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12+ Hilarious Pics That Manage To Capture Pure Regret

The magic of photography has the ability to capture society at its very best and very worst.

We're only human, and sometimes humans make mistakes and later have regrets. Luckily, we also sometimes manage to capture the exact moment in which this regret swarms us, making for a permanent reminder of our screw ups to be laughed at for all time.

Trust me—you've never seen candids quite like this.

Little Drummer Boy

Reddit | superpatty

This level of regret could be about one of two things: regret over buying her son a drum set, or regret about having a kid in the first place.

Rolling Along

Reddit | CirBeat

Ever have those ideas that you didn't really think through before executing? This is one of those.

Perfect Package

Reddit | chongas

This is me when I try to fit in a pair of jeans that I known damn well aren't my size.

Monkey Business

Reddit | promoreey

Orange you glad I didn't say banana? She sure is. Probably would've just made things worse.

Tic For Tat

Reddit | mjbatt

Now that is a look of instant regret. Don't worry love, there's a laser removal shop down the street!

Michael Helps

Reddit | empcc

Me wading into a conversation in which I know nothing about the topic and now have to pretend that I do.

Snow White

Reddit | GallowBoob

Only one thing is guaranteed in this life: If you start to feed birds, you will immediately regret your decision.

Who's A Good Boy?

Reddit | atronaut_monkey

When you're cuddling up to your Tinder date and he casually mentions that he likes Robert E. Lee.

Perfect Two

Reddit | Double-Decker-Trams

Don't cry over spilled milk! Cry over the fact that you now have to live with yourself after pouring Pepsi into it.


Reddit | ugloriarchy

I've never seen someone regret vegetarianism so fiercely in my life.

What Comes Up

Reddit | nman68

Me when I've had three margaritas and I know that the only way to stay feeling okay is to continue drinking.

Too Little Too Late

Reddit | Powermakers

Baby bibs are getting wild these days.

I Screen You Screen

Reddit | IiceWoman

Getting sunburned makes you regret every life choice you've ever made leading up to that point. No lie.

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Reddit | gaberzenmo

This is the moment in which this kid understood for the very first time that adults need to clean up the messes they make. They grow up so fast!

Curry Up

Reddit | gravitykilla

I would be the kind of parent who pranks their kid to try curry. The facial expressions are worth it.

One Bedroom

Reddit | AFinn

Me sitting on Jessica's lap in the back of Brad's Kia because there's only five seats and seven of us and goddammit we have to get to the bar before the line-up get's crazzzzyyyyy.

Permanent Consequences

Reddit | ooolania

Learning the difference between normal markers and permanent markers is similar to like, every adult decision you have to make ever.

Mother NOture

Reddit | zuckerberd

When your mom tries to wipe something off your face while the two of you are in public.

Thanks Squidward

Reddit | timeasrem

Moral of this story: don't try to eat a live octopus maybe???

Set In Stone

Reddit | leonx81

This guy in Brazil refused to move his car off a construction the workers encased it in cement. I'm guessing that the original show of force was maybe not so worth it now?

Check Mate

Reddit | Detry

That right there is pure, unadulterated, regret.

The Miracle Of Barf

Reddit | DanksForMayanmas

That's some wildly disgusting mother bird action going on there. No thanks!

I Mustache You A Question

Reddit | Jetsetter

Nothing like a shave to do a good old Benjamin Button number on you.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Reddit | Iforgotmypassword456

When you realize that you've put too much bubble foam in the bath but it's too late now.

Fan Club

Reddit | hootersbutwithcats

Every car rear view mirror should also have a sign that says "Birds may be bigger than they appear."


Reddit | tplee

Sending my thoughts and prayers to this person. Their Go Fund Me will be linked below.

Fool By The Foot

Reddit | JephriB

This dad let his son pack their cooler for a Scout's trip, but forgot to check what he had packed till they were already there.

At least no one will get scurvy?

The Ripper

Reddit | notHelpFullAtAll

I am feeling pain through the photograph. 911? Yeah, I'd like to report this photo for making me upset.

Holy Smokes

Reddit | almansandro

This guy let his friend use a hole-punch on his ear one night, not realizing until later that ear cartilage never heals.

Maybe there's a bright side? I mean, he has the perfect lil spot for a pencil now?