24 People Whose Lives Are Actually LOL-Worthy

Tell me, is there a better way to start your day than with a laugh? I think not. And if there is a better way, it's probably something yummy combined with laughing, and I can't really argue with that. Unless, of course, you're finishing your day... Okay, basically what I'm getting at is that laughter is always good, so read on, my friends. Read on.

1. I get that this is clearly looked at in emergencies, but it would just make me laugh

Reddit | terminatorgeek

Which would at least get my mind off of the stress of an evacuation. And running seems like a good idea, I guess.

2. Whoever owns this...store? Restaurant? Whatever it was, it was level-10 clever, but might be out of business now?

Imgur | Jerrinq

They saw the chance to create the best sign and business name, and they ran with it. Forever giving the LOLs to anyone who walks by.

3. Is it bad that my first reaction to this was wanting a slightly larger piece of cake?

Reddit | ThisIsTrix

But okay, if someone hands you this piece of cake, you just have to laugh —while giving them some side-eye and maybe plotting revenge.

4. This is how you go from healthy to real sick, real fast

Know Your Meme | Know Your Meme

I don't know who taught this person to cook, but I'm going to need them to step up and teach them how wrong they are. Preferably before they eat this.

5. Points for creativity and making it less awkward than it could be?

Reddit | DarraghOc95

Or maybe making it so awkward that everyone laughs anyway, because what else do you do when you see this?

6. This girl just wanted to see if the song was actually telling the truth all these years  

Imgur | Imgur

And I can't say I really blame her. But if this actually worked, I would so not be single.

7. Yes, I chuckled at this. Yes, dad jokes are the way to my heart

Reddit | dukethedemon

No matter how lame they are, I will always find them amusing. I wonder how they fixed that leek, though — it's a big one.

8. I like the way this person thinks

Me.me | Me.me

And I would totally be down to do the same thing if I ever attended the gym. But I do not. I'm more of a real chocolate sauce kind of person.

9. And this is why you can't believe everything you read, especially when it's not your language

Imgur | hithereimTsukuyomi

Because I'm pretty sure LOL translates into quite a few languages and means the same thing.

10. LOL, okay, but I would love it if all my meals were plated like this

Instagram | @will_ent

But maybe that's because I would spend every minute I have watching The Food Network if I could.

11. And they say we don't learn anything from video games, hah!

Imgur | Venzzyy

Banana peels don't stand a chance against me, and I know better than to go too fast around sharp corners.

12. I guess you can never be too prepared for when you want to add a little spice to your life

Reddit | stargazingmissfit

Even if that means looking like some sort of hot sauce cowboy in the meantime.

13. Because the only appropriate reaction to a room full of popcorn is laughter

Instagram | @tampons

And then to eat so much that you never want to see (or smell) it ever again.

14. Tbh, I'm going to make an executive decision and say that the things some people consider "the worst" are kinda what makes us the best

Imgur | zeeganz

Because what other generation could pull off all this?

15. Oh, Drunk Kath, you and Drunk Bri would get along oh-so well

Instagram | @omgthisissous

I once had a bottle of wine with a friend and then promptly ordered a $40 lipstick. From Australia.

16. Laughing out of fear is a thing, right?

Reddit | Bear6677

Because what else can you do when you go to make yourself a snack and there's a bear that's really into sharing.

17. Dave's mom makes sure that he has the most memorable celebrations, year after year

Reddit | ggbuttstead

And sure, the wording might be a little harsh, but I'm sure it comes from a place of love.

18. That time The Office and a streaming service collided to make things a little too real for the viewer 

Reddit | FannyFrustrater

I think I would only be nervous laughing at this, because it's a little too creepy.

19. This driver is just trying to look out for any driver looking to get ahead

Reddit | xxshadowraidxx

Now that's a truly honorable person, out there paving the road with good intentions.

20. All these vanity plates out there trying to make me laugh, but this accidental one is the most hilarious

Instagram | @tampons

But I can also see why she would want to get that changed ASAP.

21. Hmm, it seems like it only takes a few simple markings to do wonders for our confidence.

Reddit | DalaiMontana

I suppose I'll know if I'm ready when I try this and manage to keep my stride while people yell stuff at me from their cars.

22. Something tells me that actually tasting it is the fastest way in the world to kill that curiosity.

Reddit | P0L4RD0G3

I'm also kind of wondering what the TSA agents would say if we actually put that request in.

I mean, they shouldn't care because it doesn't involve trying to get anything weird on plane, but it might make them start worrying about us.

23. Based on this guy's facial expression and choice of passenger, I'm feeling serious FOMO about the adventure he's on.

Reddit | THATGVY

I'm not sure where he's going or what he's doing, but it looks as wacky as we've ever dreamed of.

Take me with you!

24. I'm actually pretty impressed that this person's even able to play the guitar like this.

Reddit | winlag

Sure, I understand that it's more about muscle memory than actually being able to see what you're doing, but their muscles can't be used to doing it this way, right?

25. I feel like we need to explain Neapolitan ice cream to somebody here.

Reddit | Deegz05

And by "we," I mean "you" because based on the way they've crossed out these flavors, they seem pretty serious about what they did here.

26. As big surprises go, this curious fella is definitely one of the more adorable ones we could think of.

Reddit | Abibak

Seeing it dip in its trunk into the pot almost makes me want to adopt this elephant, but I'm smart enough to know that's a bigger job than I can handle.

27. I support the youth, including when they're making mighty armor out of tubas.

Reddit | Zakamu666

However, even the iffy quality of this photo doesn't do much to hide the extreme disappointment on this band teacher's face.

It seems your brass battle is over, young one.

28. Ah, yes. A faithful rendition of this perfectly picturesque scene.

Reddit | its_knighttime

All this young artist needs now is a fridge to hang this on next to that drawing of a dog in sunglasses that the sun (also wearing sunglasses) is shining brightly down on.

29. It's often hard to tell how long some of the weirdest stuff in thrift stores has been there, but this probably won't last long.

Reddit | stewundies

After all, it seems like exactly the kind of thing someone would impulsively buy to the horror of their roommates. Someone like me.

30. I have to know what kind of messed-up noises this car was making to warrant this response?

Reddit | eskimoexplosion

To be fair, I'm not sure what other option I could conceivably go with if my car suddenly started regaling me with all the graphic things it imagines my mother doing.

31. I'm just going to give you a second to soak in the hilarity that is this person's watch

Reddit | ObviousAttitude

Yeah? You get it? Diply would never let you down with my LOL-worthy pictures — not on my watch!

32. Don't know if they pay a good amount of dough, but how could you say no to a workplace that knows what's up?

Reddit | chelsealrp

Any shop that pulls off puns like this is made after my own heart.

33. This is LOL-worthy and also an excellent way to pass the time while waiting in the car — is there anything better?

Might result in a pretty dirty window, but who cares?

34. The resemblance is pretty perfect, and honestly,an eyelash curler can sometimes be just as scary

Reddit | croweschmo

If one of those little gadgets gets into unprepared or unskilled hands, then watch out!

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