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Mermaid Life Jackets For Dogs Transform Your Pooch Into A Dazzling Sea Dweller

I'm not exactly sure why we're so fascinated with dressing our pets up in ridiculous outfits, but I'll be the first to admit my dog has worn more than his fair share of costumes. In my defense, he looks incredible in everything and he deserves to live his best life, whether that be as a doggy cowboy, a bumble bee, or Santa Paws.

But while all those instances of playing dress-up really only served to delight me and satisfy my own interests, there is one outfit you can give your dog that could actually help save their life.

These mermaid life jackets will turn your doggy into the sea enchantress they were always meant to be.


Oh, and keep their head above water, of course.

According to People, these fabulous jackets are courtesy of the product brand Albara and will keep dogs safe while they're paddling through the water this summer. Not every dog is an Olympic swimmer and these will definitely give us a little peace of mind while we're in the lake or pool.

The jackets are designed to fit your dog snugly and act as a flotation device while they're in the water.


With the addition of some glittering, brightly colored scales, and a finned mermaid tail, these jackets will also give you something to coo over while you witness your impossibly adorable "mer-dog" paddle around in the water.

Each outfit features a neck pad to keep your pooch's head firmly supported, plus adjustable belt straps.


According to the listing on Amazon, the jackets are designed to be easily put on and taken off, and feature PVC rubber material for easy drying. There's also plenty of foam so you can rest easy knowing your dog is fully supported and floating.

"The design concept is to put your beloved pet's safety first," the description reads.

The jackets are offered in three colors to suit your specific dog's mermaid look.

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Personally, I know my dog would absolutely shine as a blue mermaid, but they also come in green, orange, and purple. The listing also promises that the colors won't fade after washing or use, so your doggy can stay bright and vibrant all summer long.

Each jacket costs about $24.99 with the price varying slightly depending on the size.


A quick glance at the reviews shows plenty of happy customers, with one person writing that now their dog can match their daughter while the two swim in their identical mermaid outfits.

Another wrote that the jackets are "super sparkly under the sun" and helped their dog "learn how to swim on her first kayaking/paddle boarding trip."

Honestly, this one seems like a win-win for me. You can keep your dog safe this summer while also turning them into an adorable little mermaid. What more could you want?

h/t: People