16+ Pictures That Make You Think A Little

Did you come here to look at some bland, self-explanatory pics, or did you come here to have your mind absolutely blown by a series of pics so inexplicable that they threaten to bend the space-time continuum? Well, these pics might not quite do that, but they're still far from boring.

Let that serve as a warning.

Reddit | EpicMomentGrape

It's hard to know the probability of a swatted mosquito filling (and completely filling) just one square of this screen. Really, the important thing is that there's one less mosquito in the world.

Fisher Price isn't afraid to shake things up.

Reddit | ogre_easy

Some classic toys stay the same forever. But evidently, at some point in the past 40 years, Fisher Price decided to boldly disrupt the baby toy industry by reversing the colors on its classic ring toy.

I have to go, my people need me.

Reddit | speqter

This incredible photo captures the microsecond that a bolt of lightning hits the water. But if you'd told me it was some kind of alien abduction beam coming down from the heavens, I'd probably believe you.

Pirates in a half shell.

Reddit | Rafo-A-vevo

It's downright weird how these turtles cast a reflection that looks uncannily like a pirate. It almost looks like Captain Jack Sparrow, or maybe an off-brand Captain Jack, if you squint.

Makes sense.

Reddit | co1063

I like this idea. Rather than labeling restrooms by gender, just identify the room's contents. I'd appreciate an even more detailed breakdown of sinks and hand dryers in order to plan an efficient visit.

A little goes a long way.

Reddit | FlamingWarPig

What you're looking at is two doses of insulin. Neither one looks particularly big, but the spoon on the left contains an appropriate dosage, while the one on the right contains enough to kill a person.

Good guy graffiti artist.


This artist chose to set up some plastic wrap to tag, rather than deface public property. It's a great story if you can ignore the amount of wasted plastic, and the fact that wasted plastic will be our downfall.

Speaking of plastic...


It feels like grocery shopping results in a lot of single-use plastics being...single-used. This Asian grocery store uses banana leaves, which are usually thrown away, to wrap produce.

WTF, U.S. mint?

Reddit | saberprophecy

I know a penny is basically worthless, but I've come to expect a certain degree of quality. I certainly expect to see the full one hundred percent of Lincoln's profile.

Your chickens are weird, man.

Reddit | Yeahboiiiii_

Eggs are all a little bit different, but this is taking things too far. Spherical eggs? I don't know why eggs are the shape they are, but it's the shape we're used to. It's fine.

It's totally SFW.

Reddit | raghav616

If you ever want a pic a dismembered body (for, y'know, reasons), all you need is a couple of good friends. There's no Photoshop and no actual dismemberment required!

It ain't much, but it's honest work.

Reddit | dysmorphic-dietcoke

This 1982 photo shows a wheat field right in the middle of Manhattan. It's not like Manhattan was really being farmed in 1982 though, as this was part of an art exhibit.

They entered the anti-gravity cheat.

Reddit | awwyouknow

This is enough to make you do a double-take, until you realize it's probably just the result of people walking on the beam back when it was laid on the ground. Probably.

A picture says a thousand words.


If you've ever wanted to enthusiastically grab something that's pulsing with electricity with both hands, just remember that this poor mouse died to show you why it's such a bad idea.

Sweet ride.

Reddit | mossberg91

We're looking at a bunch of different metals, some rubber, fibers, glass and other random materials. If you mix this all together and add some fluids, you'd be able to make a Volkswagen Beetle.

Squad goals.

Reddit | doublex12

If anyone's ever told you that something can't be done, just remind them that these six dudes were probably told at some point that it's dumb to make a canoe out of duct tape. But here we are.


Reddit | Torn_Victor

It's a little bit rude of this frog to leave its full body-prints along this car hood, but compared to the kinds of horrible things birds do to cars, it doesn't seem so bad.

A tad hyperbolic.

Reddit | bschn100

This catchy headline just draws attention to the fact that lemonade stands are illegal in some areas. Don't worry, though — Country Time lemonade was decriminalized years and years ago.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

Reddit | kayxlash

Losing a pet is heartbreaking, but it's part of being a pet owner. This German shepherd has lost a pal, but now they're ready to tutor the next generation of rare puppers.

You had one job.

Reddit | TherealZiggy

Two calculators, one equation, two different results. What gives? I'd give the edge to the old-school scientific calculator on the right, just because it seems so much authoritative than a phone app.

Out, darn smudge!

Reddit | celebi1023

Have you ever noticed your fingerprints leave smudges over the numbers that are actually in your passcode? This keypad randomizes where the numbers are every time, so there's no smudges to use as a way to hack in.

The perfect slurpee.

Reddit | omg_itsryan_lol

The hardest part of mixing slurpee flavors is that you never get a perfect mix. Unless you're this person, of course, who managed to get a perfectly evenly distributed amount of each flavor in his straw.

No one has to argue over the window seat anymore.

Reddit | Nazulle

In Japan, they have train seats that all face outwards so that everyone can see the scenery as the train moves. Every train needs to be like this, stat!

The guy who created the webs on a dollar bill is on the bill.

Reddit | fozzythemexican

No, not that guy! There's a teeny tiny spider hanging out on the top right corner of the bill, and that little guy is the one responsible for the webbing.

Cool beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Reddit | luckeh11

At first glance this just looks like a pipe was painted to match the wall —but that's not all. The pipe was also painted to match the shadows on the wall, so the blue gets darker as it goes up. Cool!

Takes a minute.

Reddit | cmspencer

At first you think, "Oh no! That license plate is askew!" But then you realize, "Ohhh. No, that license plate IS askew!"

A new kind of graffiti.

Reddit | Magic_phil

This thoughtful vandal didn't leave an initial in a way that would be hard to get rid of — he used string to create a 3D illusion on a chain link fence.

Shame! Shame! Shame!

Reddit | Personal_Lubrication

This newspaper has a unique way of dealing with businesses that don't pay for their advertising, and it's called public shame.

Anti-staff picks.

Reddit | lexxmasta

This library has a table of "anti-staff picks" where the staff can rant about books they don't like and wouldn't recommend. What a fun way to add a little spice to the library!