12+ Random DIYs That'll Make You Wanna Craft All Weekend Long

I got a chance to do a bunch of DIYs this past weekend and I couldn't be happier! My to-do list is kind of crazy, so it was nice to spend some time pumping out some projects. The to-do list is never ending, though, so I can barely wait for the upcoming weekend so I can do it all over again!

These projects are so fun! You're going to want to carve out some crafting time this weekend, trust me!

1. I'm on a total jewelry making kick right now!

A Beautiful Mess | A Beautiful Mess

I can't wear regular earrings, so I've been making all sorts of clip-on versions. I love these acrylic earrings that Laura from A Beautiful Mess designed!

2. These ice cream magnets are perfect for some summer fun!

A Kailo Chic Life | A Kailo Chic Life

Okay, not only do I love making earrings, I really like turning random things into magnets! I love these clay ice cream magnets that Kara from A Kailo Chic Life created.

3. I haven't done much playing around with clay, but I really want to give it a try!

A Beautiful Mess | A Beautiful Mess

Especially after seeing these marbled ring bowls that Laura from A Beautiful Mess created.

Where's the nearest Hobby Lobby?! Let's go!

4. If you read my articles often, you know I'm here for any kind of basket planter.

Fall For DIY | Fall For DIY

But I really love that Francesca from Fall For DIY gave her basket planters legs! Such a great way to add a little height to your plants. It totally transforms a space!

5. This orb looks like a something out of a home decor magazine!

Hip2Save | Hip2Save

But the Hip2Save team made it out of embroidery hoops. With its paint job and the added hardware, it looks totally chic and expensive.

6. I love taking cheap and plain accessories and giving them an upgrade.

I Spy DIY | I Spy DIY

I'm obsessed with this leather bag that Jenni from I Spy DIY painted. It's abstract enough to look like something out of a high-end retailer.

7. Adding embellishments to plain accessories and clothing is totally my jam!

HonestlyWTF | HonestlyWTF

I've done this to shoes, and I'm planning on doing it to a dress soon. Erica from HonestlyWTF decided to add some embellishments to a bag, and it looks amazing!

8. Embroidery hoops also make for stunning minimalist wreaths.

The Dreamery Events | The Dreamery Events

This is a great way to save on florals when designing wreaths. Diana from The Dreamery Events realized you don't need to go crazy and fill it the whole way, it looks stunning just like this!

9. Making soap is a lot of fun

AZ Spa Girls | AZ Spa Girls

I love the idea of making soap with loofahs inside to get that perfect scrub. Thanks to Lisa at AZ Spa Girls for showing us how it's done.

10. How beautiful are these fun polymer clay pens?!

Creative In Chicago | Creative In Chicago

I love that you can make your own design with these totally unique pens. I've been wanting to dabble in clay crafts, and I think this project from Creative In Chicago is the perfect start!

11. These crocheted market bags are super trendy right now.

Cool Creativity | Cool Creativity

I'm not entirely sure that they are practical, but they work really well for carrying groceries! If you want to learn the crochet pattern, check out Cool Creativity!

12. One of the first plants I became obsessed with was the succulent.

Craftic | Craftic

But man, those little guys are hard to keep alive! I think I'd be better off with these paper succulents that Jen from Craftic created.

13. Whenever I'm looking for a craft that will express my personality, I know I'm going to make jewelry.

Bauble Stories | Bauble Stories

I totally love this funky and easy bracelet that Mariam from Bauble Stories created!

14. Want a DIY that you can literally do in five minutes or less?

The Blondie Locks | The Blondie Locks

This sweater DIY is so easy, all you have to do is iron-on a patch to your sweater. It can totally upgrade an old sweater you don't love as much anymore. Thanks, Kaylee!

15. This is such a cute take on a woven or yarn wall hanging!

Idle Hands Awake | Idle Hands Awake

I really like the abstract colors and shapes, and all the textures. Marlene is so talented!

16. Okay, how freaking cool is this DIY wine bottle and glass caddy?

Down Home Inspiration | Down Home Inspiration

No need to figure out how you're going to carry your bottle and a few glasses outside when you've got this! Thanks to Kristen at Down Home Inspiration for this rad idea.

17. And wreaths don't need to have flowers on them!

Shealynn Benner | Shealynn Benner

Shealyn decided to create a flowerless wreath and instead went with the ruffled look. I think it looks pretty great just the way it is!

18. Repurpose old lamps by giving your lampshades a makeover.

Hearts And Sharts | Hearts And Sharts

This is a project I tried when I first moved out of my parent's place. I had gotten some lamps from my grandmother's home that needed a modern upgrade. Thanks to Dena for showing us how it's done!

