24 Pics That Are As Hilarious As They Are Real

The world is full of so many fake things...I'm just kidding. I'm not going to get all #RealTalk on you. I'm just here to help guide you into pages of giggle-worthy photos that will make your day that much better.

1. Honestly, just bless the aunt who printed these 

Reddit | OutbackBrah

You know she had the best intentions and just really liked the photos that you were throwing out into the Facebook world. Yes, she could share them with a click of a button, but that wouldn't be as precious.

2. Please know that if you're snapchatting in public, we do see you and we are judging you

Reddit | jiikim

I have done my fair share of Instagram stories in public, and I will never not be embarrassed by them. So you should be too.

3. I love The Rock more than I love most people I know IRL, but does he ever wear anything even remotely different?

Instagram | @kalesalad

Or does he ever play a role that isn't the action guy in a movie about the world ending that involves giant animals? DOESN'T MATTER, I LOVE HIM.

4. This needs to exist for men like my father. Let me explain

Reddit | j_curic_5

Besides fishing stores, he also likes buying pizza — a lot. But now he knows to use cash so my mom can't find out. If this existed, he would be safe everywhere!

5. Okay, listen, it's not easy being green

Reddit | Midniteoyl

So you just have to fit in where you can. And the sign does say that it's reserved for green cars, so they're not totally wrong.

6. I never watched the infamous Jersey Shore, but these pictures are the most bizarre maternity shoot shots I've ever seen

Instagram | @kalesalad

Famous or not, you should not be paying for things like this...unless it's a joke.

7. Ordering online is always a gamble. You never know what you're gonna get

Instagram | @kalesalad

What looks like a cute coat could turn into a giant, green marshmallow real quick. Beware.

8. Or sometimes, you get exactly what you ordered, even though it is certainly not what you want

Instagram | @tampons

Like, you want what is in the picture, but not EXACTLY what is in the picture. No, that just won't do.

9. I mean...they are completely right, just savage AF

Reddit | deftonesdid911

Idea: If you are going to steal something, have the entire thing planned out. That way, you don't have to ask for help to pull off your crime.

10. This guy threw himself a party with the only person that matters...himself

Reddit | The_Argentine_Pace

This truly seems like the ideal birthday party. I'd love to hang out with a few other versions of myself, tbh.

11. I'm 26 years old, and even I would giggle at this

Reddit | Natoface

I wish I had something clever for my wifi name. It's just called VERIZON because I'm not very good at thinking on the spot.

12. I guess it's the thought that counts 

Reddit | TheCaIifornian

Okay, a delayed apology is still an apology...and tastes just as sweet when it's a giant cookie cake thing.

13. Hilarious and confusing is my favorite combo

Reddit | RMLovatt

Who needs a best before date anyway? Add a little adventure into your meal! Risk being sick! It's all in the fun!

14. Finally, a slogan that I can relate to on every single level

Reddit | iam_fat_guy_

Motivational shirts are cool and all, but I'd rather just keep it real. And by real, I mean keeping expectations for myself really low.

15. So, can a bag of chips count as p-Lay-gerism or nah?

Reddit | Dnunn88

Nah? Okay, well, he should at least get these bags fo' free 'cause that's his face, and I refuse to believe anything else.

16. Okay, but if this isn't true love, THEN WHAT IS??

Instagram | @tampons

Okay, yes, I want cute notes. But damn, this is so much more hilarious. I wanted to know what love is, and clearly, it is fart notes.

17. And in that moment, this kid knew that all tantrums from then on out would be totally worth it

Reddit | McSavage6s

Because no one leaves baby out in the rain.

18. This seems like maybe the worst idea for a pop-up book ever

Reddit | hannahsfriend

You just know a child is going to read this, and that's how they suddenly get a phobia of pop-up books.

19. If this is what it's like with kids, then honestly, I can't wait, because you will never be bored

Reddit | mariyathunder

You'll always be running around, trying to stop them from licking random things, but that's fine.

20. I've seen this as Facebook vs. Instagram and yup, this is so accurate

Instagram | @tampons

Get you a girl who can do both. That's what we say about this comparison, right?

21. The whole rule about not moving if your pet is asleep applies to everyone, and I mean everyone

Reddit | scorpionpredator14

Whether it's me, the queen, or Jesus...it does not matter. It is law.

22. LOL that this sign even has to exist

Reddit | Yamamba78

I totally get "Don't feed the animals" signs because we like to share our human food a little too much, but what even are psychoactive substances?

23. Okay, this is now what I want my children to dress as, because it's adorable, even if it is gross

Reddit | Lontology

And that's the best line to walk with costumes. Please note the sound effects machine — so key.

24. Tell me you didn't think this girl was rocking the splits like nothing else

Twitter | @kamkrelle

And with the most casual of hair flips to boot. I wish I was as flexible as this illusion.

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