These Artists Turn Your Children's Drawings Into Beautiful Pieces Of Jewelry

Tasarim Takarim Studio is based in Turkey and provides an incredibly unique service for creating wildly original artwork. They get their clients to send in artwork drawn by their children and turn the design into enchanting jewelry designed to help clients remember when their kids were young. Both members of the studio worked in other art forms, including lithography, etching, and silk-screening, after they graduated from university before they moved into crafting jewelry.

What better way to memorialize the milestones your little ones have achieved than by remembering all of the art they have created for you? Anyone can take a picture, but only a child can let their imagination run free to create fun artwork that means the world to their parents.

Let's look at what the Tasarim Takarim Studio is made of by looking at some of their best work to date!

1. Footprints In Time

Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

Little trinkets like these are an easy way to remember that no matter how old your kids are, they'll always be your babies.

2. Pretty Kitty

Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

There's something adorable about the way children see the world and how fearless they are when it comes to expressing themselves.

3. Family First And Family Forever

Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

No matter how much some people grow and change as the years go by, family is one of the only constant things in our lives. Family is one thing that holds us together and won't let go.

4. The (Self) Portrait Of An Artist As A Young Woman

Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

This self portrait is a great reminder that no matter what the world tells us we are, we have to define ourselves on our own terms. Clearly, this little girl drew herself this way because she wants to be happy!

5. The Eyes Of A Child

Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

This is a picture a six-year-old drew to remind her parents that no matter where life takes them, they'll always have each other.

6. All Art Grows From An Idea

Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

All children grow up to be adults, so why not preserve the most precious pieces of your kids' childhood to remind yourself how much you love them?

7. Lose Yourself To Dance

Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

The way the person in this drawing has lost themselves in the moment makes them look like they've never been happier. That seems like a moment any parent would love to hang onto.

8. Let Your Memories Take You Away

Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

The memories your children's artwork provides will always take you to a warm place in your heart where both of you will always be loved.

9. Who Are You?

Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

Art always manages to impressively reveal something about how the artist sees the world, even if they're a little kid!

10. Bring Your Memories With You Everywhere You Go

Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

Who wants to settle for ordinary jewelry when you can have a customized, original piece like this? Especially when it tells the world how much you love and cherish your children, no matter where you are.

11. Ride Into The Sunset

Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

The other wonderful factor about these jewelry designs is that they are perfect for both moms and dads.

12. Don't Let Go And Don't Look Back

Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

I'm sure any loved one would be happy to have a gift like this to hang onto golden moments. Turn your kid's childhood into something you can hold onto forever thanks to this workshop! You can order your own custom piece here.