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10+ Times Dylan and Cole Sprouse Were The Funniest People On The Internet

Dylan and Cole Sprouse stole our hearts a long time ago. If I'm being honest, I personally never stopped gushing over The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody. And still — all these years later, they never cease to amaze.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse are more than just a couple of pretty faces.

They have huge personalities, they're witty, they vocalize their ethical opinions on social issues, the environment, and politics, and best of all, they're funny AF.

Sure, they have had a few ha-ha moments on-screen.


But their greatest strokes of comedic genius have taken place, and continue to take place, candidly on Twitter.

Like the time Cole joked about preserving his and Dylan's Wikipedia page.

Having a Wikipedia page is the ultimate signifier that you're relevant.

If they were to lose their joint page, what would that mean for their careers?!

The time they made fun of people who air out their dirty laundry on social media.

There really is such a thing as oversharing online.

Some things are better kept to yourself — I'm talking to you, person who types out a paragraph-long Facebook status explaining the details of your messy breakup.

In all seriousness, this is the actual face I make after being called "beautiful". Cole nailed it.

In fact, this is probably what most people's reaction would be.

Smiling stupidly after being called "beautiful" is inevitable.

The time Cole offered up some dating advice to all the ladies.

The more Ys there are at the end of "hey", the flirtier it is.

It's a rule of thumb.

The time they responded to fake news with more fake news.

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I'm pretty sure that Cole just beat a troll at their own game.

That takes mad skill. I respect him more for this.

And of course, all the times they've roasted each other on Twitter.

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Dylan really does look like somebody leaning on a bar spitting cheesy pick-up lines in this photo.

This is the greatest comeback I've ever seen.

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Just when I thought that Cole had won this troll battle, Dylan shot back with something so simple yet so effective.

It's basically protocol to roast your siblings every chance you possibly can.

But Dyland and Cole have done us the favor of doing it on social media for our entertainment.

How considerate of them!

Are you even really siblings if you don't borrow each other's clothes and never give them back?

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Calling Dylan out for this on Twitter was absolutely priceless.

But of course, Dylan had the ultimate comeback.

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I am going to go ahead and assume that Cole will probably not be wanting that t-shirt back after this?

Way too risky.

The time Cole exposed that Dylan was a bit of a wild-child.

Now we know who the better-behaved twin was and who literally needed to be kept on a leash to stay out of trouble.

The burning question here is who's who?

I'm guessing since Dylan allegedly needed to be kept on a leash as a child, he probably grew up to have a bit more of a bad-boy vibe going on.

But who knows!

The time Dylan took took credit for being the better character on "The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody".

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I don't really remember which one was Zack and which one was Cody either.

But I loved them both equally!

Dylan seems to think that he really could have held the show on his own — brother-less.

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I'm sure the show would have been great with just one of them. But two is always better than one!

The time he referred to Cole as his parasitic twin.

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I think everyone with a sibling has made a joke like this — or similar to this at some point in their life.

The time Cole was temporarily un-verified and Dylan took full credit for it.

For a gleaming moment, Dylan was the only verified Sprouse twin on Twitter.

But ultimately, that didn't last very long.

Cole went for the low-hanging fruit after National Geographic shared an article about having a small brain.

I guess you could call this roast opportunity a no-brainer.

Pun absolutely intended.

Sometimes instead of roasting each other, they roast themselves.

Nothing like some good, old fashioned self-deprecating humor, amirite?

Side note: The train conductor hat is an iconic early 2000s look.

The time Cole gave some very solid advice on dealing with haters.

If you hate yourself the most, then there isn't anything anybody could say that would phase you.

Obviously, this is a joke.

Love yourself, guys!

The time Dylan admitted that despite practicing good hygiene and advertising the fact that they were single in a magazine, they still couldn't find girlfriends.

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I wonder where they went wrong...

So, as you can see, we have ample evidence that Dylan and Cole Sprouse are, hands down, the funniest people on the internet.

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