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15+ Things That People Only Realized When They Were Today Years Old

Life comes at you fast, and it's not always easy to soak up everything that's coming at you. You have to filter through things or you'll get overloaded. But hey, there's always time to come back to examine the things you might have missed later.

That's what these folks did, stumbling across things they probably should have known for a long time — instead, they felt like they were today years old when some info dropped into their laps a whole new world opened up to them.

Huh, the green Haribo gummy bear isn't apple flavored.

Which would have made sense. No, it's strawberry — but since raspberry got red, I guess they didn't want people to confuse the two flavors.

The things they don't teach you in school.

Like, not history, not geography, not even English class covered the fact that the flags of three countries in the U.K. are combined in the U.K.'s flag.

How many of these did you drink without realizing that the straw hole is also a dot for the 'i'?

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Sure, that makes it a lowercase letter, but so what? They put the hole there for a reason — that placement is not a coincidence.

You know how sometimes you can't find a good spot for the lid of your Gatorade? They thought of that.

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They just didn't think to actually tell you that the cap fits perfectly on the bottom of the bottle.

Your cleaning game just went up a notch.

At least, I know mine did. So, so much easier to get at all the little things that fall through the cracks knowing that the lid of the stove lifts up.

This — I hope teachers are paying attention to this.

Because holy smokes this would have helped my understand division back in the day.

I mean, you could put things other than bread and chips there.

But yes, that's brilliant — I would never have thought to hook shopping bag handles there.

Turns out we've all been scrubbing our backs with the innards of a gourd.

Not sure where else I expected loofah sponges to come from, but it wasn't that.

Choosing which pump to pull the car up to is actually a breeze after you realize this.

Life will never be the same again for this lady.

Bonus tip for filling up the gas tank.

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You don't have to just let the cap dangle on the dummy string — there's a spot for it, like the Gatorade cap.

Some thread spools come with needle storage!

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Apparently it's not that common a feature, but it sure sets this brand, Gutermann, apart.

Okay, I don't know if this is the actual reason, but it sure makes sense.

I mean, I can't think of a better reason to name a TV show's first episode a pilot.

Again, not sure if juice boxes have tabs there specifically for that reason, but they work.

This is basically a life hack if nothing else.

For anyone else who puts shirts on backwards on the regular.

Let the tags be your guide, friends.

Oh man this is a time-saver.

Twitter | @tinythanos

You can hold down the tab browser on your iPhone to close all the tabs at once rather than spending five minutes swiping them all away.

Also on the iPhone, why is there a little black dot by the camera lens?

Twitter | @9to5mac

The little black dot is a microphone for when you're taking video and not using the front camera.

Lego figures don't have to be stuck down by their feet.

Reddit | touchableuntouchable

Their knees will stick down, too. Maybe not the most useful tip, but still unexpected.

Who thinks to pick apart a pineapple like this?

Would I use this myself in the future? Probably not. Am I still fascinated? You bet.

It's entirely possible that lots of us knew about the Toblerone bear, but how this mom found out is still wonderful.

And so, so relateable. Kids are just like that, aren't they?

An 8 within an 8.

Reddit | iainmacg

Did you know there was an 8 hidden in the diamonds on the 8 of diamonds? Now you have NO excuse for not knowing what's in your hand the next time you play poker.

Same menus.

I was definitely today years old when I realized some Chinese restaurants use the same photos for their menus. It's genius — it's not like they're usually right next to each other, so how would most people notice?


This one might not be technically, totally, linguistically true, but it definitely makes a lot of sense, and thinking about it makes me feel like my brain is expanding.

"All Day Breakfast" now makes less sense.

This one is definitely true, and it's right there in the word itself if you just think about it for a minute. How did the English language get this one by us?

You're the whale's knees.

Twitter | @MeaghanDowling

Not only do Beluga whales have knees, but this is where a lot of mermaid sightings come from. I think it's time we reboot The Shape of Water, but put a Beluga in there instead.

They like their space up there in Canada.

Canada might be geographically one of the biggest countries on Earth, but their population is dwarfed by the population of big US cities.

The best of both worlds.

Move over, Hannah Montana. Marvin the Martian is the new kid on the block with a rhyming name and a foot in the door in both worlds.

So THAT's why it looks like that.

Twitter | @gabrielalvper

It's not just a random, fancy, squiggly L for no reason — it's an actual staple that's been bent open! I've bent open enough staples when I'm bored that I really should've recognized this one.

Please, Mr. Cheese was my father.

Just call me Charles Entertainment. I was today years old when I realized that it was Chuck E. Cheese, not Chucky Cheese.

Leave me alone! I haven't been to one since I learned to read!

I won't budgie on this one.

Reddit | inky0210

The birds we call budgies are actually called budgerigars. We just call them budgie because it's much cuter, shorter, and because I'm not even really 100% sure how to pronounce any part of budgerigar.


This one should've been really obvious. Of course SpongeBob's parents are also sponges.

In our defense, Pearl is a whale and her dad is a crab. So stranger things have definitely happened in Bikini Bottom.

You've got a friend in me.

Twitter | @erinmallison97

I didn't even know Woody HAD a last name, let alone that it was Pride. This gives a whole new bonus meaning to celebrating Pride Month!

Green light go.

Twitter | @ronniezeidan1

This makes total sense when you think about it. I know some drivers who think the length of the yellow is based on how hard they hit the gas pedal trying to make it through.

Put that thing back where it came from.

Tumblr | iwtyo

W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet, and S is the 19th. 23-19 is W-S, which stands of White Sock. I wish all codes were this easy to crack.

A powerful Hollywood family in more ways than one.

Hollywood starlets and actresses Rooney and Kate Mara's family owns two different NFL teams. That's a family legacy you can really be proud of.

Watch out, Mr Krabs!

This is a little worrying when you think about the fact that Mr. Krabs IS a crab. It also makes me wonder what's really in a krabby patty, and why Mr. Krabs is so intent on keeping it a secret...

What does it mean, then? Oh... oh no...

This little nursery rhyme about our toes just got a lot sadder. I think I'll pass on having the pork chops tonight.

Who knew that these symbols would tell you how long things are good for after you open them?

Instagram | @suzysnest

It's like learning to decipher the secret laundry codes on clothing labels, right?

I chip it.

When we were kids, we never thought about all the fun puns in brand names, and they all hit us at once when we grow up.

No wonder he's so scary!

This reminds me of the fact that one of the severed heads in the background of an episode of Game of Thrones was actually an old discarded model of George W. Bush's head. The moral of the story is if you're a Hollywood figure with a mask made of you, watch out.