People Are Sharing The Weird Things They Found After Moving In To Their Homes

Whenever you're on the lookout for a new house, one has to wonder what secrets does this dwelling hold? Was there something left behind by the previous owners like a secret pathway or an attic full of treasures?

Well, sometimes people do find interesting and unusual things in their newly acquired homes. Check out these fascinating finds.

Sometimes you never know what you might find when you rip out an old carpet in your house.

Reddit | Nnewel

It could very much be a life-size version of Monopoly. Game on!

How would you feel if you found out there was an untouched cemetery right underneath the building you now live in?

Reddit | HierEncore

Hmm, I think I would consider moving out.

"Found this taped to my new apartment's window. Apparently, the previous owner won the lotto and decided to put it there to grant the next one good luck."

Reddit | ChadOfTheChill

How nice!

How cool would it be if you move into your new apartment and find this cute milk door under your cabinets?

Reddit | d416

Wow, I wonder how old this is?

When you pull out a drawer and find what you assume is a previous owner's password you scratch your head to figure out what it's for.

Reddit | GoldNPotato

LOL! Right?

Imagine finding this secret compartment in your bathroom only to open it and find these awesome goodies inside?

Imgur | oldred92

Wow, old coins and a diamond ring. Not too shabby.

I absolutely love stumbling upon old pictures, or better yet old, almost faded Polaroid pictures.

Perhaps these are past owners of this person's house. What is their love story?

Isn't it amazing what some people end up covering up?

Reddit | thatjasonguy_

This old vintage wallpaper would look so cool and retro if it gets properly restored. Don't you think?

Perhaps the previous owner was some kind of an artist or a writer working on his new novel because otherwise I dunno how to explain this unusual drawing.

Reddit | swake88

It's a little weird...

Here's another creepy tunnel someone found underneath their apartment building with this really unsettling graffiti.


How are they still living there? I would get the heck outta there.

Imagine finding a hidden safe in your house, opening it and finding this awesome loot in it? OMG, $51,080 is hundreds and a bottle of 1960s Burbon.

Imgur | sarmik

Party time.

I dunno why would anyone cover up this funky space-inspired wallpaper. Isn't it so fun? This would be perfect for a little boy's room. Right?

Reddit | bubbaloon

I just love this.

If you're preparing for the impending armageddon, this would definitely come in handy. Someone found a bunch of ammunition in a hidden room in their house.



When you find out your great-great-uncle was allegedly in the KKK, and you find this as evidence.

Reddit | wetdinos

Not sure if this is such a great find after all.

How would you feel if you found out your new house sat on a nest of snakes? Yes, snakes and they were in your walls.

Unsplash | Mathias Elle

OMG, I have no words.

I dunno what's worse the snakes or this story. Apparently, a man in Hamilton, Ontario found 400 barrels of toxic waste on his property.


That's excessive, to say the least.

Okay, now for something a little bit cooler. Apparently, this person's apartment was an old police station and these doors have been left but painted over.

Reddit | RubMyRing

This is awesome.

Wouldn't it be so groovy if you found an old hippie mural painted on the floor of your house? These people discovered it after their house flooded.



I feel like I'm looking at a cartoon picture here because these mouse holes gnawed in a house built in 1741 are so reminiscent of "Tom and Jerry".

Reddit | oppleTANK

Ha, ha.

Perhaps the previous owner was a Samurai or just a collector or Samurai swords. But this is such a cool find. This sword is heavy and still very sharp.

Reddit | BriCins


I always find it fascinating when people find old notes from the previous owners hidden somewhere in their house. This one is actually from 1947.

Reddit | u/snkrcult

Oh wow, so cool.

Well, this is quite an unexpected find a homeowner stumbled upon hidden in basement rafters while repairing some of the plumbing. It's a VHS tape of "sexual positions."

Reddit | loudapple

You just never know what you'll come across.

This person who's been living in their current house for a while just discovered that their back door handle is a spoon.

Reddit | Basselopehunter

LOL! That's so fun and clever.

It's always cool to find some vintage toys and dolls in the attic or basement of your house. But not if they're in this pitiful molded state.

Reddit | anitarash

This is gross.

Here's another groovy discovery someone found in their house. This vintage Woodstock poster was found underneath the drywall. I wonder if stuff like this is worth anything?

Reddit | arrow_fit


Imagine moving into your new apartment and finding a hatch on the floor. When you open it, it actually leads into a hidden dungeon.

Imgur | demc7

Free room at no extra cost!

And the biggest mystery of it all, what would you do if you found a safe and didn't have the combination?

Reddit | Colin_Collins

Call a locksmith ASAP! The suspense is killing me!

I wonder why people leave such notes behind when they move into their new house.

Instagram | @belle_vue_park

Are they hoping the next owner finds this or what? What do you think?

Imagine buying a house, stripping it down and then finding at glassed-over well on your kitchen floor?

Reddit | TheRedGeradir

Wow, people pay a lot to create a feature like this. Quite amazing.

OMG, I'm still wondering what's in that safe?

I need to know! Okay, I'll come down. But seriously, doesn't this make you wanna go out and buy a house?