15 Items That Prove Celebrities Have No Concept Of Money

The price tags on celebrity purchases are so extravagant that they rarely phase me. Not because I'm unimpressed, but because the dollar amount is so far from my financial reality that it almost doesn't seem real.

However, I am shook by (in my opinion) totally ridiculous celebrity purchases. But hey, it's their money.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger bought a M47 Patton tank.

YouTube | MegaBots Inc

If one action star were to buy a military-grade vehicle, I would have guessed it'd be Arnold. The M47 Patton is a vintage tank, but most modern ones cost upwards of $1 million.

2. Nicolas Cage bought a dinosaur skull for $276,000.

Nicolas Cage actually scooped this artifact up and out of Leonardo DiCaprio's hands in a bidding war. However, it turned out to be stolen, and Nicolas had to return it. #awks

3. Beyoncé and Jay-Z bought Blue Ivy a $50,000 Barbie doll.

Instagram | @beyonce

For her first birthday, Blue Ivy was given a diamond-embellshed Barbie doll.

And that's all I'm going to say, because I'm worried Bey's fans will come for me.

4. Lil' Wayne bought $150,000 diamond teeth.

No, not grillz, teeth. That means Lil Wayne's diamond chompers are in there for lyfe. And because I know you were wondering: he brushes them with good ol' fashioned Colgate.

5. Elon Musk bought James Bond's $997,000 submarine car.

Wikia | Wikia

The Tesla founder creates forward-thinking electric cars, so this purchase kind of makes sense.

Elon plans on upgrading the prop so he can "make it transform for real." Cool!

6. Lil' Jon bought a $500,000 "Crunk Ain’t Dead” chain.

The chain even broke the Guinness World Record for largest diamond pendant. Sooo... what's the word on crunk's current existence? Anybody? No one?

7. Paris Hilton bought a $325,000 dog house.

Instagram | @parishilton

This fine piece of doggy real estate features two floors, air conditioning, and comes fully furnished with designer pieces.

It's also probably larger (definitely nicer) than most people's first-year dorm room.

8. Shaquille O'Neal bought three Bentleys on a whim.

Instagram | @shaq

Shaq actually bought the cars after a salesmen taunted him about looking unable to afford a single Bentley.

Unfortunately, Shaq couldn't fit inside in the cars, which together cost about $1 million.

9. Tinie Tempah bought $37,500 Back to the Future sneakers.

RapperTinie Tempah must be a huge Marty McFly fan.The best part about this purchase? All the proceeds went to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

10. Elton John spent $382,000 on flowers.

Instagram | @eltonjohn

I kind of love this. The only sad part is that flowers die.

"I like to spend money. It's my money to spend," said Elton on his purchasing habits.

Fair point, sir.

11. Lady Gaga spent $47,000 on an electromagnetic field meter.

Bloody Disgusting | Bloody Disgusting

If you didn't know, Lady Gaga claims there's a ghost, Ryan, who follows her around on tour.

Seems fair, since she scared the living daylights out me in American Horror Story: Hotel.

12. Bono bought a $1,300 plane ticket — for his hat.

Instagram | @u2

After forgetting his hat in London, Bono paid for it to be flown first class back to him in Italy.

What a blessed hat.

13. Daniel Radcliffe spent close to $20,000 on a mattress.

Wikimedia Commons | Wikimedia Commons

But it's hard to judge him too much for this purchase because it's just so much more practical than the others on this list.

We hope it's more comfortable than the cupboard under the stairs.

14. Victoria Beckham bought a $33,000 iPhone.


One thing is for sure, she is definitely living up to the name Posh Spice.

The custom phone is 24-carat gold — and at that price, we hope the reception is amazing.

15. Tyrese Gibson bought his daughter an island for Christmas.

Instagram | @tyrese

Following the Christmas theme, Tyrese Gibson bought his 8-year-old daughter the largest thing on our list — a chunk of land.

At 8, I was stoked with a Game Boy Color, but alright.

16. Kim Basinger bought a freakin' town. 

Wikimedia Commons | Wikimedia Commons

That's normal, right?

The actress bought the town for $20 million and planned to build a film studio with tourist attractions.

She should probably stick to acting, because less than five years later she filed for bankruptcy and sold the town at a huge loss.

17. Mike Tyson bought his wife a $2 million bathtub.

Wikimedia Commons | Wikimedia Commons

And we're guessing that he used it to bathe in his money...

Seriously, that bathtub better have had some serious extra features to be worth that price tag!

18. Tom Cruise spent $200,000 on what?!


A sonogram machine. At least, that's how much they can cost.

Err...it's one thing to be excited about becoming a dad, but did he even know how to use it? It's even weirder that the machine was a gift for his then-fiancée Katie Holmes.

19. Steven Spielberg bought a sled for $60,500.

Wikimedia Commons | Wikimedia Commons

Okay, so it was the sled from Citizen Kane, but that's still a lot of money for what's basically a toy.

We are guessing he's a fan of the classic flick and not just a sled enthusiast.

20. Kayne West bought how many Burger Kings? 


We still don't understand why Kayne bought Kim Kardashian _10 _Burger King franchises as a wedding present.

I mean, nothing quite says romance like burgers and fries, right?

21. Kesha spends a few thousand on glitter each month.

Instagram | @iiswhoiis

In a 2001 interview, Kesha admitted to buying an art store's worth of glitter every few weeks.

Sounds like a lot of fun, tbh.

22. And finally, Amanda Seyfried bought a dead horse! 


Famous people really do spend their money on strange things...

The Mean Girls actress allegedly spotted a taxidermied mini horse while promoting one of her movies, and she just had to have it.

23. Floyd Mayweather got a tiger for Christmas.

Instagram | @floydmayweather

Technically Floyd didn't buy this tiger himself, but he must have asked for it, right?

I mean, if someone just gave me a tiger I'd be like, um, no thank you.

So, y'all wanna share some of that wealth?

Not to seem needy, but if Jay-Z can afford a $50,000 Barbie, I think he can lend me $20 the next time I @ him on Twitter.LIKE if you agree!