19. I've never worked with resin before, but this makes me want to try!

Nunn Design | Nunn Design

I love that the team at Nunn Design used a colored resin to design these pendants. I can't wait to try it out myself!

20. If you love plants, you might want to give this DIY planter a try.

Shareably | Shareably

This system is great for making sure your plant babies are watered properly. We can thank Inno who shared this over on Shareably for this project.

21. This watermelon welcome mat is a super cute way to welcome guests into your home.

eHow | eHow

It’s the perfect addition to your outdoor summer decor! Thanks to Carrie for sharing it over at eHow, I can’t wait to try it!

22. I find that nice lampshades are hard to find at a good price.

DIYs.com | DIYs.com

So I am so here for creating your own! I love what DIYs.com did with duct tape to make this colorful and creative version.

23. I don’t know about you, but I’m always losing my earrings.

Almost Makes Perfect | Almost Makes Perfect

If only there was a cute way to keep them organized… Molly at Almost Makes Perfect came up with this earring organizer, and it totally fits the bill.

24. I’m really into the industrial pipe look, and I think it looks absolutely fabulous with this dark-stained tabletop.

A Bust Of Beautiful | A Bust Of Beautiful

I’ve always been intimidated by using industrial pipe, but A Bust Of Beautiful makes it seem so easy to do!

25. My boyfriend has been looking for a reasonably priced beard oil for a while now.

The Sweetest Digs | The Sweetest Digs

So when I saw this, I immediately texted him asking if he wanted to try making one together! I’m pretty confident he’s going to say yes. Looking forward to trying this recipe from The Sweetest Digs.

26. I’m not sure why exactly camping mugs are called that, but I have always thought they are extra cute.

Purely Katie | Purely Katie

So this camping mug candle is just extra cute in my opinion! I think it’d be adorable for the next time I go camping. Purely Katie nailed this one!

27. I am an avid enamel pin collector, so I’m always looking for different ways to display them.

Felicette | Felicette

Banners have become a popular way to do that, so you can hang them in your home! This DIY from Felicette is super easy to follow!

28. If there is one artsy thing I’m not great at, I’d say it’s definitely painting.

It All Started With Paint | It All Started With Paint

But, I think even I can handle these pretty roses on mason jars! I love how they look with real roses in them. Thanks to Linda for sharing these pretty things!

29. If you aren't spending time outside with a cold drink in your hand this summer, what are you waiting for?!

Persialou | Persialou

I love the idea of using iron-on vinyl to customize just about anything, including drink cozies!

Persialou created a bunch of fun summer-themed designs for you to print and add to drink cozies.

Persialou | Persialou

But you could also add them to all sort of fun summer-themed items!

30. I love playing around with wall hangings and other things, like chandeliers, in my home.

Homey Oh My | Homey Oh My

But this girl ain't got the budget for the real deal. Luckily, there are so many ways to create stunning hanging decor!

Homey Oh My created these floral wire chandeliers using branches and embroidery hoops.

Homey Oh My | Homey Oh My

I don't have a dining room, but I certainly would add these if I did!

31. If you're just getting started with crafting or you're a pro who wants a simple weekend project, this one is for you!

Bliss Makes | Bliss Makes

I love using these glass paint markers because they are so smooth and easy to use!

You can paint wine glasses like Bliss Makes, or you can paint ceramic, too.

Bliss Makes | Bliss Makes

I've made everything from coasters to coffee mugs using this method, and I love every single thing I've made!

32. Woven baskets are definitely on trend in the home, but the trend is also pretty popular in fashion, too!

Delia Creates | Delia Creates

I love the idea of taking a cheap woven basket and repurposing it into something you can use every day.

Apparently, Delia Creates also liked that idea since she turned a basket into a beautiful backpack using old belts!

Delia Creates | Delia Creates

Who knew it could be so simple? I'd love to spend an afternoon in a daisy field like this.

33. I can't wait to try making this pom-pom rug!

HomeTalk | HomeTalk

I'm literally going home after work to make tons and tons of pom-poms! Thanks to Amanda who shared this on HomeTalk for the huge inspiration.

34. This project is particularly exciting to me because I've been wondering how I can add color to my concrete pots.

DIY Furniture Studio | DIY Furniture Studio

Turns out, latex paint is the answer! Thanks so much to Jen at DIY Furniture Studio for opening my eyes to this technique.

35. Yesterday my cousin was wearing a pair of shoes that looked just like these!

Window Shopping Online | Window Shopping Online

She bought them from the store, but I thought maybe she had made them herself. I guess I'll just have to show her how it's done!

Who is excited to get crafty this weekend?!


I can't wait to try some of these projects this weekend! COMMENT if you're excited too, and don't forget to SHARE!