10+ Things That Go On Behind-The-Scenes Of 'Pawn Stars'

Alright, so right now we're going to go behind the scenes on a little show called Pawn Stars.

So it's time to figure out the secrets behind everyone's favorite pawn show.

1. They Got A Private Lynyrd Skynyrd Show


One time, the legendary rock group came by to say hello to the boys at Gold & Silver.

Out of nowhere, they decided to do an impromptu concert in the parking lot. Awesome!

2. Olivia Black Wasn't Actually Fired


Olivia started working the night shift around Season 5 but was hastily fired after it was discovered she did a nude photo shoot for Suicide Girls.

Yeah, you're welcome gentlemen (and some ladies).

But it turns out that it was the network who canned her, so she was just fired from the show and not from her job at the store.

Suicide Girls

Sometime later, she left on her own accord.

3. The Store Was Sued


So it really sucks when people bring in stolen goods, especially when they're coins.

That's because they melt the coins down (as the guys at Gold & Silver did) only to find out that the lady who traded them in had taken them from her uncle.

4. The Pawn Plaza


To capitalize on the sheer amount of fans and tourists, Rick created the Pawn Plaza not far from their shop.

Yeah... turns out that the Pawn Plaza isn't doing so well financially.

5. Rick Reads


A whole lot. In fact, you might just call him a bookworm.

According to some folks, he has a very refined taste in literature as well. Ooh la la, look at you, Rick! Someone's going to get good grades in college!

6. Someone Pawned Human Skulls


Yeesh! I wonder what the fellas said to the guy who came in with a sack of human skulls.

Probably something along the lines of "where the heck did you get those?"

That's not the only weird thing...

The Independent

Someone actually dropped off some Japanese porn. And this wasn't your grandson's Japanese porn either, quite the opposite.

It was 200-year-old hand painted Japanese porn.

7. The Store's Merch


These days, the biggest money maker for the store is their merch. These days fans from all over the world come to buy their stuff.

However, the show is shot so the business looks more legitimate.

8. The Trades


Sometimes, the trades you see on TV aren't the first time that trade is happening.

Occasionally, when someone brings in a really rare item, the producers will ask them to return to the trade can be filmed in more detail.

9. Stolen Items Are Brought In Frequently


So hey, there are a lot of lame people out there who steal things then pawn them off to unsuspecting pawn shops. The store is no exception.

One time, a guy came in and sold a pair of diamond earrings for $40,000. You can probably see where this is going.

10. They eat a lot of Subway...


And that's no accident. One of the show's biggest sponsors is Subway, so don't be surprised to see them munching on a brand new, $4 spicy chicken melt.

With hot, habanero chicken and melted swiss cheese on top, why wouldn't they go out and buy one right now? Why wouldn't you?

11. Pimps Often Visit


Ahh yes, the boys report that they'll often have pimps come into the store in order to purchase lavish jewelry.

Because you've gotta look good if you're a pimp, am I right fellas?

12. Corey's Bike Accidents


Yeah, there's nothing tougher than a biker!

Anyways, Corey sure does love biking and he talks about it a lot, but what he doesn't talk about are his accidents.

One time in 2014, Corey was launched from his bike after a fender mount fell off it and sent it into a tailspin.


Luckily, he only got a fractured hand from the incident.

13. The Guys Won't Be Behind The Stand


Should you decide to go and see the shop, you won't find Harrison and Russell standing there to sell you stuff.

They'll most likely be signing autographs at the merch table.

14. Chumlee


In May of 2016, Austin "Chumlee" Russell was accused of sexual assault and eventually landed a plea deal.

However, not everything was good for the Pawn Stars cast member. Not at all.

Police raided his house...


And while they found nothing to convict him of sexual assault, they found marijuana, meth, Xanax, and eight firearms not registered to Chumlee in a place he called his "chum chum room".

15. The Show Interrupts Business


Because they don't want random people walking around disrupting the shoot, they often close down the store when it's time to film an episode.

While you might think this sucks for them, keep in mind the store has about 4,000 to 5,000 visitors a day.

16. Rick Pitched The Show A Lot


Before it even got picked up!

He knew how getting on TV would get the store a lot of attention, so he went around for years trying to get it made into a TV show. Eventually, someone bought it.