24 Pics That Really Do Make Sense, We Swear

One of our favorite things on this site is what we call "intriguing images." An intriguing image is the kind of picture that just needs a little bit of context or a nudge in the right direction to know what exactly it is that you're looking at. Sounds like fun, right?

But Dylan, why are you showing me a picture of a blanket?

Reddit | hateuscusanus

But the joke's on you! What I'm actually showing you is a picture with an Xbox controller camouflaged on this blanket. This whole time I thought camo was silly in the city, but now I see its real value.

Anyone want to take a guess about what's happening in this one?

Reddit | Iroofpez

This is actually a really great lesson about why you shouldn't bend over while someone's taking a panorama shot. I don't claim to understand exactly how this happened or the physics at play, or how this made him so thicc. But here we are.

When bae is a cartoon witch, but you love her anyway.

Reddit | BunnyAdorbs

Joke's on you! It's just a trick of the light! That's actually his nose. Not that someone having a long nose should be a turn-off. It's 2018, people, let's stop being so focused on appearances.

I'll be honest with you on this one, I can't say with absolute certainty that I know what's going on, but I have a pretty solid guess.

Twitter | @whiteyy_tightie

I'm not saying it's a good idea, but it looks like these people were recreating the "Daddy, would you like some sausage" scene from Freddy Got Fingered.

I would have had no idea what this was, but I could watch it for hours.

That's actually sped-up footage of someone herding their sheep. At least, I assume it's sped up and that we're not dealing with some kind of super-powered sheep. That'd be sweet, though.

Sometimes mysteries have a way of solving themselves. 

Imgur | LeoSenior

It's the gripping conclusion you've been waiting over a year for.

*Watches a waterbending episode of The Last Airbender once*

eBaum's World | eBaum's World

Okay, but actually (and please don't judge me for this), I would absolutely watch, like, an hour of prank footage of people finding human-shaped polymer in their pool or tub.

What in the world?

My Favorite Daily Things | My Favorite Daily Things

I think this one just comes down to efficiency. Why bother making a full bear if the sweater's just going to be attached? Anyone who figures out your secret was stripping a stuffed animal anyway, so who's the real weirdo?

If you'd told me this morning that one of my favorite pictures I saw today would be a form of someone canceling their gym membership, I'd have trouble believing you.

Imgur | ZippytheWonderslug

I'd also say, "Who are you? And how did you get this number?" because that would be funny.

I keep coming back to this picture, hoping to see it the old way again.

Imgur | anlyin

It's like how I used to be able to see "The Dress" as white and gold, but now it's all blue and black, like the rest of the normies.

I haven't eaten a chicken wing in over ten years, but I'm assured that this is totally true.

Twitter | @FireandDesire__

I don't understand it, but somehow ranch knows your intent and somehow transubstantiates into its proper form. Or something. I don't understand wing culture.

I'm not saying that this fungus is evil, but I am saying that I'm pretty sure I've fought one in a Legend of Zelda game before.

Reddit | whoust

Where's my Master Sword when I need it?

Care to hazard a guess at what you're looking at here?

Reddit | danthoms

This is actually an assisted living facility where the rooms are designed to look and feel like a small town. Quaint as heck, and I'm all about it.

I feel the sudden urge to buy a kitchen.

Reddit | CactusFire451

It actually took me awhile to figure out exactly what was going on here. Then again, I've always been really bad at those Magic Eye things.

Wait, what?

Reddit | mr_pou

So yes, absolutely props for that review. The "I recommended it to all Amazon watchers" took me a little bit, but still, great job. But yeah, this product actually seems kind of cool. The idea is that you can type everything you need with one hand so that you can keep the other hand on your mouse.

He saw an opportunity, and he took it. I respect that.

Reddit | uFootie

I bet he also went over to Coffs Harbour and took a picture of himself coughing or something. This could get obnoxious quickly.

We've all got that one friend who things always seem to work out for.

In this woman's case, I bet she's going to have a heck of a soccer ball-sized bruise for her efforts, though.

Is it weird that I kind of want to lick this rock to see if it tastes like honey?

Reddit | bananaraptor

According to some know-it-alls on Reddit, this is a fossil of an extinct kind of coral.

Sometimes, a zoom is all you need to get the full picture.

Twitter | @bobby

Thankfully, you're getting a closer look from the safety of a screen, and you didn't have to physically get close to the puddle in order to discover its contents.

Honestly, I'm just gonna find somewhere else to park. This doesn't seem worth it.


I can't even tell if they're telling me when I'm allowed to park and when I'm not.

This is so on-brand for my kind of comedy, it's disgusting.

Imgur | snoffler

A few weeks ago, I posted an Instagram story using a bottle of tamari where I recreated the song "Tomorrow" from Annie. I actually got hate mail about that one.

Sometimes the right clothing can make an occasion truly special.

Reddit | Billy7788

And really, if you buy seven of these shirts, you can wear one every day, and then every mishap you have seems hilarious!


Reddit | scsilly

Sometimes your reflection shows who you really are. In this person's case, they're a pegasus on the outside, and a unicorn on the inside, I guess? But yeah, I think this is one of those lenticular portraits that changes depending on your angle, and they just found the perfect shot to capture both.

When you have your best friend, Ariel, over for afternoon tea.

Reddit | grap112ler

Except actually, what's happening here is a bit of ingenuity. This person had to abandon their house because of wildfires, but they wanted to protect their china and hid it in their pool.

I have no idea why the lawn chairs are down there. Sorry.