16 Hilarious Times People Beat The System

Is the man always tryin' to keep you down? Are you tired of society's "rules" or the "laws of nature"? Well, I say it's high time we figure out how to live how we want! At least, to a certain degree — I mean, we're all about jokes here.

So, the people we're looking at today are ones who had the funniest ways of "beating the system" that we've seen in a while! Check it out and have a laugh!

1. Sometimes, you gotta put your personal touch on takeout.

Instagram | @kalesalad

You can't just always trust an employee to get your order just the way you like it — so this person took matters into their own hands!

2. Just a little social media finessing can go a long way.

Instagram | @kalesalad

The fact that you can edit whatever you write on a post means that you can pretty much get people to say anything.

3. Other people, however, have gone a bit less subtle. 

Twitter | @worldstar

This is what people had to do in the days before digital cameras, snapchat, etc. Probably not a great call, since everyone at Walgreens will be able to peep your booty.

4. This student has become a master.

Twitter | @worldstar

I wish I had thought of this when I was in college. Although, they probably wouldn't be able to change a 65 to a 90 as easily.

5. This dude is like the Dr. Frankenstein of cars!

Instagram | @will_ent

Stitching together the living parts of two dead vehicles definitely sounds like what would happen if Tim Burton directed the next Pixar Cars movie.

6. We all need an innovator like this in our lives!

Instagram | @gods.pen.is

Nothing's worse than having your butt frozen to the seat after pushing a porcelain punisher first thing in the morning.

7. I think kids have a natural ability to cheat the system.

Imgur | OctopussSevenTwo

Like, this little dude is just super clever. Can't blame a guy for knowing the rules and using 'em!

8. That being said, moms are also experts at the game.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I mean, those kids gotta learn it from somewhere, right? This mom had an amazing plan that only a parent could pull off!

9. So, we're not supposed to say anything too negative in our senior quotes, huh? No worries.

Imgur | eduncipation

Hey, all she's really doing is mentioning her favorite moment from The Office, right?

10. If you're clever enough, you can turn pretty much any situation on its head.

Instagram | @unilad

Eating healthy, like, that's all a matter of perspective, isn't it? Either way, now I want pizza.

11. Some people have pretty unconventional methods of dealing with the little things in life.

Twitter | @shiku___

But hey, when it works, it works, amirite? Ya gotta protect that 50 shades of flavor!

12. I like this one since it combines pretty much my two favorite things — booze and burritos! 

Twitter | @jodiekinzzz

Be careful not to, like, actually bite into the bottle or anything, though.

13. Basically, anyone who can do a little math should be able to beat the system here.

Reddit | perknitty

Of course, this relies on the servers not realizing what you're trying to do when you order two half-liters, so maybe try it when things are busy.

14. Apparently, this doesn't always work with car boots, but opportunity seemed to knock for this guy.

Reddit | muyuu

They might have thought he was nuts for driving around with an entire extra wheel, but it turned out he was really crazy like a fox.

15. Not only did someone refuse to let this sign boss them around, but they accomplished something even more impressive.

Reddit | NanniLP

Namely, they found a use for one of those "fake outlet" stickers that doesn't make everybody instantly hate them.

That jerk who puts them on random walls in airports should take notes.

16. The more I hear about the system this person had to deal with, the happier I am that they beat it.

Reddit | Bearily619

Apparently, they held their control key down so they could have a "guilt free lunch" because their activity is being monitored.

So not only is every second of their day under some terrible productivity microscope, but their employer thinks they should feel guilty for taking lunch breaks that they're legally entitled to?

Who's their boss, a robot that time traveled from a dystopian future?

17. Apparently, the kid who sent this from camp accidentally got around the system by listing his house as the return address.

Reddit | beans3

So no matter what happens to this letter, it'll end up where it's supposed to. They always say that the best inventions were discovered by accident.

18. I don't know, I think he understands how photo booths work better than they think.

Reddit | Gubbinsss

I mean, the only thing a photo booth really has to offer you is that you can sit down while you get your picture taken.

This guy managed to do all that without paying.

19. There was a time when this probably would've worked on me, too.

Twitter | @trishaaaayyye

But somewhere along the line, I was somehow made aware that ULTA is a cosmetics store, so the window for this finessing is permanently closed.

Nice try, though.

20. This may not seem like a big victory, but there is actually a system that this guy beat.

Reddit | argonsteering

I was pretty sick while my family were on vacation once, so I just wanted some place to sit down while they explored this massive, ornate library.

So because they were playing Smash Brothers in the teen section, I decided to post up there and watch. I then got kicked out because they were really serious about only teens being allowed in that section.

This man fights my fight.

21. I'm not going to harsh someone for trying to make a living however they can, but this was still a pretty slick move.

Reddit | -read_it_on_reddit-

Even though nobody reads the license agreements on software they get, it definitely pays to read the fine print when it seems like someone's offering you money.

22. Presumably, the California DMV wouldn't let this person make "deez nuts" their license plate.

Reddit | Spunkyrats

However, it seems like whoever was standing in the way of this person's dreams wasn't as good at filling in the blanks as the rest of us. Victory!

23. Oh, what's that, kitty? You don't like all the attention this computer game is getting?

Reddit | northead

Well, you can lay on your owner's arm all you want, because neither this strategy nor that indignant stare is going to change a thing.

24. Given this guy's reputation, it's hard not to be a little suspicious of his correction here.

Twitter | @Daddyistwenty

I mean, it's so weird that the bank can't explain where that extra $42 million went. I'm sure this man really hopes they find it.

25. Whoever did this has got us there, I guess. They never did say how tall the walls in this maze are.

Reddit | boschkaa

I think I would at least have this person describe all the cool stunts they did to get to the end of the maze, though. Give me something here, buddy.

26. What's even better than the brilliant idea this dude cooked up is the really simple way he executed it.

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

Apparently, all he put into the band's Wikipedia page was "family David Spargo" and the security team totally fell for it.


27. Technically, this person gave them what they wanted. They just added a little hidden clause.

Reddit | BenSwolo66

And really, considering how much creativity had to go into this design, I think we can just let them have this one.

28. We've looked at one way someone snuck a drink into a venue, but this method would be even harder to spot.

Reddit | XtraLargePope

After all, even the type of person intense enough to actually try and unwrap their burrito might not have expected someone to actually hollow out bread for this purpose.

I think people use similar tricks to try and escape from prison.

29. Apparently, this weird skeleton guy is only here to get this guy in the carpool lane.

Reddit | VLPaulieB

I'm not sure that they kind of cop who would check for that sort of thing wouldn't be able to spot this, but I guess nobody has stopped the dad yet.

30. When neither of the options you're presented with are all that attractive, take every chance you can to carve out a third choice.

Reddit | KamilG225

I guess this depends on how it's enforced, but they are technically right that they aren't in either the towing zone or the zone where you have to pay.

I guess we'll know this worked if they put yet another sign up.

31. Job market got you down? Well, this guy took matters into his own hands!

Reddit | ClashOfTheEnder

I mean, I'd hire him. I don't even know what he does, I just admire the gusto!

32. You never know what's really going on, right?

Instagram | @kalesalad

Is the CIA spying on you through your medicine cabinet? Probably not, but it doesn't hurt to check. That's for the tip, internet!

33. Just 'cause your friend can't show up, doesn't mean he can't turn up!

Reddit | jaydunlop

Plus, everyone will think he lost a lot of weight...honestly, he's lost like, all of his body weight.

34. And, lastly, I guess the whole point of this list is to learn how to use your head.

Reddit | harris0n11

Because, when you do, you'll be able to defy nature itself! Like this noble fellow!

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