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24 Adorable Dogs That Just Learned Why Bees Are Not Snacks

I have two small puppers and I love them to pieces, but no matter how clever they may seem to be, they aren't all that bright.

My friends with toddlers often marvel at how similar our stories of shenanigans are, but at least theirs will grow out of it.

But one place dogs have toddlers beat is that bee stings are somehow adorable and hilarious! So I've collected a bunch of unfortunate puppers and even have some tips for how to help your own pooch if they get stung.

At least you can usually trust a toddler not to think a bee is food.

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Most bee-related meals involve catching it in flight.

So can you really blame the poor bug for freaking out? Like, giant, toothy jaws are closing in on you suddenly and all you can do is panic and fight back with your one line of defence.

Huskys often look grumpy, but this guy's taking no guff.

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It's really hard to take him seriously with that giant snoot, though.

Yes, you can expect that the farther down into this list of cuteness I get, the more doggo lingo will creep in.

Puffy snoots are a common result of eating a bee.

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Thankfully, most stings don't require a trip to the vet and can be safely treated at home.

This shiba inu's whole face has gone poof.

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The first step is to figure out what kind of insect did the stinging. Sometimes it's obvious, like they stepped on a wasp nest, but sometimes it was just a single stray bee.

There is so much upper lip in this pic.

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Since bees leave their stingers behind, you need to remove it ASAP, because the venom will continue to be released. The sooner you get it out, the better.

D'aww, this little pupperino learned their lesson young.

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Just like you would if you were stung, soothe the site to reduce itchiness and swelling. Though, of course, medicated human salves may not be safe for doggos.

This doggo is either angry or really sleepy from the antihistamines.

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Luckily, a cheap, dog-safe option is probably in your pantry: baking soda. Just mix with some water to create a paste.

Some puffy dogs end up looking like entirely different breeds.

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If you're dealing with an unfortunate number of stings, you can mix up a soothing oatmeal bath instead.

Look how sad this pupper is after stepping on a wasp.

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But her human has given her a nice way to soothe the itchy little paw.

This doggo somehow turned into a bull terrier after being stung.


Depending on your pooch's personality, you may need to find a creative way to apply the salve and keep it there.

This may be the angle, the the snoot looks bigger than the doggo's head!

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If the dog keeps trying to lick the site, then a cone of shame might be required.

This doggo seems to be passing the blame onto his human.

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"Mahm! Why didn't you tell me that was an ouchie snack?!"

This smol pupper just wants some comfort.

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An ice pack on the affected area will help reduce the swelling.

I also hear that pizza crusts and bacon help too, but my dog started those rumors, so take them with a grain of salt.

Aww, this little guy got turned into a potato.

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Dogs can be given the same basic antihistamines as humans, as long as no other special ingredients are included. So avoid "no drowsy" or other variations.

"Mahm, I stepped on a bee and I am very unhappy about it."

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I always keep a box of classic Benadryl around in case of stings or other allergic reactions. If your dog has special medical needs, you should check with a vet first, though.

Stings around the eyes are so much sadder to see.

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When giving your dog Benadryl, the general rule is 1mg per pound, 2-3 times per day. So you'll need to chop up the pills for smaller dogs.

It's also important to take lots of pictures of the aftermath. You know, for science.

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If the dog's snout is particularly swollen, you may need to switch to soft food until it's comfortable for them to chew again.

Those eyes say sadness, but this pupperino can't help but smile.

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If your dog is on a special diet or wet food isn't right for them, you can also soak their kibble with some water to soften it before serving.

He's probably stressed out, but this guy somehow still looks cheerful.

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Of course, there's always a chance of a bad reaction, so there are signs you should look for that mean a vet is needed.

You might see some redness too, especially on light-colored dogs.


A big warning is if the swelling appears to be making it hard for the pupper to breathe.

Dogs aren't the only pets to get stung, like this cat with a swollen chin.

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Another sign you should go right to the vet is hives on the body, since they can be a sign of a much more severe reaction.

This doggo's big, wide-set eyes really make me want to give them a cuddle.

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If your doggo is drooling a lot more than usual, it could also be a sign on internal swelling preventing them from swallowing the saliva.

I don't know how much of this is due to the perspective, but it's incredible.

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Other signs of a dangerous reaction are extreme agitation, vomiting or diarrhea, dizziness, or seizures.

For reactions that bad, veterinarians have treatments much more powerful than Benadryl.

But remember: always take lots of pictures. For, you know, evidence or something.

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It can be hard to prevent these sorts of stings without forcing your dog to spend all their time indoors. Keeping them on a leash so that they can't rush through flower beds and keeping an eye out for hives to avoid can help, though.

Thanks to VCA for the tips!

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