16+ Adorable Animals Who Are Living It Up

There's so many pictures of animals on the web that it takes special cuteness, talent or strangeness to stand out. Luckily, we're connoisseurs of cute pet pictures, we're like curators of the gigantic museum that is the internet and we've collected the most captivating and uplifting animals for your viewing pleasure.

This dog's name is Eclipse and she takes the downtown bus by herself to play at the dog park.

Reddit | seattlecitymisfit

She even has her very own bus pass attached to her collar. I'm pretty sure this dog has it together more than we do.

A kindly Oregon Zoo handler escorted this elephant around the zoo to see her fellow exhibits.

Reddit | gallowboob

If you can't tell from the giant smile on her face, the sea lions were her favorite. her name is Chendra and she was rescued from where she was injured in Malaysia.

Her name is Frida and she's a rescue dog who's saved over 50 lives.

Reddit | angmew

There's nothing cuter than a dog with a job and this one rescues people from the rubble during earthquakes.

When you're cold blooded, you take any warmth you can get.

Reddit | rancor_emperor

Does this qualify as a sweater or a blanket? A snake Snuggie? A Snakie? Whatever the case, this little guy changes my opinion on snakes.

They say pets look like their owners and this picture proves it.

Reddit | thegospelofmark

Apparently, the dog's name is Ben and they attract a lot of bewildered looks going about their daily commute.

You can tell that these pups love the snow like fish love water.

Reddit | kingk7

They have so much fur, they probably need freezing temperatures before they can even relax and be comfortable.

This cat and dog are partners and crime and they have guilt written all over them.

Reddit | operationnos

Any pet owner knows the logical next step is to find whatever it is that they broke.

This dog has a better sense of fashion than most of our friends.

Reddit | send_tit_pics

Apparently, a shop owner loved this Scottish terrier so much that she knit him his very own hat.

"Yarr, be there any milk bones or leftovers for this scalawag?" 

Reddit | deemandaniels

If you're anything like us, this picture has motivated you to buy a costume for your pet on Halloween.

That's one scary looking but incredibly cute cat being rescued from a fire.

Reddit | darkwolf301

It kind of looks like it started the fire and is screaming at everyone.
"Put me down, I must finish what I started!"

Apparently this dog isn't allowed on the couch at the office.

Reddit | ebbp

Dogs are just like kids, they're super cute, have endless energy and are always finding a way to bend the rules.

We love the idea of more 'beware of dog' signs.

Reddit | bakedwafflez

Beware of the dog: He's kinda weird
Beware of the dog: He is very needy and will make you pet him
Beware of the dog: He will beg for food nonstop

She volunteered at the local shelter and her good karma paid off immediately.

Reddit | deleted

Shelters should raise money by offering ten minute cuddle sessions, where you're buried by a swarm of puppies.

Prayers do get answered sometimes.

Reddit | jdhyzak

It doesn't hurt to have a face like that, of course. This clever customer has figured out to do this pose when she wants a treat, and could you say no to that?

When you have the car alpac'd up for a good time!

Sorry, that's a unicorn. So not used to seeing such rare and majestic beasts hanging out in traffic.

Would you rather have a pit viper or a peakaboo parakeet?

Reddit | furkantopal

The boldest birbs get the warmest spots — if they don't mind braving a little stink, of course.

Pure innocence has never looked so suspect.

And so like humans! What do you do when you know you've been caught? Freeze like the middle of a microwave dinner!

That's a more formal look than we're used to seeing for back-to-school.

Reddit | Calebrityy

But hey, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, right? And it's hard to ask anyone to make a better impression than a penguin in a backpack.

Now this is the lap of luxury.

The only thing that could be better is an actual lap, I'm sure. But I don't think we can shed too many tears for Maya here, with her own log cabin dog house.

Blanket forts are the best, for humans and kitties alike.

Reddit | Heart-Bubbles

However, it doesn't look like this kitty has invited anybody else into its little fortress of solitude.

When you're a star and you know it.

A face like that deserves to be recognized. And if there's any doubt as to who's in charge in that family, you're not paying attention.

This tired rhino is resting his head in a tire and he looks just like a dog falling asleep with a toy in their mouth.

Reddit | tubbytucker

"Hello, zoo, I'd like to adopt a rhino. No, I am not joking."

If sharing is caring, this pooch has a heart of gold.

Reddit | GallowBoob

Stopped in traffic, he pulled out his favorite toy to show it off to the dog in the next car over. Such a proud pup!

Angels do exist!

I think the wings were always there, the ones off the internet are just the ones everyone can see.

One of these things is not like the other.

Reddit | teccsupport

Or maybe the buck thinks it's a dog?
"I'm accepted by the dogs and I have a dog bed, so I must be a dog."

Closing the gate isn't the end of the world for this pair.

Reddit | Import

Now here's the question: would you ever be able to just walk past if those two snouts were sticking out? Yeah, us neither.

If you needed more proof that dogs are just like us, this golden retriever likes relaxing on the roof.

Reddit | GallowBoob

Huckleberry is the dog's name name and breaking hearts is his game.

Oh, those golden days of summer!

This lazy pooch isn't just a dog; she's also a mood. And an inspiration! Anybody else want to skip out on work and go lay in a stream?

Speaking of summer fun...

Reddit | allsickswarley

Do you ever wish you enjoyed anything as much as a dog can enjoy a water gun? Because, same.

That's no moon...

Reddit | homeyaay

But it is a bit of a puzzle as to how this kitty got in there — and how it's going to get out again. But hey, great pic for the ages there.