12+ People Who Did Wild Things Before Anyone Could Stop Them

When we were kids, our parents often had an uncanny knack for catching us right before we were about to do something... ill-advised. I obviously don't remember this, but one day, baby-me decided to go off on a little adventure.

Of course, I was prepared for this perilous journey. I had a bottle and a blanket, you know. But I only got a few steps out the door before my dad caught me.

These people? Their dads didn't catch them.

1. Yeah, there's no way this wasn't just a ploy to get all the grapes by dividing and conquering them.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

I don't know how his sister rolls, but he would vastly underestimate how petty and hungry I can be if he were my brother.

2. Ooh, Nina should not have messed with this kid if she didn't literally want her business out in the streets.

Reddit | shadeyjake

I hope our angry young friend is sure about what they're saying. It would take some moderate rainfall at the very least to wash this scathing message away.

3. Anyone who's done a risky face swap knows how easy it is to create something you'll never be able to unsee.

Instagram | @tinpun

They can switch it to a happy penguin all they want, but those eyes will still be what they see when they close their own.

4. I must have missed that part in *Incredibles 2* where they suddenly aged Jack Jack 10 years and put a paintbrush handle on his head.

Reddit | -I0N-

Let me guess, Violet's not here because "she's invisible." I know how they get down. They just didn't wanna build her.

5. Yeah, they definitely should have waited until the puppet show was done before they brought the "real" Elmo out.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

I mean, it's gonna be pretty hard for him to entertain the kids if he keeps nervously looking at his co-stars every five seconds.

6. Hey, I get it. Sometimes, you can't find a serene spot to meditate, so you have to make one yourself.

Reddit | Heischichou

The only problem is that the journey to inner peace will likely get interrupted by yokels asking why you have a trash can on your head.

7. Haha, this guy and whoever designed the water tower obviously had a disagreement on how much ladder it needed.

Reddit | RamzFanz

He's strapped in pretty good, so don't worry about him. I just like the way he thinks. If I have to do that job, I'm sitting.

8. Well, I have to admit that I've never seen someone take a selfie during a handstand before.

Reddit | benhongell

I just hope he's not too cool to post the second one that comes after he loses his balance and knocks everything over, though.

Come on, show off. Let's see.

9. I wonder how many cars this guy had to pull up beside before one of them finally gave him what he wanted.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

I'm just glad to see his days of dejectedly petting windows and mortified people's faces have finally come to an end.

10. I don't know what this person has in mind, but if the tires are that big, the plans probably are too.

Reddit | shannonthesheriff

I hope they didn't buy them until after they learned there's no way to put them on that car, though.

11. I'm pretty sure that's a doll, but I have a feeling rescue crews are gonna get really tired of dealing with those who disagree with me soon.

Reddit | klamsnabel

Especially since you just know that whatever rascal did this will be back with another one a week later.

12. Gah! Some of the wild behavior didn't really need to be stopped, but I do legit wish someone got to them before this happened.

Reddit | ohsopoor

I just wanna know how they determined who got to be the fire pit. Did... did that guy volunteer?

13. I'm sorry, but there isn't anything we can do. somebody has already made these.

Reddit | earthmoonsun

But if there's one thing we can take solace in, it's the fact that they haven't really caught on because they seem like one of the most uncomfortable drinking experiences I can think of.

14. Ah yes, this perfectly normal behavior requires no explanation at all.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

There, now that I've said that, I should be able to avoid what is probably the very disturbing story of how whoever made this got their idea.

Hopefully, anyway.

15. This definitely confirms that the fastest way to freak someone out is to fill the room with a bunch of different faces staring directly at them.

Reddit | CamTheChest

I think I would feel a little better if I had any idea who this was supposed to be, but that little mystery just adds a new, disorienting level to whatever the hell is going on here.

16. And now you know why little Timmy's parents won't let him have chocolate milk anymore.

Reddit | wetnamE

As if crashing this powerful vehicle into a guardrail wasn't bad enough, he also had the audacity to leave the scene of an accident.

The Paw Patrol would not approve.

17. Horses can be a little curious sometimes, but I don't think this one accomplished this on its own.


It's hard to get into people's drawers when you're that high up off the ground, after all. So it's more likely that somebody put this bra over its eyes and it's just wondering why this has to be its life now.

18. It's not like I've never indulged in some weird flavor combinations myself, but this is too much.

Reddit | framerivas23

Also, is the implication here that we're somehow supposed to drink this? That really doesn't help.

19. This goes to show that sometimes, you really do just have to say "no" as a parent.

Reddit | DaPlayerz

Because no matter how cool it may seem to ride down the road with your legs dangling out of the trunk, it's also an incredibly terrible idea.

20. Usually, people trying to get into the carpool lane put these things in the front seat, so I think someone's just trying to mess with us.

Reddit | Jafo

Yeah, that's gonna be a no from me. If I want to be stared at by creepy dolls, I'll go into a thrift store, thank you very much.

21. I'm really not confident in this guy's chances of catching anything, but that's not really the problem with this picture.

Reddit | mattman571

All I know is that these two have bad things in their future if they're going to leave a barbecue that's flaming that intensely unattended.

Come on, safety first.

22. You know, this person might actually be on to something here.

Reddit | RussleJimJams

Because no matter how others interpret this sign, they're probably going to end up with something they want.

23. The only problem with trying to play *Mario Kart* in real life is that the red shells don't work on traffic.

Reddit | SixCatsInAnAlley

I wonder if the driver in front keeps turning around and saying, "Technically, I'm winning."

I don't know whether I'd hate that or do it myself.

24. Unless this class is quite literally *Shrek* studies, I think the teacher can abandon all hope of anyone paying attention now. 

Instagram | @will_ent

I don't know, maybe it makes the lesson go down easier if everybody pictures Shrek and Donkey saying it.

I need to try that.

25. We have proof that this restaurant has plates. So how did this bizarre mess happen?

Reddit | MarcoGeovanni

Like, is this the restaurant's gimmick or the family's gimmick? Is the cleaning staff just constantly threatening to strike here, or what?

They're not halfway through getting kicked out, so it must be the restaurant's gimmick?

26. Honestly, the truth is the only scenario here that's not incredibly worrying.

Twitter | @scixpmas

It probably gave the parent a start, but that's way better than a stranger who either turns up wearing weird plastic masks or leaves strange mannequins on people's doorsteps.

Those both sound like horror movies.

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