24+ Things People Usually Don't See In Their Lifetime

Some stories you believe instantly, and some you need all the proof to even try and believe. This is when "take pics or it didn't happen" totally comes into play, especially when it's stuff you never thought you'd see in a million years.

So when these kinds of spectacular moments happen, the only option a person has is to share them with the world.

1. The spot where lightning made a touchdown on a golf course

Reddit | Geoffreypjs

I guess this is what happens when Mother Nature gets a hole in one and then wants to make sure that anyone who ever comes across this hole sees that she pulled it off.

2. Spotting an actual Autobot in Finland and having all your childhood dreams come true 

Reddit | sbyy

Okay, so I get that it's (probably) not a real Autobot, but it's still really cool. And it's further proof that the Finland tram system beats any form of transportation I've used before.

3. The inside of your favorite childhood accessory is...a tape measure? 

Imgur | Minormorin

That's it? Okay, so I might have just let a lot of people down. Because I didn't think that something so cool could actually be something so boring. Who knew?

4. Tbh, I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing this

Reddit | Harshal_777

Snakes don't bug me. Anacondas that are 28 feet long totally do though. And while I get that this is just a skeleton, it still means that at one point, this bad boy was just out there doing its thing. Nope.

5. A church that is built entirely out of trees

Reddit | MasterTalk

This is impressive because it must have taken a really long time since you can't exactly rush nature, but it's also gorgeous and looks like something out of a fairy tale.

6. A banana popsicle that peels just like a banana should

Instagram | @clean_nutella_memes

Which is both delicious and fascinating. And while I've never seen one of these in person, I certainly need to get my hands on one ASAP.

7. A billboard written in braille that's just not useful at all

Reddit | Ninja_rooster

I want to believe that we don't know the whole story here, because it makes zero sense that this exists.

8. A beer bottle that opens itself

Reddit | jahnman92

With just a little bit of help from you, of course. But it's a lot easier than having to carry a bottle opener on you at all times.

9. A peephole for your door that's actually a camera 

Reddit | Balbrine

I feel like this could either be helpful in a horror movie, or 100% lead to your favorite actor dying. Either way, it's nifty.

10. A shelf that's probably really handy, but also super gross

Reddit | Rektumn

Gone are the hygienic and simple days where you left your items outside the washroom. Now you don't have to worry about misplacing...I don't know, your phone? Drink? All gross to me.

11. But on the not-so-gross side, a door that lets you open it without using the handle at all

Reddit | jon1234567

Tbh, I think all doors should be equipped with this device.

12. A dollar bill that looks like it's been around since the beginning of time

Instagram | @memecity548

And really, it might have been. That's seriously how ancient it looks. It's definitely been through a thing or two.

13. A high-tech strip of metal on a bar that keeps your beer constantly cool

Reddit | Essassin-

Particularly handy if you're like me and are a really, really slow drinker. All bars should have this.

14. A strawberry that can feed a family of four

Reddit | Eme1002

I am a berry fanatic and this just gets me going. I would feast on that in a heartbeat, preferably when covered in chocolate.

15. This wizardry nonsense that makes sense for some reason, I'm sure 

reddit | notquickthrowaway303

Like, because of science and physics, or whatever. But I will probably die before I ever figure it out.

16. A soap that you just can't drop

Instagram | @dundunbleep

Soap has to be slippery, but it doesn't have to be hard to hold, thanks to this design. I just really want one because it looks really cool.

17. A bird's nest that is made entirely out of hangers

Reddit | QuietCakeBionics

I'm not sure if it's even safe for any of the birds involved, but at least they have a place to hang out.

18. Gaming graphics looking like real humans

Reddit | JaredManTyler

I don't game much at all, but these are apparently the same character, just a decade apart. How does the newer version have better brows than me?

19. A nursery of plants being taken care of by, well, a nurse

Reddit | GiorgioMD

Pure genius if you ask me! A nurse isn't about to let any plant die under their watch.

20. A bottle that lets you know when the milk is way too hot

Reddit | EliseMoose

When you can read the "NO," it's too hot. It's meant for puppies, but it's such a helpful invention for human babies too!

21. While it's not unusual to see birds leave an imprint after they crash into windows, the results are rarely this detailed.

Reddit | wurmpth

When they're not startling passers-by into thinking new birds are incoming, they seem almost haunting as if they're ghostly images of the birds that passed.

22. Apparently, somebody made an oddly accurate scale model of the Rotterdam Erasmusbrug in The Netherlands for their front yard.

Reddit | Frost_Beer

I don't know about you, but I can't recall living next to anyone with the right combination of ambition, engineering know-how, and commitment to pull that off.

23. I've seen some bizarre results after a glass falls, but I've never seen one turn out like this.

Reddit | marc-zweiundzwanzig

Who would have thought there was a way to break a glass that leaves it just intact enough to stand, but just broken enough that it's impossible to use?

24. Does this look like any doctor's handwriting that you've ever seen?

Reddit | royalroyalusa

You might thinking I'm joking by including this, but the Ontario College of Pharmacists in Canada actually cites overly neat handwriting as a reason to suspect a forged prescription.

Messy handwriting is literally an industry standard in the medical field.

25. If this spider web seems unusually dark, that has a lot to do with what happened next to them.

Reddit | prankulsingh

If a spider web happens to be near a house fire, it will absorb the soot that gets released into the air and darken.

26. It would definitely be hard not to feel ripped off if you somehow ended up with this clementine.

Reddit | montmaj

In case it's hard to tell, this one is all rind and peel with no actual juicy fruit part.

27. I never would've have guessed that a slug could be so big and so brightly colored all at the same time.

Reddit | SonOfAShepherd2000

And that's because they generally can't unless they specifically come from the Mount Kaputar region of Australia.

28. We may know that icy weather can have some bizarre consequences for our cars, but this still seems particularly unusual.

Reddit | J_Man2743

Apparently, driving through some sleet was all it took for these rims to start growing natural tough guy spikes.

29. This toothpaste company went the extra mile by actually breaking down their ingredients list.

Reddit | DearCup1

If this catches on, it could become a lot easier to find out what each component comes from and why it's there without a chemistry degree.

30. We've seen floods cause some serious damage, but this still seems like a staggering effect.

Reddit | LounginInParadise

Not only did this somehow literally fill a whole river with apples, but the uploader said it devastated the local cider industry.

31. They actually managed to put the bunny's headphones in the right place

Reddit | aaaaaaaargh

All my years of watching Arthur and being confused by the headphone placement on those characters have been corrected by this one, beautiful moment.

32. A stop sign that's breaking all the rules

Reddit | classieders

I want to know why this exists because I can't think of a logical reason for it. Red means stop. Blue means....??????

33. A miso instant soup that goes above and beyond

Reddit | straightupeats

Like real clams? This little cup of soup is just as fancy as something served at a restaurant. I dig it.

34. And a basketball court that could double as a skate park

Reddit | Isai76

This is the result of a water pipe bursting, and I'm confused as to why I've literally never heard of this happening before.

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