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23 Hacks For People Who Just Want To Live Their Life

When life gives you lemons, what do you do with them? Obviously, you turn them into something dope to make your life a bit better. That might be lemonade, or it could be a super cool cleaning solution that'll cut your cleaning time in half.

The best hacks are the ones that are the simplest. The ones that help you live your life to the fullest, even if the hack might seem a bit ridiculous. These people? They just wanted to live their best lives, and these hacks helped them do just that.

1. Movie theater popcorn is pretty great, but it's even better if you can get the butter into the middle of the bag.

Reddit | Reddit

Insert this genius hack that I need to try next time I go to the movies.

2. Use a screw and pliers to get the cork out of a wine bottle.

Reddit | NotsoGreatsword

I don't drink wine with a cork very often, but when I do, I'm often screwed without a corkscrew.

3. When you live in a tiny place, your kitchen space is usually quite compromised.

Reddit | Rekordea

This is even worse if there is more than one cook in the kitchen. This is pretty darn smart.

4. Not everyone can own those fancy AF taco holders.

Reddit | Rekodea

But who needs them when you can just use a standard old fork instead? I like to think of this as classy, not trashy.

5. And if your hard taco has lots of stuff falling out of it, just put a soft taco on your plate.

Twitter | @Cowles_Ford

Then you get to eat all the tasty goodness a second time. YUM!

6. This is one of my go-to hacks because I own a lot of old things.

Twitter | @TitusWillToyota

I've been trying to get this ugly AF fabric off my dining room chairs, but the screws just would not come out. Thankfully, my job is to write about hacks, so I literally have a solution for everything.

7. When I moved into my current apartment and learned that we had a gas burner stove, I was stoked.

Twitter | @angelinadzp

And while they are amazing to cook on, I really just wanted s'mores whenever the heck I want.

8. Get a cheap banana and a cheap vanilla frosty from Wendy's and you've got yourself a tasty treat.

Twitter | @TheGodonghae

Frosties are pretty great on their own, but I can only imagine one with banana would be to die for.

9. I've seen a ton of hacks to get toothpaste through the tube, but this one is new to me.

Twitter | @FAR11AAN

But when you think about it, it's absolutely genius and we should have been doing this ages ago.

10. I've never seen or heard a light bulb break, but I've heard it's pretty startling.

Twitter | @BeverlyBurrey

And then you have to try and get it out of its socket? This potato hack is genius!

11. I don't wear contacts anymore, but when I did, I was always forgetting my carrying case when I spent the night elsewhere.

Twitter | @radrabbits

If you keep some plastic bags with solution in them on you at all times, you won't forget!

12. If your teacher has a strict no headphones policy, you should give this a try instead.

Twitter | @FactsOfSchool

You will probably look bored AF and possibly like you don't know a single question on the quiz, but at least you'll have your music.

13. And if you tend to lose your earbuds, put them in an empty hand sanitizer key chain.

Twitter | @sabrinalkhysy

You can add them to your keys, so you won't forget them next time you head out!

14. I swear, this hack has been around as long as the internet.

Twitter | @bryanbaise

I love eating Oreos, but I have to admit that dunking my fingers in my milk is less than ideal.

Now I really, really want some Oreos, dammit.

15. Apparently, Starbucks will give you coffee grounds for your garden for free.

Twitter | @ki11deer

This is great if you love to garden, but it's also great if you want to score some free coffee.

16. This happened to me at an airport recently.

Reddit | iam1whoknocks

I needed to charge my phone but the only outlet was too far up the wall to rest my phone anywhere. I stood there holding it while it charged, but this could work.

17. If you want to avoid getting wall dust all over the place when you drill, use a sticky note to catch the mess.

Reddit | AlexFieire

It might seem silly, but you'll be thanking your lucky stars when you don't have to pull out the vacuum next.

18. Binder clips are a great way to stack bottles in your fridge.

Pr9gramm | Pr9gramm

While my fridge might be made up of 90% beer, this actually works with any kind of bottles that are taking up too much space.

19. Instead of buying ice packs, why not just use frozen water bottles?

Looks Like Homemade | Looks Like Homemade

You're going to need water anyways, so you might as well kill two birds with one stone and do it this way.

20. Pad the inside of a reusable bag with bubble wrap to insulate it.

Pinterest | Pinterest

I have no idea what the science behind this is, but if Pinterest says it works, then I believe it.

21. If you're a college student or basically have an adult-sized Easy-Bake Oven, this one's for you.

Reddit | will_evans10199

Apparently you can cook pasta in a coffee maker.

You can't make this stuff up.

22. Laptop hinge broken?

Reddit | griffinonthego

Have no fear — you will be back to streaming in no time!

Just tape the backing of a picture frame to the back of your laptop and it should stand up better than ever before!

23. I...wow.

Reddit | bobachella

I guess a Yankee Candle lid fits perfectly over small sauce cans, and I'm stunned by this discovery to say the least.

24. This man just wants to eat his popcorn as easily and mess-free as possible!

Reddit | jigz2k3

We need to all get ourselves a popcorn hoodie.

25. Goodbye scummy cold queso dip.

Reddit | cjslc1

Keeping warm dip on a candle warmer is next level genius.

26. Can't decide on one sandwich?

Reddit | WaWaCrAtEs

Create nine different kinds in one! Each spread and flavor combo gets their moment.

27. Where there's a will, there's a way!

Reddit | NugBug420

This might only work for hot dogs, but it still deserves it's moment to shine.

28. This Baby Yoda cookie cutter hack blew up this past December.

Reddit | Jessika0800

It's sort of morbid, but to create the perfect Baby Yoda shape, you have to chop off the head of an angel cookie cutter.

It's so worth it in the end!

29. Warm your cream cheese or butter without melting it by resting it on the toaster you're using.

Instagram | @mysticpizzaho

These are the things that make me wonder how I never came up with this idea myself!

30. Cork stuck?

Reddit | itsalltucci

Not anymore!

Let them drink wine!

31. This looks like a travel pillow, right?

Twitter | @CorndogJames

Well, it is now! This smart Twitter user drank an entire bag of boxed wine, then blew up the bag so he could use it as a travel pillow on his next flight. Uhh, genius much?

32. Ice cubes will get rid of the indents in your carpet.

Rent Fluff | Rent Fluff

I have carpeted floors (which I hate with a passion), and I had no idea there was an easy way to get these marks out! Ice cubes will give moisture back into the carpet to help the fibers go back to normal.

33. If you tend to drop your stuff a lot and are really sad when your makeup breaks, this hack is for you.

Twitter | @BaysideTanning

Use a cotton pad inside the container to give it a little padding when it falls.

Whoa, that's a lot of pretty awesome hacks.

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