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13+ Celebrities Who Married Non-Famous People

Celebrities tend to marry other celebrities, right?

Well, not always! Sometimes, they fall for us perfectly ordinary folk. Whether it's a bartender, waiter, or even a real estate agent, these celebrities keep their personal lives out of Hollywood.

Lisa Kudrow

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Lisa Kudrow married far outside the celebrity sphere. Her husband, Michael Stern, is a French advertising executive that she met in the late 1980s. The met when Michael stopped by to take Lisa's roommate on a date. Oops!

The two married in 1995.

Zoe Saldana

Instagram | @zoesaldana

Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego were friends for what is rumoured to be 5 years before they married in 2013.

He's an artist who got his start in New York. The two now have three kids together.

Gal Gadot

Instagram | @jaronvarsano

Gal Gadot and Yaron Versano keep much of the marriage private. He's an Isreali real estate developer and dedicated dad!

They married in 2008, and share a daughter, Alma, together.

Scarlett Johansson

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When Scarlett Johansson married for the second time, she chose someone a little less famous than her previous husband, Ryan Reynolds.

Enter artist Romain Dauriac.

The two divorced in 2017 after 3 years of marriage.

Kate Winslet

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Kate Winslet's third husband is the nephew of Sir Richard Branson, and his Ned Rocknroll. I am not joking.

The two met when Kate was visiting Necker Island with her then-boyfriend, Louis Dowler.

After a fire broke out, Kate stayed for a few days to help the family out, and wound up falling for Ned.

Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway's fairytale life started when she married businessman Adam Shulman in September of 2012, and they are so flipping cute together!

In 2016, she gave birth to their son, Jonathan.

Matt Damon

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Not only is Matt Damon married, but he's a dad too!

He married Luciana Barroso in 2005. The two met when she was working at a bar that he visited while shooting Stuck On You.

The two have 3 children together, one of which Matt adopted from Luciana's previous marriage.

Seth Meyers

YouTube | Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers' wife, human rights lawyer Alexi Ashe, may not be famous in the traditional sense.

However, he accidentally made her famous when he told the story of her unintentional home birth in their apartment lobby on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Yes, I knew that story off of the top of my head. I love Seth Meyers, guys.

Jeff Goldblum

Instagram | @emiliegoldblum

Everyone's cool dad (or daddy, as he puts it), Jeff Goldblum, finally met his match in 2014.

Emilie Goldblum is a retired Olympic gymnast, which automatically makes her as cool as her husband. Maybe cooler. They now have two children together!

Meryl Streep

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You may have seen Don Gummer's face from time to time, but only because he attends award shows as Meryl's date!

He is a renowned sculptor and artist. The two have been together since 1978.

Wanda Sykes

Twitter | @iamwandasykes

The focal point of Wanda's standup is the family life that she shares with English football manager (and former footballer), Alex Sykes.

There's truly nothing funnier than hearing her attempt to imitate her wife's French accent. Seriously, watch her standup special on Netflix. It's hilarious.

Aaron Paul

Instagram | @laurenpaul8

Aaron Paul's wife is cooler than he is, and I know he would be the first person to agree with me on that.

While she used to be an actress, she now focuses almost exclusively on activism. She's a documentary filmmaker and is passionate about the Kind Campaign, which she founded.

George Lucas

Flickr | Geffen Playhouse

Let's get one thing straight: he may have invented Star Wars, but George Lucas totally married up when he met CEO Mellody Hobson.

She is the chairman of the board of directors at DreamWorks. You know, like a badass.

David Schwimmer

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Artist and former waitress Zoë Buckman met actor David Schwimmer in 2007. They were engaged in 2010, and married that same year.

They welcomed a daughter in 2011, and sadly announced their separation in 2017.

Cynthia Nixon

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Actress turned politician Cynthia Nixon met her wife, Christine Marinoni, in 2004.

Marinoni is a prominent and impactful LGBTQIA activist. She has been working in that capacity since 1995. When they met, Nixon had never dated a woman before.

The rest is stuff of fairytale and activist history!

Patrick Dempsey

Instagram | @jilliandempsey

Patrick Dempsey turned a pretty normal part of a beauty routine into his future.

He met his wife, hairstylist Jillian Fink, at a salon! She knew he was Patrick Dempsey, of course, and he wound up falling for her.

George Clooney

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Okay, for the record? Amal was not Hollywood famous when he married her.

Now, Amal Clooney is as recognizable a name as her husband's, and for the best reason: she's a hugely accomplished human rights lawyer.

Marcia Cross

Instagram | @reallymarcia

Marcia Cross married stockbroker Tom Mahoney in 2006.

The two wound up having twins together, Eden and Savannah. Marcia is currently in remission from anal cancer, which she suspects may have been tied to her Tom's own cancer.

Julia Roberts

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Julia Roberts may have met her husband, Danny Moder, in Hollywood, but that doesn't mean he was famous there!

In fact, Danny was working as a cameraman on the set of her film, The Mexican, when they met.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph married such a cool woman. Tasha McCauley is the founder and CEO of Fellow Robots, which uses AI to help companies with their inventory.

They married in 2014, and have two sons.

Ellen Pompeo

Instagram | @ellenpompeo

Ellen Pompeo married music producer Chris Ivery in 2007.

In a random act of fate, the two actually met in a grocery store in 2003. Imagine meeting your future spouse while browsing for yogurt!

Jerry Seinfeld

Instagram | @jessicaseinfeld

Oh man, what's the dream occupation you'd pick for your significant other?

Is it a professional cookbook author? Because that's what Jessica Seinfeld does, and now I'm betting their family dinners are amazing.

Julianna Margulies

Instagram | @patrickmcmullan

When Julianna Margulies attended a dinner party, she had no idea she was about to meet her future husband.

Enter Keith Lieberthal, a Harvard-educated lawyer and Wall Street litigator.

The two married in 2007.

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne found Hannah Bagshawe slightly outside of Hollywood—they met in college!

They met at a charity event while attending Eton College. She went on to become a financial publicist, and he went on to become, well, a super famous actor.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Instagram | @justinmikita

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband, Justin Mikita, are prominent activists—but Justin does it as a full-time job!

He's a lawyer who worked to overturn Prop 8, and previously worked at the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

Tobey Maguire


Tobey Maguire's wife has a totally cool and unique job—she designs jewelry!

Her designs are sold in high-end stores, like Barney's. Am I the only one who thinks that's super awesome? Yes, queen.

Jesse Williams

Instagram | @ijessewilliams

In 2013, Jesse Williams married real estate broker Aryn Drake-Lee. They had two children together—Sadie, in 2013, and Maceo, in 2015.

They very quietly filed for divorce in 2016. It was finalized in 2017.


Okay, so here's the thing about Oprah and Stedman Graham: they're not married.

However, it's only because they vowed never to get married.

His occupation is mostly listed as educator and author. However, let's be real: he's most known as being Oprah's forever boyfriend. And that's pretty cool.

Vince Vaughn


Vince Vaughn met real estate agent in 2008. It didn't take him long to know she was the one—he proposed on Valentine's Day in 2009!

They have two children together.

Julie Bowen

Instagram | @itsjuliebowen

Boy, real estate agents sure are popular with celebrities, huh?

Julie Bowen and real estate investor Scott Phillips were married in 2004. They have three children now: Oliver, Gustav, and John.

They divorced in 2018.