14+ Times Things Were Most Definitely Not Fine

Sometimes, all you can do to comfort yourself about a crap situation is to tell yourself that things are fine. But just between us friends, we know that things, actually, aren't all that fine at all, are they?

It's okay, I get it.

How do I know? Because I put all these pictures together of other people having some equally unfine times.

We're gonna start off with a pretty low-stakes disaster.

The Chive

Like, there are worse things than ending up with a Coke and a water. Like, for instance, drinking coconut water. Because who needs that kind of disappointing taste in their lives?

If you're gonna crash your car, you might as well do it ironically.

The Chive

Wait, no, that's not irony. That's just an unfortunate coincidence. And yes, I am willing to fight people about the difference between those two words. Come at me.

On the one hand, this is making my brain hurt.


On the other hand, this is making me really want to start using "Bump Speep" as a regular phrase in my vocabulary. I'm not sure what exactly it'll mean, but watch out for it.

This may seem gross, but if you imagine that it's Nesquik, then you're basically living out a childhood dream.


Just to be totally clear, I'm joking, and I would never advocate for you to drink water that looks like this. Like, seriously, please don't. I can't afford to get sued over this.

When I get all steamed up, hear me shout, just tip me over and pour me out.


Ohhhhh, there's clearly been a misunderstanding. You wanted "construction" equipment and we brought the "destruction" equipment. It's a fairly common mistake. Don't worry about it.

For an ad featuring people wearing protective equipment, they sure aren't looking out for this kid's well-being.

Reddit | Trey_Thirds

But who doesn't appreciate a good design fail? I'd like to thank this kid for his noble sacrifice for our entertainment.

Apparently, there can actually be downsides to online shopping. Who could have thought?

Reddit | IrvingI80

It's going to take forever to get those jacks to go high enough to actually lift that car.

Time to bust out some of those tiny jacks and fix the problem.

Reddit | vakalaktika

Oh, no, I just realized it's right in the middle of the intersection, too. I'm guessing this woman is going to be haunted by car horns for the foreseeable future. According to some legends, she's still there now.

Womp, womp.

Reddit | redwhiteteal

I'm guessing that this is just at a training session, but I can't shake the feeling that there's some rogue arsonist firefighter out there who's trying to ensure he's got job security.

Sometimes, the tow truck is just taking too long, so you have to take matters into your own hands.

I'm alwaysparanoid whenever a truck makes a turn near me, and now I've got a gif to go along with those fears.

What in the world am I looking at here?

Reddit | Millenial_Trash

I mean, clearly, I'm looking at Tooly, I am King. The thing is, I don't understand what that means, like, at all. At least when he was SpongeBob SquarePants, the words themselves added up to a decent understanding of the thing.

Oh, you've got a Jaguar? That's cute...

Reddit | ciaran_palmer

Well, this is sure an aesthetic. I'm not exactly sure what that aesthetic is supposed to be or represent, but now it's here, and we've got to address it.

I delivered that package for you, boss.

I'm pretty dedicated to my job, but I think I'd draw the line at property damage. Then again, if my editor asked me to break a window, I'd probably do it without thinking.

That could have ended very differently.

Reddit | hockeymc3

If you every have a kid that refuses to wear a cup playing sports, show them this one after being hit by a hockey puck.

That's it. I'm finally switching to vegetarian.

Reddit | moranayal

Imagine spending six hours smelling this roast as is cooked only to slice it open and find a pus-filled abscess.

And this is why you should always wipe down gym equipment. Ew.

Reddit | Ethantburg

This is also my excuse for why I don't go to the gym. I find my own sweat gross and would prefer not to share in others.

Time for a new toothbrush.

Reddit | adhdme

And if you ever date a person with a toothbrush like this, consider it a red flag for their general hygiene habits.

It's still good!

Reddit | H-Matzy

I know that tires are expensive and I'll put off replacing them as long as I can, but this is where I draw the line!

How is this even possible?

Reddit | WILD126

There's no snow anywhere else in the photo!

Also, don't take a photo like this while you're driving.

Don't hug the porcupine!

Reddit | BX56_YT

According to the comments on this photo, this is apparently an art student and those are fake plastic spines.

So it's....art.

Who microwaves bacon?!

Reddit | 38DDs_Please

I don't even know what to make of the results. It's just black goo.

I guess they decided Uncle Sam wasn't friendly enough.

Reddit | VLStetson

On a positive note, the bear is the right colors to make for good camouflage in all that sand.

"Some wasps showed up at home."

Reddit | PedorFedor

I hope you didn't like your home too much, because you're going to have to burn it all down now.

Finally, someone's looking out for shy exhibitionists who don't want everyone to see their face.

Reddit | GaryColemansRevenge

We're an untapped market, so I'm glad to see someone actually taking the time to address my particular interests and feelings.

There are moments in any relationship where you find out where you really stand.

Reddit | [deleted]

Just in case it isn't clear, men, there is no ranking system in the world where you end up above Jason Momoa. Sorry about it.


Reddit | Sir_Twig

Ever started writing something on Bristol board in block letters and then realized that you didn't have enough space, so you had to make the rest of the letter a looooot smaller?

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