real doctor.

I don't know why this guy's taking a picture of this Coke bottle, but I don't think that's what he should focus on right now.

Reddit | ihatetheloginscreen

He must be serious about making sure this picture is clear, well-lit, and well-framed if he's somehow able to tune out the roaring jet engine behind him.

Unfortunately, if you don't immediately see the deadly assassin, then I'm afraid he's already got you.

Reddit | firstjobwalmart

Well, not really. Fortunately, the one on the lower left is just a practice dummy, but it teaches an important lesson.

Always check the trees for ninjas.

It's not hard to believe that this lamp's owner took a while before noticing they had more owls than they started with.

Reddit | miz0909

Poor kitty just wanted to fit in, but those snobbish owls aren't paying it any attention at all.

I don't think it takes a lot of guesswork to figure out what this dynamo's superpower is.

Reddit | reneetheway55

I have to admit, though. It took me a lot longer to notice that the logo was different than it did to spot the name.

The problem with this panoramic shot is subtle enough that it probably seemed perfectly fine at first.

Reddit | lewisdebruin

After all, when you're so focused on making sure the soccer field looks good, it's surprisingly easy to miss that one of your fellow fans just turned into a claymation puppet.

Before you ask, no, this woman didn't sit on a nail and there's nothing wrong with her shorts.

Reddit | keithschaff

The strap on her backpack is just hanging in a very unfortunate position and happens to be just the right color.

Don't worry, I understood the confusion perfectly.

Okay, this is just a picture of a tire sitting in a garage, right?

Reddit | Sprok56

Looks closer and you may notice that the garage is oddly symmetrical.

That's because there's a truck in this photo. A truck so clean that it's become a literal mirror.

A new pet is always exciting, especially when the little fluffer is just as excited as you are.

Reddit | Sarxdan

But if you already have a pet in your home, you may want to introduce them beforehand, if you can. Otherwise you may end up with a very disgruntled family member, like the one in the background of this pic.

In their defense, that kitten looks like a lot.

This gummy worm was clearly missed by the cutter during the production process, which is neat.

Reddit | lunardune_17

Of course, a long gummy worm isn't the thing in this pic freaking people out. It's that foot! How do you even walk with those talons on your toes?!

This has to be on purpose, right?

Reddit | SousaBoi04

It's a parody of those sexy selfie pics with a dog squatting in the background, right? Right?

Clearly, you me beware of the dog's overwhelming cuteness, right?

Reddit | emptyshelI

He's not a biter or barker — he just likes to casually act like a stalker and peek out from behind the house.

When you lose your wallet there are usually two likely scenarios: either it's exactly where you left it or it's lying on a restaurant table somewhere.

Reddit | ultimatekewi32_

But this person found theirs days later, wedged into the hood of their car.

Admit it, when you've seen people posing for a pic in public, you've been tempted to photobomb them.

Reddit | DoctorDeuterium

Most people who give into the temptation go over the top, but this guy went super subtle.

"What guy?" you ask. Look at the elbow in the center.

This photobomb is much less subtle, but no less funny.

Reddit | jesspete

Every family has a black sheep and this one decided to have some fun with his in-laws garage sale photo.

Um guys, image captchas are getting really weird.

Reddit | IIswagstepII

I mean, they're meant to prove you're a human and not a robot — even though sometimes even humans get them wrong — but what's up with the alien dude?

Nice tattoo, bro.

Reddit | evantheking

When considering ideas for permanent body art, perhaps avoid your choice of diet. You may feel strongly about it at the time, but some day you may just want to eat a hot dog.

I know that if a giraffe was that close and licking the partition, I'd definitely want to get a pic of it.

Reddit | gadaspir

It's just a shame that all the other giraffe's were taking that moment to have some quality time together.

This takes the passive-aggressive "clean me" graffiti to a whole new level.

Reddit | Salarmot

Considering how clean the rest of the truck is, I assume Brad brought the power washer back, but decided to leave the note for posterity.

Do you think the anchor realized the resemblance?

Reddit | JOSEPH_ee

This pic is proof that if something is really funny, it will survive on the internet a long time. It looks like a pic of an old CRT screen.

This vending machine has really worked hard to cater to the younger generation.

Reddit | pootato_salad

Yes, those are Tide Pods under the 5-Hour Energy drinks.

I'm going to assume that either someone was playing a prank or they're actually there for tenants that forget their laundry detergent.

So parking garages creep me out.They're maze-like and echo in ways that make it hard to know where the footsteps or voices are coming from.

Reddit | Gtapex

Which is why this would have completely terrified me if I came across it on the way to my car.

I knew their burgers were too good to be trustworthy.

Reddit | DatBoi_BP

If you can't read it:

Burger = 6 letters

6 / 2 = 3

A triangle has 3 sides


This is probably a common sight around the Marilyn statue.


Like, what are they hoping to see? A public statue isn't going to be displaying a bare butt or anything.

Here's a "when you see it" photo that plays on all your expectations.


I'm sure you've spent the last few moments looking at all the paintings in search of the odd one out, but here's a hint: it's got nothing to do with the paint night people and everything to do with the venue's signage.

Well, the happy couple certainly has luck on their side if the universe's biggest threat has already given his blessing.

Reddit | agaconn

Normally, it would be hard to feel too relaxed around someone who calls himself "inevitable," but the gauntlet isn't even raised and I don't think clapping has the same effect.

If he were at a poetry slam, on the other hand...

This pair was caught red-faced.

Reddit | itsyaboy_spidey

Like, they must have really been going at it to make such a mess of her lipstick.

If you're going to make out with someone on the down-low, then always look in a mirror afterwards.

Matthew McConaughey is usually a force to be reckoned with in his movies, but this time one of his kids steals the show.

Reddit | tobias_drundridge

For a brief couple of seconds before they notice McConaughey's sleeve on that hand, all of her classmates saw the fearsome consequences of trying to pull her ponytail.

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