14+ Jokes From '90s Shows That We Didn't Get Then, But Sure Do Now

I am sure many of us will admit that we definitely watched shows that we shouldn't have as kids. We disregarded that "adult content" warning and just kept on viewing. And sometimes we had no idea what was so "adult" about them.

That might be a good thing, since a lot of the jokes in '90s shows went flying way over our heads.

1. When Mrs. Krabappel shows her class a video on sex education, one part features Fuzzy Bunny procreating with a lady bunny. Edna comments on the female bunny's delight. 

The Digg, 20th Century Fox Television

I don't even know what I thought she was referring to. I probably just went on my merry way.

2. Everything about "The Contest" Seinfeld episode. Why did Kramer leave for a minute and come back with money? My poor, innocent mind.

I grew up on Seinfeld, and that was probably a huge mistake. But hey, here we are.

3. The time Grandpa rents some appropriate videos for the kids in Rugrats, and a special one for himself. 

TV Tropes, Nickelodeon

My parents always rented a "grown-up" movie when we hit up Blockbuster, but it was just rated-R. It was not anywhere close to what Grandpa was watching. At least, I hope not.

4. The circle in That '70s Show. It actually took years for me to figure out why everyone was sitting in a circle, and why there was a haze at all times during these scenes. 

We Heart It | @jumanhaes

There was even a part when Eric is talking to his parents and the walls are moving.

5. I truly did not understand what Otto's deal was in The Simpsons until I saw the episode where Homer was prescribed medicinal marijuana. 

Twitter | @SimpsonsQOTD

His fast friendship with Otto explained so much.

6. When Miss Finster was "enjoying" herself in Recess.

I'm sure many of us just thought this was a fun ride, and thought absolutely nothing more of it. Ah, simpler times.

7. When Jesse and Becky bring the twins home, they give them a little tour. Jesse tells his newborn sons, "That's where you guys got started."

The Gamer, American Broadcasting Company

None of us clued into this joke until years later when we learned how babies were made.

It's no surprise that Becky scolded Jesse right after he dropped this line.

8. SpongeBob got completely flustered when Gary caught him watching something on TV, and quickly changed the channel when he entered the room. 

Funnyjunk, Nickelodeon

Now I'm onto SpongeBob, especially since he was looking all kinds of excited.

9. When Monica was going over all of the erogenous zones in women for Chandler. Chandler was rather confused, and so were we.

I'm pretty sure we barely understood the concept of sex, and this was just all kinds of huh.

10. I now understand what Helga meant by "girlhood," and also why it was trembling, and now I need a shower. 

YouTube | NickSplat

Whenever I didn't understand a word, I just let it slip by me. This was one of those times.

11. So, we're all in agreement that Arnold's grandpa did some illegal substances back in the day?

Imgur | aiiish

He also looks like he has seen some things, and now I need a spin-off that features Grandpa's time at Woodstock.

12. Cory explaining to Mr. Feeny that Topanga isn't easily swayed by being told, "There's a first time for everything" — it's almost too dirty for this wholesome show. 


I'm surprised Feeny didn't give him detention right then and there!

13. When Monica accidentally hits Ben's head against the wall in Friends, she and Rachel try to make it look like it's totally normal. Then Rachel got super inappropriate while babysitting. 

Comedy Central

Welp. Now we learned something about Rachel's private life.

14. I guess Bugs wasn't mad at Daffy because he was reading, but he was mad because of what he was reading. 

YouTube | SilverVine27

I don't understand why anyone thought this was a good idea to throw into a kids show.

15. When the Powerpuff Girls introduce their new next-door neighbor to the Professor, the little girl admitted that she, too, was a mistake. 


This is not something you're supposed to know at such a young age. This is what your parents tell you when you drop out of high school or something.

16. So, um, this is an actual scene from Dexter's Laboratory.

Reddit | Semi-Colin

As a kid, I remember sweatpants with words like "Angel" and "Princess" on the back. Even those were a little weird for my taste.

But this is a whole nother level of inappropriate.

17. Speaking of dads and Dexter's Laboratory, Dexter's father had some interesting dialogue.


In one episode, Dexter's Dad says to his son, "How many times have I told you: Early morning is Daddy's special bathroom privacy time."

Ahoy, innuendo!

18. I'm just gonna come right out and say it: SpongeBob SquarePants was a messed up show.

Me.me, Nickelodeon

For children, I mean.

Well, actually, it might just be Nickelodeon as a whole.

19. ...Or maybe not.

Just Post, Nickelodeon

As an 8-year-old, I probably wouldn't have understood this joke on a visual level.

But now, a full 18 years later, I'm clutching my pearls and shifting uncomfortably!

20. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you another low-key raunchy Nickelodeon show: Doug.

Imgur | vbpirate

This one's especially hard to reconcile with, mainly because Doug is the most plain and innocent cartoon character ever created.

21. But that's where they get ya, I suppose.

Picbear | @awkwardmonster

Doug is the last place I'd expect to come across jokes like these, which is probably how they slipped them so easily into the show.

22. How does this threesome joke from Hey Arnold! make you feel?

Imgur | StringupthelightsandlightupthetreeWeregoingtomakesomerevelry

A bit uncomfortable? Samesies.

I always planned to one day re-watch my favorite '90s cartoons, but now I think I'd just like to preserve the innocence of my childhood.

23. Well, what's left of it, anyway.

Hey Arnold Wiki, Nickelodeon

And thanks to '90s TV show writers and animators, that's not a whole lot.

Sigh, maybe it's time I stop ragging on these TV favorites.

24. But seriously, SpongeBob. You need to stop. 

Smosh, Nickelodeon

I wonder how many childhoods have been ruined when people have gone back and realized how dirty SpongeBob truly is.

It's probably a good thing all of these jokes went over our pure, innocent souls.

25. "And some of these!"

The Powerpuff Girls managed to get their "father" Professor X a date in one episode. They prepare him by getting him a bowtie, a flower and a bunch of other things...

Including a mystery item Buttercup slips into his front pocket...

Which are most likely condoms.

26. Pee Wee wants to watch.

When Miss Yvonne, the Most Beautiful Woman in Puppet Land visits Pee Wee for a party, she says she's going to change into her hostess clothes later.

Pee Wee asks: "Can I watch?"

27. Harley Quinn tries to seduce the Joker.

Poor Harley Quinn.

She was always trying to get Joker to have sex with her during Batman: The Animated Series, but the Joker was always too focused on getting Batman.

28. Finger prints

Reddit | Synocity

Oh Animaniacs. When the two boys weren't lusting after Hello Nurse, they were slipping in jokes like these.

I guess it was appropriate that it was Prince who was to be fingered.

29. Cut The Cord

Reddit | [deleted]

This is a penis joke. On a kid's show.

Well, it's good that no one's penis was cut off during the post-birth period. That would have made Rugrats a much darker show.

30. Being blindfolded is fun!

Reddit | Synocity

Man, Johnny must have been all over this girl. Cartoon Network, really liked to slip in a lot of adult jokes!

Clearly, she's talking about some sort of kinky sexual encounter.

31. It never ends with these girls.

Reddit | Synocity

I'm convinced that The Powerpuff Girls was a show that was made just to see how much they could get away with on a kids show.

The answer: Apparently a whole lot!

32. Able to vote

Reddit | Synocity

How exciting! There's nothing better than being 18 and knowing that you can now do your civic duty.

Unless, of course, this was some sort of sexual comment. But they would never do that in a kid's show!